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  1. Henry Stahle

    Json export to Spine broken

    Thank you, this was a simple solution that I did not think of since Photoshop handled it right. That means I have no real use for keeping my CC subskription any more... Many thanks!
  2. Henry Stahle

    Json export to Spine broken

    Hi Callum, I just made a test again and I get the same result as you can see from this screen snip. I attached a half size psd file and a text file from the json code, top one from Photoshop, the bottom one from Affinity. It will be interesting to hear if you get a correct result from my file. By the way, I got the latest version of Spine, Photoshop and Affinity Photo and Designer. Floating rock Small.psd json.odt
  3. Henry Stahle

    Json export to Spine broken

    Hej! I have used Affinity Photo or Designer to export picture slices and data to open in Spine. Now it seems to be a bit broken since the slices becomes a bit randomly placed inside Spine. When I do the same thing in Photoshop (using the Spine script downloaded from Spine site) everything is correct. One reason for me to use Affinity instead Photoshop was the export persona for picture slices for my interactive apps. Now when it is something going wrong in Affinity I had to return to PS. So, please have a look at this export function. This is the Affinity export in Spine This is the Photoshop export in Spine
  4. Yes, it is depending of the order of releasing the brush and spacebar. I have been working all day illustratin using my Wacom Intous with no problems at all. But, using the Chris K provaction, the program crashed. Crash confirmed!
  5. Nothing unusual happens. The program does not crash my Win10 x 64, i5 8GB ram. It works just fine... :)
  6. Henry Stahle

    Brush Manager

    Thank you carl123, I really find it helpful!
  7. Just like in Photoshop I find it so slow and irritating to move around from brush category to another while illustrating, painting and drawing in Affinity. In Krita there is a brush manager where you collect your favourites, in Painter too, in ClipStudio, in SketchBook Pro it is easy to drag brushes around to collect them in one single library, and now even in Photoshop (I have not tired it yet). Why not in Affinity? Or is there a way to manage to keep your favourites in one single place already, a way I have not found out about yet? Please, if someone knows a way to do it, to manage my favourites in one place, tell me how. If not, please developers, make a manager like the Brush Box (found on Gumroad). It will make workflow soo much better Henry
  8. Just an example, a photo shot with my small Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. Just to test VSCO using the Canon RAW file CR2, directly from the SD card reader. No problems.
  9. Android OTG, on the go, I have been experimenting the recent days on using my Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, for my On The Go photography. Last year on vacations in Crete and in Croatia, I have used it by transfering photos via one of my cameras wifi, using the hotels wifi. It is OK to do so, but it takes some time. I even had to sit in the hotel lobby because of slow wifi in the flat. Nex time I will use the cheap OTG adapter, 10 € only, working just fine with my Trancend USB 3 SD card reader and my SanDisk USB 3 Ultra memory stick. The Android tablet is easy to carry around. I do not use my Windows Surface tablet that much traveling abroad, is a bit big and a little clumsy, and also expensive.I lock it up in the safety box if there is one in the hotel flat. There was none in the flats we rented last times. So, that is why I carry around my Galaxy Tab. It is not cheap, but it is not expensive, like the Windows thing. And the size is just right. I have this small OTG adapter, so i can read my camera RAWs picts from the SD card. I can transfer them to my external memory on the tablet, develop my Raw files in Photoshop Experss, Snapseed or VSCO, share them on my social media and even start up making the book. My wife makes a great job each vacation, by designing a book every time we are abroad or at home on vacation. As we mostly are hiking and trekking, we meet some very nice people, see some interesting places, great scenery and so on. So, photography means a lot to me and us. A lot. The Adobe Photoshop Express is a good RAW editor, it reads my RW2 or CR2 files without converting them to DNGs first. Lightroom another good app. Adobe wants me to pay a CC subscription to use all features in Lightroom, the one I need for using RAW files, I have to pay 49 Euro per month for that. I don’t know… that much? The Adobe stuff are the best there is on the Android, yes. I can pay if there is nothing like the Adobe stuff. There is. It is free and cheaper. Snapseed is great and free. Really great. If the RAW files are in the right directory (Google Photo) there is no problem. Snapseed do not read any DNGs outside that folder. I can not do without Snapseed on my tablet or phone. I use it a LOT. VSCO is another favourite, it also reads my RW2 or CR2 files without converting them to DNGs first. Good exposure is needed in VSCO, there is very little chance of rescuing deep shadows, dark or underexposured photos. VSCOX even filters and corrects videos (beta)…! The raw2dng converter makes life easy for me OTG. If I want to use Snapseed, that I use most of the time, this app is a must. Snapseed likes DNG. I like Snapseed. That’s it.
  10. This beta fixed the LensFun issu that did not fully support the lens of Canon PowerShotG7 X Mark ll. Thank you! Everything worked smooth installing this beta on my Win10 (latest upgrade)
  11. Henry Stahle

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I am aware of this, but since I like to use only one photographic software, and that is Affinity Photo, I keep on reporting this matter. Hoping for an update to LensFun (soon..!?) or a better RAW data handler.
  12. Henry Stahle

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I still do not use Affinity Photo with my favourite camera, the small pocket size Canon PowerShot GX7 mark II, since the files are not fully supported in the RAW file data that AP use. There is slow loading, heavy vignetting, no lens correction on the wide angle and more problems. When I open the same file in my PSE Camera Raw, the file is treated right as you can se below. The same in DxO optics Pro and Canon DPP 4, CameraBag Photo and even Windows Photo.
  13. Henry Stahle

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I like the book and I am working it trough. I like it, high quality print and binding. Good examples to work and learn by. The package was broken and the book fell out of the package when I took it out of the postbox, but the book itself was OK. So over here in the darkness in the damp and cold west coast of Sweden, there is some light in the dark, the new Affinity book! Henry
  14. Henry Stahle

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I agree, I tested and confirm. By drawing slowly, the "corny" behaviour does not occur, only while making quick strokes. I tested the same in ClipStudio and SketchBook Pro. No such problems there. It's only in Affinity Photo and Designer.
  15. Henry Stahle

    Raw developing shadows grey out

    This is done in the new beta .96. Some improvement I guess, but far from ACR. This photo exposure is extreme and really puts the RAW converter on test. Since Affinity is in a Photoshop competition, this must be improved! The Affinity Photo file is the left one. I tuned the exposure compensation all the way up in AP and also a little shadow fill, this was the best result I got. In ACR there are a lot more steps and exactness to use when developing the file, the result is also much more vibrant and has more contrast.