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  1. Hi Meb, thank you for the suggestion. That options is set to Automatically based on mouse or trackpad on my mac. Meanwhile i did'nt encounter this issue yet. So i guess that i can live with it since i can make it disappear by restarting the app if it will come back.
  2. Thank you for the reply PÅ¡enda Yes indeed, same here : it's ok on windows, . It's a mac thing only.
  3. Hi, Most of the time when i use the layer palette and when i want to enable/disable visibility of a layer, i have to constantly fight with the scroller (see my caps). It's kind of annoying because i have to wait or move/come back the mouse to be able to tick it. Dont you think that it would be nice to move those buttons a few to the left ? The same thing happens in designer too. Please forgive my crummy english :)
  4. oh ! +1 +1 +1 +1 Its essential in production. It should be a major priority.
  5. Henry Cool style and colors. Oh wait you say you have no style ? Sure you have one and a great one . Oh btw, could you tell us a bit more about the brushes you're using within affinity photo ? And now i'm curious about that interactive app !
  6. Thanks a lot Retrogade. I have to say that Sendak gave me a strong emotional impact when i discovered Where the wild things are ( i dont know much of his work). I love this book. So i'm not surprised and i am glad about the feeling you' re talking about.
  7. another one And to the likers : thank you !
  8. Indeed I like it I really enjoy da background environment !
  9. Hi Affinityonados A few inktober entries drawn on paper but "colorised" with da lovely Affinity Photo !
  10. Thank you guys I youtubed a long hypnotic timelapse
  11. Hi guys, First time that i try AP only to colorise a pic. I used it before only as an image editor. I gotta try it on iPad soon Maybe i'll post a timelapse if i find the time.
  12. Oh ! Thank you Scungio, you made me learn a feature I didnt know that export : https://bigbad.xyz/blog/creating-spine-animations-with-affinity-designer My characters were simple, so i did a manual slice exportations, but that export option would be quite handy, I knew the spine photoshop script, and i'm quite happy to see that option in AD (and even AP). i will test it as soon as i can / need.
  13. Jer, For that particular animation the essential version would be enough. But we bough the pro version because we wanted to deform stufff : this feature is what they call meshes deformation. You can do that (deform 'pictures' with bones). I find Spine a bit pricey. But its a nice software, it works. Spine is different than many other animation tools because it can export dynamic animations and characters (or whatever you want to anim) to several game engines, which means no need to pre render animations, the game engine will display, start or stop animations when needed. You
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