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  1. Great work, love how you've captured the soft-but-still-taut leather padding so well.
  2. Just had this same problem on our Facebook group. It was a CMYK source file and when exported the black was 5% grey or RGB 5,5,5 - so the background wasn't fully transparent. Hope that helps.
  3. Looks great! The AI and AD pen tools are quite similar - and once you get the hang of it you'll find it FAR faster/better than Illustrator.
  4. Thank you! I don't mind at all. As long as the title and my name isn't removed from the image, I'm happy for anyone to share it. Hopefully it will help inspire your group and maybe get a few more people to try Affinity!
  5. Here's a stylised portrait that I've finally finished after been sat on my HD for a couple of years. All vectors, no pixels. Liberal use of layer blends, fx, transparency, masks etc and a bit of tweaking to give the colours a more vintage feel. Initially a quick colouring/shading test and just made it up as I went along; it worked out well and taught me the principles I used in my recent baby portrait. It's not anyone in particular, just a random selection of Google image searches refenced for the various facial features as I drew them. After all these years, I'm finally free from Illustrator and it's tedious Gradient Mesh!
  6. Thanks to all of you for taking time to comment, I really appreciate your feedback and kind words. I appreciate your honesty. Whilst it has fooled a few people into thinking it was a photo, it's far from perfect. One of the big problems I have is getting so focussed on the bit I'm doing, that it's difficult to see the entire thing. For example, I might be so caught up getting an eye to look right, that I don't notice that it's too big, or out of position in realtion to the rest - then I have a decent break from looking at it and go back later, see how bad it looks and correct it. I actually did submit this for the featured work promo so had to do as much as possible over the past couple of weeks, around looking after my daughter and other stuff (I'm currently a full-time dad as my wife has returned to work), so time wasn't a luxury for me unfortunately and I definately had to get it to a point that it was at least a consistent quality (as opposed to hyper realistic eyes, but less convincing else where, for example.) Of course, I'm now seeing more and more things that would improve it; tweaks to depth of field, refined shading and shapes, additional detail etc. and, of course, much better colour. I tend to beat myself up about these things but I'm still very proud of what I've acheived. Thank you - and congratulations to you too. My daughter is now coming up to a year old in September and, as rewarding as being a dad is, many of my other hobbies are distant memories, so try to draw when I can. I've had several occasions this last two weeks where I've been sat in bed at midnight, in the dark, with my MacBook and trackpad - trying to finish this well enough for the promo deadline whilst not waking my daughter. The highlight definately being on Friday (deadline day) with her asleep on me at my desk/kitchen table, having to stretch my arms around her to reach the keyboard/mouse, praying she would stay asleep long enough! The struggle is most definately real!
  7. Haha! Nice - brings back memories. The name of the quiz was.... <press REVEAL for the answer> ...Bamboozle!
  8. Affinity Designer vector illustration of my daughter at 19-days old. No pixels or vector brushes used here, just good old fashioned strokes and filled paths. Masks, transparency tool, layer FX and blend modes used where needed and a couple of adjustment layers to tweak the colours at the end. I'd guess there's around 2,000 elements make up this image - around 500 are individually positioned head hairs, and many of the individual wool strands are actually three strokes twisted together too which ups the object count. With all the blurs and depth of field stuff, it nearly kills my MacBook and takes a good 20+ seconds for the screen to redraw after every zoom or edit on high quality view settings - spent a lot of time in wireframe and low quality mode at the end. When I get a faster Mac, I'd like to add some of the less important detail that's missing to make it more convincing (e.g. the almost invisible eyebrow hairs, more detail to eyes etc.) and tweak some of the bits that are annoying me. No idea how long it took as I've been working on it on and off in my spare time (which is practically non-existent with a baby) since December - I'd estimate 30-50 hours. Anyway, hope you like it!
  9. I just had this exact problem - AD toolbar positioned at the top so the window options appeared behind them, kind of a 'Doh!' moment but at least it's sorted! Was working in 'Separated Mode' btw - you can't turn this off/on whilst in full screen which would have solved the problem. Thanks :)
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