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  1. For anyone who works on both Windows and Mac, the price is already effectively double. The whole suite for both platforms is currently just short of £300, so doubling the cost of each product on each platform would take it close to £600. I think many individuals and small businesses would have to think carefully about that, particularly if paid upgrades were to become more frequent.
  2. It's very, very rare that I do any print work (and I have a Quark license for those rare times) so I likely won't be purchasing at the moment. Definitely interested in the idea of StudioLink though, and will keep an eye on how it progresses with the other two apps, which I already own.
  3. Sorry I wasn't clear. I am just asking whether the full toolset of each app is available via StudioLink, when someone owns all three products, or whether it's just a subset of each app's tools.
  4. Can anyone tell me if the full feature set of Photo/Designer is included within those personas in Publisher? For example, can I access Photo Liquify tools (Push Forward, Push Left etc.) from the Photo persona within Publisher? Thanks in advance.
  5. This has been requested a few times, but is still not an option in the desktop versions of the software as far as I'm aware. It's the main reason I end up using other software for art/illustration, as it's so tedious and inefficient to have to hover over similar looking brush previews to find the one I'm looking for. Every update I check to see if they've added the option in, but no joy yet.
  6. If you look up any YouTube tutorial for 'comic flatting', it should get you started. In fact, here's one specifically for Affinity Photo:
  7. The iPad apps show brush names underneath the stroke previews in the Brushes list. Please can this be added to the desktop versions too? Having to hover my mouse over dozens of brushes one by one to find the brush I need slows me down massively!
  8. That's great! Did you get a dispatch email? I ordered this morning (UK) as soon as I saw the tweet, but no dispatch email yet.
  9. I think you will need to contact Affinity staff directly about this. According to this page: I have a question related to my account. Who should I contact? Please contact affinityorders@serif.com.
  10. I didn't realise the Affinity Photo Workbook was so close! That is excellent news
  11. Great painting!! I may be misunderstanding your comment, but there is an eyedropper tool on the Colour panel on AP ... does that not do what you need it to?
  12. Delighted to have received my copy today - quite unexpected to get a Sunday delivery! Looking forward to getting started :)
  13. Thanks for the reply! Yep, same postcode used for billing/delivery/credit card etc. Happy to share order number if it would help identify any issues. Looking forward to receiving the book in due course! (And thanks for the welcome! I am mostly a lurker, but have been registered for over a year.)
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