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  1. 1) How do I sort the Mode list? 2) How do I rename a Mode? 3) How do I make a macro to select a mode? Thanks.
  2. What I want is to have the macro select the crop tool, then select the preset mode, and then stop. It only saves the macro if I apply the crop. That is not what I want.
  3. Thanks Walt. I think the functions of rename and reorder should be added. I will post to the wish list.
  4. I want to make the words Step 1 - bolder and oblique. I can select only the text "tep 1-" and make the change. If I try to select Step 1 - then the 5. is selected too and then it's font changes. These screen shots should make what's happening clear.
  5. How do I delete a macro, and how do I edit names and entries in the Macro Library?
  6. This is a mystery to me. Is there any info about how it works? I find nothing in the help yet.
  7. I've thought about this a bit, and I feel it could be made clearer and easier. The triangles are picking certain cells, and cell that are even beyond the cells shown in the editing graphic. Maybe it would be better to select the cells to act on. There has to be a better way!
  8. I have yet to figure out how I enter a numeric blur amount and make it stay set. If I use the slider, then the amount is set, but entering the amount in the numeric field does not always make it set to number entered. I think it should. Look at the second screen shot. It shows 30 entered in the numeric field, but the slider is at 0. That is wrong. Sometimes pressing enter sets the amount, sometimes it does not.
  9. I will disagree. I don't care if you call it a bug or not, but my opinion is it should work differently than it does. I think that changes in the window should be entered when the window is closed, but they are not. I have to enter a number (and it does not matter if I enter the PX or not as you can see in my screen shot,) press enter, and the press close. If I enter a number and just press close, then nothing changes. If I move the slider and press close, the change is accepted.
  10. If it was OK then I could close the dialog box using the enter key on my keyboard, and that would save time and clicks. Or it could "Close" by using the enter key and that would work for me too.
  11. There's a problem with it. Just entering the number should act the same as moving the slider, and it does not.
  12. Beta software. Suggestion for improvement. That's why they ralease it as beta.
  13. I think this is a bug? When I double click to the right of a hyperlink's name (in this case Purchased) in the hyperlink panel it brings up the Hyperlink Properties dialog box, good so far. When the hyperlink is a page, then the dialog box always says it's linked to Page 1, and that is not true. I think it should show me the actual target of the Page hyperlink. In this case I have the Page hyperlink set to page 4, yet it shows page 1.
  14. Even so, editing the hyperlink should show me the current setting for page hyperlinks, and it does not.
  15. Ok, you all know what I mean. I don't write OS X code, nor to I watch whether OK is OK or not. Who cares. I want the window to close when I press the enter key. I did say I don't care if it says Close as long as it closes. If fact I don't care if it said "WHO CARES WHAT THIS BUTTON SAYS AS LONG AS WHEN I PRESS THE ENTER KEY THE WINDOW CLOSES."
  16. I added a URL hyperlink to text in a table cell. The link should be only on that text, but AFPub is adding the link to these two table rows. I see this when I do a Go to Source in the hyperlink panel, and when I export the project as a PDF and test the link there. That's not right unless I am doing something wrong.
  17. One of my hyperlinks to an anchor works in my project file, but does not work in my exported PDF. I've tested a bunch of different things to try and solve it, but still no luck. Do you have any suggestions? I will try to post a sample file tomorrow with this "bad" link.
  18. There is some sort of bug here, but I'm not sure what it is. Best for Affinity to look at the files. Can you please do so Affinity folks?
  19. I stripped my file down to just the hyperlink text and the anchor. I attached the AFPub file here and I attached the exported PDF. I can't figure out why it works in the AFPub file but not the PDF. Test.afpub Test.pdf
  20. How do I remove an anchor from text without deleting the text?
  21. Thanks, that works on the Mac too. Seems it might make more sense if the Anchor graphic could be selected.
  22. It is not duplicated in the Hyperlinks Studio list of all the names. The link works in AFPub to show source and show target, but it does not work when exported.