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  1. Pierrick


    @MEB Amazing, thx!
  2. Pierrick


    Thx Limas. They're not on the wall—yet! It's in the making.
  3. How could I miss that. Amazing! Thx
  4. Pierrick


    Appreciate your feedbacks. I'll keep posting. I have a couple of making-of's that it might be interesting to share with the community. Any idea how to embed a video in a post—instead of a link to a third-party?
  5. The Save History with Document is a brilliant function, that allows to screencast and build clean making-ofs. I noticed though that there's a cap around the hundreds or so; the first steps in the list disappear progressively. On purpose?
  6. Pierrick

    Proving the Earth is round with Affinity designer

    NIce one. I think you could get a better zoom-out animation, centered on your character, by going Z then ALT-click. Or even Z and drag-right.
  7. Pierrick


    Following up with some excerpts of my collage work. It might be more abstract than the rest of this thread I'm afraid. Glad to share here. This one is enroute to screenprinting. P.
  8. Pierrick


    Hi guys, Illustration from a summer screenprint serie. Half Affinity Designer, half Photo. The capture was made afterward, rolling the saved history backward (neat function!). Best, P. > Video Making-of Final
  9. Action: ⌥+Drag to duplicate an object, then ⌘+Z to cancel. Result: Two layers duplicated in place. Expected: Only the original layer remains.
  10. +1 to paste in place. The most useful feature when it comes to UI design, where repetition is key.
  11. Suggestion: As the wireframe mode is going to be more useful and prevalent, I would assign the default shortcut to Y (instead of CMD-Y). And change the Transparency tool shortcut to not T, but let say O. I (color picker) and O (opacity/transparency) being close on the keyboard and close in function.
  12. The choice to make locked items selectable in wireframe mode is neat.
  13. The antialiasing seems to be deactivated when masking an embedded document: Left: shape, right: embedded document Layers (osx 10.11.6, AD 1.5.4)
  14. Pierrick

    Canvas turns black for no apparent reason

    Same config, same problem here. Seems to occur only when another monitor is plugged.