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  1. OK, but can you think of any benefit only locking it from moving might have? I can't.
  2. I think I made it in Affinity Photo. I see what you are saying. If I make the text block in AD, then the background is blank or none. Thanks everyone. I think I have what I need now.
  3. I cannot find the adjustment that changes the distance the brush starts and ends from the corner. Looking at this further, maybe I will try to create my own brush. I don't think I can adjust the endpoints of the brush I'm using. I think that is locked into the brush when it was created.
  4. Yes, because I am learning how to use AD! I think I tried Artistic Text last night and I did get it to work. It was late, so I need to review my work again.
  5. This appears to be the problem since all the curve actions do do fix the open ends. Is there a way to modify the brush?
  6. How do I remove (or fill with none) the white color behind the text? I know how to change the color but I see no option for a transparent background.
  7. How do I close this brush stroke in AD? I want the ends of the brush stroke to meet without the gap.
  8. Actually, a Cancel or Revert button IS what I want. I do want to see the adjustment layer changes live and then decide if I want to keep them or not.
  9. Reset brings the adjustment back to its original neutral setting, so that is not helpful when all I want is to revert to the last saved state of the adjustment. Command Z (Undo) does work inside the dialog box, and for the moment that is the solution. Cancel is a fine word in my opinion. Cancel is consistent with other Mac dialogue boxes. Revert would be fine too. I do think it would be helpful to have the addition of a "Cancel" type button in these dialog boxes.
  10. I make some changes in the level adjustment but I don't like the changes so how do I cancel the changes or revert to the last saved? I understand I can undo, but is there a way to do it in the levels adjustment window?
  11. That is what I don't want to do. What I have in my example is what I want. Thank you Walt for showing me the way to change how the adjustment layer is configurable to where it adjusts.
  12. I may have it figured out... I'm playing with it more, but it appears I need to add the "Adjustment" and then move the adjustment on top of the layer I want to adjust. That seems to work even though I can see all of my file is selected when I do the inversion.
  13. Here's a simple file with two layers. Please show me how to grab any part of the top image, invert that selection, and then add an adjustment to the inverted selection without affecting the lower image (named Background)? Invert Selection.afphoto
  14. I'll play around with that, but so far the inversion affects the entire file, not the single layer I want to adjust.
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