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  1. And first prize goes to...Gignero! Well done for spotting the reference to the film masterpiece that is Withnail and I. You win a week's rain-soaked holiday in Sleddale Hall, Cumbria completely paid for by you. In addition, you have all the lighter fuel you can drink and enjoy nightly visits from an Uncle Monty-a-gram.
  2. Thanks -I notice that it's actually called 'Image Vetorizer'. Just in case anyone wants to buy it. I got it from the Apple app store.
  3. Here's the original sketch and the background 'plate'.
  4. Here Hare Here. A combination of Black PTT pens, Vectorizer and Affinity Designer. I created several of these designs a few years ago for my web site here: https://www.mcsherrystudio.com/product-category/limited-edition-prints/into-the-wild-collection/ The idea was to get as close as possible to the natural feel of a linocut, so I drew out three separate 'plates' in black on tracing paper. That was a bit of a palaver but it did help to get a more handmade look. You get brownie points if you can guess where the title of this one came from...Happy new year Affinizens. Kevin
  5. That's great -thank you PP, I'm very grateful to you. When you say "merge', do you mean the 'add' boolean function where the divide and xor functions are on the top right of the window (I learned from this thread that they're 'boolean functions!).
  6. Thank you both, that was very helpful. I just want to add what I just experienced: Initially, I set the stroke of each of those lines to 0. When I expanded the stroke, I got the same unwanted result as before. So I set the stroke to the minimum of 0.1 and then expanded and it worked. Perhaps logically, you can't do this if there's no width to the stroke. Maybe it's another thing I'm doing wrong 😬 This will get me through the project for which I need this function but It would be better to have a 0 width cut. Is that possible? Thanks again. Kevin
  7. Can anybody tell me how I can slice up an in AD? I've attached a screenshot of a rectangle which I've divided up with wavy lines. When I select a line plus the rectangle and use the 'Divide' or 'Xor' function, what I get is that light area at the top instead of a rectagle divided up into two separate but touching areas. I may be missing something obvious but I can't work it out. Can anybody help?
  8. The same thing just happened to me (AP on Mac) and I was completely baffled for a while. Thanks for sorting it out; it turns out that an image that Ihad opened and wanted to put twext into ws 6000px wide and thus the text was too minuscule to see.The same thing just happened to me (AP on Mac) and I was completely baffled for a while. Thanks for sorting it out; it turns out that an image that Ihad opened and wanted to put twext into ws 6000px wide and thus the text was too minuscule to see.
  9. Amen to that I used NeoFinder to put in metadata with keywords and the Adobe Stock site picked them up - see the attached screenshot. Maybe that would work on the other sites? I discovered that you can save XMP metadata and paste it to other files.
  10. Hi all, I'm late to this conversation but the Metadata issue is an important one for me too. I was hoping that you could clear a few things up for me: 1. As an editorial illustrator, the IPTC meta info seemed to be important -it meant I could put in © info and make my images searchable in newspapers' systems and therefore get extra usage out of an image. Affinity Photo doesn't seem to read IPTC info at all; is this because IPTC info is not necessary these days? 2. I've been using NeoFinder lately as it seems to be faster on my Mac than the native search function. I can enter all the info I need , including IPTC and it seems to stay put after exportation. Has anyone else had experience with NeoFinder? I've also been using EXIF Editor but I find it's not as useful as NeoFinder. Screenshots supplied.
  11. The original fitted into my A4 scanner, so I scanned it at 150dpi and vectorized it using a Mac app called Image Vectorizer. That bit was simple.
  12. I haven't read Moorcock. He's added to the list of holiday reading.
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