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  1. oh ! +1 +1 +1 +1 Its essential in production. It should be a major priority.
  2. Freid

    Retro Vespa Vintage travel art

    yeah this is cool ! Great colors and mood. I like it
  3. Freid


    Henry Cool style and colors. Oh wait you say you have no style ? Sure you have one and a great one . Oh btw, could you tell us a bit more about the brushes you're using within affinity photo ? And now i'm curious about that interactive app !
  4. Freid

    Affinity Designer - Buildings

    I really like it
  5. Freid


    Thanks a lot Retrogade. I have to say that Sendak gave me a strong emotional impact when i discovered Where the wild things are ( i dont know much of his work). I love this book. So i'm not surprised and i am glad about the feeling you' re talking about.
  6. Freid


    another one And to the likers : thank you !
  7. Freid


    Some more
  8. Freid

    Old Wheels - digital painting

    Indeed I like it I really enjoy da background environment !
  9. Freid


    And two wacky more !
  10. Freid


    Hi Affinityonados A few inktober entries drawn on paper but "colorised" with da lovely Affinity Photo !
  11. Thank you guys I youtubed a long hypnotic timelapse
  12. Thank you AffinityJules I will !
  13. Freid

    Fish Bytes

    Nice pic Kevin
  14. Hi guys, First time that i try AP only to colorise a pic. I used it before only as an image editor. I gotta try it on iPad soon Maybe i'll post a timelapse if i find the time.

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