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  1. newradical

    Affinity Photo on iPad Customer Beta (

    Silly question, but where can we actually find the link to download this beta version?
  2. Yes that was the problem Such a rookie mistake! How embarrassing. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  3. Thanks very much for your reply! Please find attached.
  4. Hi team, I'm fairly new to the app and really loving it so far. However I'm really stumped on this one! I cannot seem to be able to edit a photo that I had previously been editing, upon leaving and then returning to the photo in Affinity Photo for iPad! Nothing seems to work no matter what I try! I've even tried to add new layers; to no avail. I've made sure that all layers ARE unlocked and are editable. But to no avail. Would really appreciate some assistance on this one. Cheers, Andy.