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  1. Hello, I just tried to create my own strokes but the problem is when you open those documents in Designer, Designer converts all those Illustrator variable width lines (strokes) to 'curves'. Now they are all solid fills instead of strokes. When you turn off the fill and +1 stroke you'll get those 'outlines' effect.
  2. Hello, I bought a graphic template a while ago, it's made in Adobe Illustrator CS5+ but it doesn't play nice with Affinity Designer because of a feature called Variable Width Strokes. https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/atv/cs5-tutorials/using-variablewidth-strokes.html Is there any way to recreate this effect in Affinity Designer? Designer does open the .AI file and almost everything looks perfect but when you start scaling, horror happens. I really don't want to install a trail version of Illustrator every 30 ~ 60 days only to edit this specific template file.
  3. No it's not a selection stroke thingy. It's the color of the fill behind the stroke for sure. Thing is, I've never seen this happen before. I work with Designer from the very first version but this is the first time I notice it. Maybe it has something to do with me upgrading from El Capitan to OS Sierra. I read someplace it maybe could have something to do with how computers rearrange floating points. Let's say if you set a fixed number to be 10.000 the computer generaties it as 9.999 in real life. It's a bummer really, because I'd like to use this vector artwork in Sketch and when exporting it from Sketch to bitmap format it really makes this line visible and ugly.
  4. +1 for Animation. Look at this. You can have a 3500.- computer with a fancy Touch Bar that you'd like to touch more often than your girlfriend but if you can't do this with your computer/software you're not sharing a table with the cool dudes. Not even close.
  5. Any idea about this? It's a curve with an inside stroke but for some reason the background color is shown on the outside by a very thin line. You'd think this is such a micro thin line you can barely see it on vector display but when you export this to bitmap (png) this line becomes even more visible. It's a simple rectangle with stroke inside 2px. Converted to a curve. None of the other properties have this problem, only the inside stroke.
  6. Today I made this banner but something doesn't feel right. This girl should be thinking or dreaming about a radio and a shopping cart, because she wants to start her own online shop. I feel like something is not okay in this picture. The way those items are positioned inside those thought bubbles it just doesn't feel like it. Anymore some ideas or help?
  7. Nobody bought a 12" Retina MacBook? I want one mostly for web development but I'm still curious about how affinity software would run on it. I'm so in doubt by that 1.1GHz processor. It. Just feels like very sloppy and not powerful enough. Like who would buy the 1.6GHz iMac or 1.4GHz Mac mini. Nobody wants them because you don't trust the lower processor to be build for the future.
  8. http://www.lynda.com/Masking-Compositing-tutorials/Affinity-Photo-Essential-Training/453344-2.html Boom boom - Tommy Cooper.
  9. Just bought this app, tomorrow I'll take a look at some reviews about what pen to buy.
  10. How do you draw on an iPad Air for example? Can't see myself draw with my finger on an iPad Air screen. I mean, if you own an iPad Pro + Uber fancy sexy Apple Pencil - yeah you're the cool dude on the block. Everybody wants to be your friend. When you draw on an iPad Air you're not that cool in school. ;)
  11. Another 'problem' on the Affinity site. When you're viewing a single blog post, you can't navigate to the blog index page via the menu on the top right side. Give it a try. Visit this link and after that you click on BLOG in the main menu. https://affinity.serif.com/blog/free-daub-vector-brush-set-for-affinity-designer/
  12. Beautiful new images on the sites.. :wub: Just a tiny glitch at the designer page when it comes to columns height.
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