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  1. I used Clip Studio and made the same manouver as in Affinity Photo using the same layer "Glow" blending mode and a free transform. Nothing bad happend, everyting worked out as I wanted it to do.
  2. Here is the report attachment. I made a mesh transform to a small abject in my illustration. When I selected one mesh point, the crash came. The layer I was working on was set to "Glow" and I was trying to give a shine, done with an airbrush, from a lamp a better form. I tried this once more and the crash was there again, but this time the program locked so I could not make anything with any tool. I had to use the Ctrl+Alt to close Afiinity Photo. The CPU was at 100% when I looked at it first. The screenshot is "just" 96,5, that is the lowest I observed before closing AP. Using a lot CPU... CPU overload... like in some other cases I read in this forum...
  3. If there is another crash, I will do that. I have been working since early morning today. No crash (yet). I'll be back to you if there is one. Have a nice weekend!
  4. Yes, I got that. Where do they go? Are they somewhere in my computer?
  5. Ok, this was a "bug", or whatever. I worked all day using Affinity Photo. No crash yet. Hmm...? Strange things happening.
  6. I use Affinity Photo (and Designer) for illustrating an app for Android and iOS. My pictures are 2730 x 1536 px at 300 dpi. Not very big. Sometimes the layers are, not many, but quite a few. I try to keep the number down by merging as soon as it is OK to do so. I always backup by having *.afdesign / *.afphoto and *.psd files of the same document. Just to be safe. Before Affinity I used Photoshop CC and never had any crash. Yesterday Affinity Photo crashed on me several times. I sent the reports to Serif explaining what I was doing. As I see it, the crashes came just randomly, not that I was doing the same thing all the times the crash happend. I am on a little old computer running Win10 home 64/bit, having Intel Core i5 3450 @ 3.10GHz, quad core, 16384 MBytes RAM and Intel HD Graphics. Never had any problems with that until now. I am suspicious about my specs on the integrated graphics card / processor. Can it be the cause of the crashes, maybe? I noticed the behaviour of Affinity Photo on the blending mode "Multiply" going dim, like semi-transparent hazy looking instead the normal behaviour. That is maybe a signal of something going wrong in the graphics thing inside my machine. I restarted it twice. All problems were gone after the restart, until next crash... How demanding and relying on the graphics processor is Affinity Photo? Is it possible that my soon 6 years old computer lacks what it takes to run properly?
  7. Aammppaa Cealcrest GarryP retrograde , thank you for commenting! I am not the kind of illustrator that keep within a limited style. I use different ways of expressing myself in my pictures. Sometimes I use ink, ink and wash, acrylics, watercolour, sometimes colour pencils, graphite, digital bitmap tools and vectors, animation, video or photography, even clay and other sculpture material.... I got no style What I do is trying to tell some kind of stories using the means and materials that are at hand for the moment. Affinity Photo and Designer are such a great combination of software. I have experimented some to find out how to use them. Now I know most of it. I use them all the time now. Great software.
  8. I like this one and also the motorcycle one you showed before! Great job!
  9. So far... nine illustrations made using Affinity Photo (and a little Designer). They are to be found on my Instagram (henrystahle) and I am using #affinityphotoillustration to show they are basicly all bitmap illustrations. The latest are from my recent project, an interactive app for Android and iOS. Me as an illustrator + a coder (LUA + Corona) that also animates and such. In Affinity I can use the slicing function for exporting, that is a big thing, it makes the work work, and easy exporting... Happy for that.
  10. Hi, I just started a new hashtag on Instagram: #affinityphotoillustration. I decided to do that because I am working on a picture book / app starting to use Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop. I will show some of my illustrations, all bitmap, no vectors, done in AP. It would be nice to see more illustrators using AP presenting art under the same #affinityphotoillustration tag. To get to now about you, to learn how you use this software and to get inspired from each other. See you on Instagram!
  11. I tried this out on my only tablet, and old Wacom Intous 4, and my old Win 10 computer, the stabilizer works correct on my computer.
  12. New Beta 88 cropping tool works fine at any zoom sizes. Handles stays the right size. And I agree with Affwin: RAW about 4 seconds. Good! (Win 10 computer...)
  13. https://www.webpagefx.com/blog/web-design/how-to-color-inked-line-art-in-photoshop/ This is a method that I can use in Affinity Photo. There is also the "Sample all Layers" in PS, to be used if there are no gaps in the line art. In ClipStudio it is even more and better options for flat fills. How about adding better fill options in Affinity Photo? (I know I can use Affinity Desiger for making flats, but I to like stay in Photo all time.)
  14. This is the only thing that keeps me not using Affinity Photo or Designer as my illustration program number one:
  15. My vacation series of photos, or any other raw photos from this camera, are not able to process / develop in latest beta of Affinity Photo (and has not been in any other version before). The heavy lens distortion and vignette are hard to correct manually in AP. My camera is Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. I use Windows 10. Still, I can open my photos in CameraBag Photo and make everything ready there and later import the photos into AP for som editing if I need. I can also use my Android tablet by converting my CR2 files to DNG and make the RAW development in Snapseed ... Not being able to use AP for my raw-shooting is no good.