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  1. I restarted my Mac and now they open.
  2. I can't open any PDF in either AP or AD. I've tried different PDFs, they all crash the apps.
  3. That is it! Thanks much.
  4. I have an AFP file with a white background on the main image layer. I can't clear the white, I want a transparent background. How do I do that?
  5. Test this please: Open a new blank document in AP. Select the color picker tool. Change the radius to Average (65x65). Click a few time in the main window. Now go to the studio adjustment panel. Click around there a bit. You should be able to recreate the crash.
  6. I've been using the color picker tool and switching between two photos, and AP has crashed a lot today. I hope you get the crash reports to see what's happening and that you can fix this. It's frustrating and very unproductive. Mac OS 10.13.1. I can't do any work. It keeps crashing. Crash, crash, crash, crash and more crash. Sad. Ok, I can reproduce the crash. Select the color picker tool, set the radius to 65x65 (probably just anything other than 1x1), then I click on my curves layer adjustment to tweak it.... Crash.
  7. When I click to close an open image that I've done some work to I get the "do you want to save changes before closing" dialog box. I click "Save," it saves, but the file does not close. I have to click the X again to get it to close.
  8. I'm seeing this with other tools like the Blemish Removal Tool and Healing Brush Tool. At a certain zoom and a certain larger size tool dia., the outline of the tool disappears.
  9. Very nice. Thanks.
  10. How do I use the patch tool to retouch my background layer and place the results on a separate layer?
  11. Found that. Thanks owenr. Very helpful. I do think it could be made simpler and consistent with how other Mac OS apps do this when the title is right clicked, that's my wish:
  12. Not so in the Mac version.
  13. Please add the ability to right click the file title at the top of the Affinity window to see the finder path of the file. This is a very useful feature and pretty much standard on current Mac OS apps.
  14. I tried OpenGL (basic), same problem. Try setting the diameter of the brush to 60 pixels. Then option click, zoom in close, zoom out. Do that a few times, and for me then the brush outline disappears.