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  1. So the censuring without warning or notification about it.. What a creative thing.. 👎
  2. Guys are they still not going to port the software?
  3. So Patrick Connor.. Do you have any knowledge of Linux? And can you please answer me why you guys still are sleeping at the wheel? What would it take for you guys to get started on a linux version?
  4. I'm not sorry for making the search as easy as possible Leigh #link-remover. It is sad but true. If you guys don't understand why to be on Linux than the porting will never happen it seems from the comments above. It is the topic isn't it!
  5. The man needed an answer mate but of course I agree. Do any of guys know how to get Designer to work on Ubuntu or eOS? Right now we are using VM software but the speed is just not the same!? Windows / Mac OS outside VMware isn't an option. Any ideas? We agree!
  6. There are many ways for Serif to do that. First they don't need to publish the newest versions or all the products for the smaller linux community every time they patch. Their workflow can be improved so porting to multiple OS's don't hinder them in developing new features. People need to eat and there is a cost to that of course. If their code is a mess then the cost will increase. I personally don't believe the coders within Serif are that bad mate. I trust that the price will stay about the same, if not the same, if the porting is done smart! SrPx do u know what COVID19 really is? Do you know of ID2020, Event 201, Agenda 21, The Blue Church, Q, Vaxxed, Out Of The Shadows, Deep State. Who is the head of WHO? and I could go on and on.. That man is very very bad mate!
  7. Thank u walt.farrell for the fast answer. Sad but it seems that we need to move on..
  8. Are Serif still not sure if they will port their software?
  9. I understand but I don't agree! I have personally moved all machines from windows to elementary OS. I don't see any but one reason why I need windows or apple, and that is Designer and Photo. It is sad but true that the linux community has not created a nice fill in to replace Adobe or Serif products yet. For me, it's not about the money. We are just not supporting bad actors like Gates and Apple anymore!
  10. Fear of the big bad guys. Q, Trump and many others are working on that right now. What I mean is that nobody in there core wants to have a stalker following them around, is just that most don't know how easy it is to get your digital privacy back and that is sad because its hurts everybody instead. It would of course have been better if Gates and the Apple folk just did the right thing to begin with, but that is an entire topic in itself and properly not for this forum. I see.. Do you work on linux or just windows? What price are you refer to? The price of porting the software or buying it?
  11. Your are right by being wrong mate. Most people don't understand what privacy means because most people aren't taught. By the way IanSG, would you like to see Affinity ported to linux?
  12. Or could it be because maybe private people just wanna be private at home and avoid spyware OS's.
  13. This is one of many reasons why me and my co-workers moved to Affinity! It, just better software. Its missing some features, but that is just for the time being. #Linux 😏
  14. What I like about those people here that are against porting Serifs products to linux is that none off them knows what would happen! At this pace it would never happen. Why you may ask. Becauce only OS numbers count to them.. Its just funny that one off, if not the biggest company in the world uses the kernel for there systems and products lineup! The OS cost is ZERO! Just hire some people that knows their way around linux and go from there. Its really that simple people! And here is an idea.. Just start with DESIGNER as a test and work your way up.
  15. That was my point. So you're saying that the feature that linux is known for "the package managers", what I call the linux model, did not influence Jobs in any way when he was working on the iPhone?! That's new knowledge to me. You're right about the fact that there are many system that to uses this idea today, but does that change the fact that the linux comunity came up with it.
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