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  1. Blimey. This thread is still going?
  2. It's a beta. Enough said.
  3. You're just resorting to pedantry now. It's broken, it's known to be broken, it's being worked on, it'll be fixed. Some things are complicated and take time, sometimes priorities have to change, a software package is a large and complex thing. You're obviously frustrated, but I don't think this conversation is helping anyone anymore.
  4. Another one I've been struggling with when moving text from emails/word to designs. It's pretty rare you'll want the formatting provided by the client when adding text to a document, I'd swap the behaviour so text pastes without it's format by default and in cases where you'd like yo identify unknown colours and fonts quickly, add a shortcut to paste with format. Well, only from outside the application, there might be a case for this to be ignored when you're pasting text between positions in the same document for example. But pasting the text object rather than the text inside would solve this right?
  5. I keep getting tripped up by this, could this preset have bleed added by default? More often than not you're going to be sending files to print with it's bleed.
  6. The slices panel is much more glanceable than the layers panel when looking for artboards. It's not a feature I'd lose sleep over not having, but it'd be nice. It's an edge case.
  7. I'm currently working on a file with a lot of artboards that will all be exported with a naming structure, I know slices are named by the artboard they are on, but it'd be nice to have a little button to sync slice names to the artboard, just a little uni-directional thing.
  8. Hiyaaa. I've been trying to think of ways to make use of the mad zoom in affinity and I thought a great way to demonstrate it would be to show a person standing on the earth, at the correct scale. So I did. Then I made a fake flat Earth video, because giggles. There may be some naughty words and I must warn you all, the rest of my youtube channel is very silly and quite offensive.
  9. Ah ok, gotcha. It's something you can get used to. However yes, this is also true of cmd-dragging. You can still end up with half pixel positions, with snapping and move by whole pixels turned on.
  10. Hello there, The beta is shaping up nicely. Old news maybe, but since all of the "sticking to whole pixel" fixes that went in (HUGELY WELCOME BTW) I find that if you alt-drag copy objects they no longer respect whole pixels when you drag the duplicate away, is this an easy fix?
  11. Matt, on the topic of unlock all, could you assign a default keyboard shortcut (cmd shift l) I know end users can assign their own, but defaults are awesome.
  12. Hate to burst your bubble, but this is true of all software, it's not a "Steve Jobs" thing. Features come when they are ready and the order is always based on demand or technical practicality. Have you ever seen the illustrator beta forum? I have. It's not pretty. At another company they have products with bugs that have existed since the early 2000s. Trust me, you could have it far worse. The level of transparency from Serif is impressive and almost unprecedented. But being able to see into the development of a product may affect your perception of it somewhat.
  13. Only just checked this topic, you lot seem to like these!
  14. On the rotation point, I've always been behind adding a canvas rotation tool in the desktop apps, seems a bit of a waste to only let multi-touch people make good use of it.
  15. You sneaky boys! Congratulations Ash, Tony, Andy and the team! I'm so excited to download Photo!