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  1. This is something that would be nice to have as a part of AP. At least the ability to reduce camera shake.
  2. Is there a way to transform a group of objects including text and have the text scale too? This appears to only be a problem with text along a path.
  3. Why does this text grow when I group it with other objects? I have also seen it shrink the text. This makes no sense. Grouping should not change the size of text.
  4. Has this been fixed? I'm trying to do this again. I can't believe how much work it is.
  5. That works. I also got it to work by using an artboard.
  6. How do I export this selection in AD? I want the entire black band with the text. I would think the "Export Selection setting in the export dialog box would be the solution, but it is not. I only get the text exported, and that is with or without background set in the area dropdown. This is what AD exports:
  7. Same problem here. I bought from the Mac App Store. It shows v 1.7, but I can't update, I can only open and that opens v 1.6.7 which is on my Mac.
  8. What I want is to have the macro select the crop tool, then select the preset mode, and then stop. It only saves the macro if I apply the crop. That is not what I want.
  9. Thanks Walt. I think the functions of rename and reorder should be added. I will post to the wish list.
  10. 1) How do I sort the Mode list? 2) How do I rename a Mode? 3) How do I make a macro to select a mode? Thanks.
  11. I've thought about this a bit, and I feel it could be made clearer and easier. The triangles are picking certain cells, and cell that are even beyond the cells shown in the editing graphic. Maybe it would be better to select the cells to act on. There has to be a better way!
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