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  1. The “solid pen with pressure” is the only brush that I have found that will let me expand the stroke to create a vector object from the line work... how can these be called vector brushes if they aren’t true vectors? ...just raster brushes following editable vector line work... I sure hope I am doing something incorrectly...
  2. In Affinity Designer, under the vector persona, on a vector layer, using the vector brush I have the option of using some pencil brushes. Are these truly vector? I draw a line, the line itself is editable but is it truly generating vector texture or applying raster texture to my vector line work? IF say, I want to create hand lettered logos in vector with a realistic pencil texture is this the way to go or will that texture actually be unscalable raster? I’ve tried selecting drawn lines and “creating curve” and “expanding stroke” but either way, it just looks like the texture is not converting to a shape, instead it appears raster... Any insights appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Ahhhhh, I see now. Thank you! The video made it a little confusing as it showed text much like I already had text. It just showed highlighting the text and selecting "frame text tool." Which is what I did... but, when I try to create a new text box with "frame text tool" selected, then I see the ruler. I must have created the original text with "art text" selected.
  4. I am attempting to create some custom tab measurements in a document. I found this great tutorial: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337313448/ However, My "Frame Text Ruler" is completely MIA?!? I have it selected to appear (screen cap included), however all I see is the little "fi" typography button... nothing more to the right. Running: Mac OS Catalina Vers. 10.15.2, Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I did discover that I can add/adjust tabs in the Paragraph panel under "Tab Stops." However, the functionality of the ruler would be awesome.
  5. Wow. I just learned a lot! Thank you both!!! I recreated it myself by unchecking the embed profiles box under More and sure enough - the .pdf uploads fine now! I am impressed with the support of this forum and Serif's products. I'm sold. FINALTRIAL.pdf
  6. Thank you Dan, I fired off an email to Allied Media to try and get to the bottom of this. It really seems like a problem on their end... but what is really making me scratch my head is the fact that it will accept a .pdf exported from Illustrator just fine with the same exact image edited and saved from Affinity Photo. So frustrating... I am curious to see what they say. Thank you again, Dana
  7. Hi Dan, This is a mystery to me... I uploaded your .pdf to Allied Media: https://www.alliedmediastore.com/business-cards and it gives me the same result - screen cap below - regarding a "Non CMYK image being detected." I did go back and check the color tab under Document Settings in my original file - I am attaching a screen cap of this also. I know you said it doesn't need to read "Generic CMYK Profile" - should the color profile read "U.S. Web Coated" instead? (I tried a version with "U.S. Web Coated" and received the same result...) I also tried saving from Affinity Photo, to see what would happen. I get the same message unfortunately about Non CMYK images... Thank you for your continued assistance, Dana
  8. Hi Dan, Thank you for replying. Attached please find my .afphoto file, the .jpg I saved as a result, my .afdesign file, and then the final .pdf. I just can't seem to figure out what is going wrong. I will attach the screen cap from my upload attempt also with the warning message from Allied Media. Thank you so much for your help, I do a lot of small print jobs like business cards, rack cards and brochures and would LOVE to be able to integrate Affinity software into my workflow. - Dana Alaska1.afphoto Sample.pdf AlaskaTrial.afdesign
  9. Hello, I am giving the desktop free trial software a go, but I am running into a major problem. I appreciate any input you may provide. I made a sample business card to be produced via Allied Media (alliedmedia.com). I wanted to include a photo in the design, and know that print documents need to be CMYK. I opened the photo in Affinity Photo and converted it to CMYK, then saved it as a .jpg. The .jpg color profile reads as CMYK under "get info" on my mac. Then, I placed the photo into my Affinity Designer file to size (the document is CMYK color space). Then, I exported it as a .pdf - required document format for Allied Media uploads (my export settings under "more" all read CMYK). I uploaded the file, and Allied media tells me it contains a non-CMYK image. Am I doing something incorrectly? Just to test, I set up another document in Adobe Illustrator and inserted the image I converted to CMYK in Affinity Photo. I exported the .pdf and uploaded it to Allied Media, it uploads just fine - reading as CMYK photo. Thank you for your help!
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