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  1. Amen to that I used NeoFinder to put in metadata with keywords and the Adobe Stock site picked them up - see the attached screenshot. Maybe that would work on the other sites? I discovered that you can save XMP metadata and paste it to other files.
  2. Hi all, I'm late to this conversation but the Metadata issue is an important one for me too. I was hoping that you could clear a few things up for me: 1. As an editorial illustrator, the IPTC meta info seemed to be important -it meant I could put in © info and make my images searchable in newspapers' systems and therefore get extra usage out of an image. Affinity Photo doesn't seem to read IPTC info at all; is this because IPTC info is not necessary these days? 2. I've been using NeoFinder lately as it seems to be faster on my Mac than the native search function. I can enter all the info I need , including IPTC and it seems to stay put after exportation. Has anyone else had experience with NeoFinder? I've also been using EXIF Editor but I find it's not as useful as NeoFinder. Screenshots supplied.
  3. The original fitted into my A4 scanner, so I scanned it at 150dpi and vectorized it using a Mac app called Image Vectorizer. That bit was simple.
  4. I haven't read Moorcock. He's added to the list of holiday reading.
  5. Excellent, Alun. I never heard about Serif before Affinity burst onto the scene. If I had, I may have started all this stuff earlier! I also had a Lambretta at one time -around 1980. I completely resprayed it in my garage and painted a version of a cover image from one of the Thomas Covenant trilogy books on the side panels. I think it may have been 'Lord Foul's Bane'. I can't remember which now. I used an airbrush and a compressor that I still have... I prefer my scooters in their original livery now. Kevin
  6. That Youtube embed didn't seem to work. If you're interested, here's the link:
  7. Jesus, my eyesight. I'm rushing around so much today I didn't even cop that there was a link... Thanks for your help, O. Kevin
  8. Indeed you're right. I was thinking of an online vectorizer. I'm happy enough with my clunky process -it's reasonably straightforward.
  9. Hi all, This is one of my latest projects for the Scooterola brand. If you can't see the video here, you can get it on http://scooterola.com/index.php/2019/02/24/the-illuminati-stole-my-scooter/ It's hand drawn, vectorised and worked up in AD. I made a little 4 minute film of the process below: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lP0KV1V15jw" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. I've had the same problem on several projects and it can be frustrating. The 'increasing the size' remedy doesn't seem to work for me. However, I'll tell you what I did as a workaround. First you will need a piece of vectorizing software (I use Image Vectorizer' on my Mac. It's the simplest and best I've tried so far and it's not costly.) I isolate the bits that need to be expanded and copy and paste into a new doc which I then I export as a jpg and vectorize the file. Then bring it back in to the project doc. Not exactly, 'Hey Presto!" but it worked for me. It'll be great when this gets sorted.
  11. It's not in the version of AD that I have anyway. Could be they won't have that function in AD -I'm sure they want people to buy Apub! I'm happy to have the complete suite.
  12. Hi, I just downloaded the 1.70 Beta of APub. and was testing out the hyperlinks function. I've attached PDF that contains two links to the same URL. APub seems to default to https if http isn't typed. So the first link jumped to https (hence it goes nowhere) and the second jumps to my site perfectly well (I'll have to upgrade my web site). Anyway, that's a very small issue as Apub records the URLs nicely in the source field. Perhaps https has become the most common prefix. Is it possible to format the linked text such that it doesn't have the underscore? Maybe that's already possible and if anyone could point it out to me, I'd be grateful. It's really great to see the improvements. Thank you all. affinity pub 1.70 hyperlink test.pdf
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