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  1. I don’t think so. They’ve mentioned adding a JS API sometime in the future, but I don’t think they’ve committed to a date
  2. I don’t think so. They’ve mentioned adding a JS API sometime in the future, but I don’t think they’ve committed to a date
  3. They bought their only credible competitor in its entirety and killed off all but a handful of their applications, the remaining applications (Flash, dreamweaver and coldfusion) were in markets attractive to Adobe at the time. Calling Adobe monopolistic isn't even really a criticism, it's just what large businesses do.
  4. I wonder why they'd do that? It's almost as if...they wanted some kind of ...monopoly? Can you imagine such a thing!
  5. AshTeriyaki

    File failure with google file stream

    When trying to save a new file from an open file stored on google file stream (New desktop drive app) You get a "could not save file" error, it creates a zero byte file in place anyway, if you click on it, it just says "already open in another application. Saving modified files with the same name seems to work fine
  6. AshTeriyaki

    Don Quixote Redo

    Bloody hell.
  7. AshTeriyaki

    Don Quixote Redo

    I'm utterly astounded, this is wonderful. How many objects is it?
  8. AshTeriyaki

    Can still move away from whole pixels in designer

    Hey Miguel, Sorry, I've already fixed the file. The artboards in question didn't have any content on them if that helps. Also were not alt-duplicated. What seemed to be happening was misalignment when they were hitting snaps. All of the boards were spaced 20px apart but we're rounding to 20.2px increments
  9. I'm working with a ton of artboards in Designer and when moving(Not duplicating) them, I can still make their positions not round to whole pixels. Move by whole pixel, force pixel alignment and snapping is enabled.
  10. AshTeriyaki

    Feature request — oct 2017

    They are working on adding scripting. As far as I can remember they’re going with JS(boo)
  11. Pixave is a decent image manager, plus it reads Affinity files. FWIW, I don’t think Affinity should release their own DAM. It’s a saturated market and besides a handful of companies, this software often seems to be produced by one man outfits. I’m not sure there’s enough money in it. It’d be smarter to outreach to other developers and ask them to add the Affinity format. Something that can be done with a few phonecalls and a PowerPoint deck.
  12. This is already on the roadmap I think.
  13. AshTeriyaki

    My thoughts about Affinity apps

    Nope, not in the slightest, both apps serve different markets. Theres significant crossover, but theres myriad use cases for these being separate applications. Just because it doesn't suit your work, that doesn't mean it applies to thousands of other users. There is a common code base to these apps(Including Publisher), so they can share bug fixes. That isn't a weakness, it's a huge strength and a hallmark of thoughtful engineering. With average hard disks being around the 500gb-1tb range, a completely presumed saving of 200mb is negligible.
  14. AshTeriyaki

    COMMENTARY : Competition

    I've been trying not to jump on the criticism ship, as a lot of older users have started to I think. But I am admittedly beginning to become a teeny bit frustrated with the prioritisation and release cadence. You guys achieve some immense things, in the last year or so you've release both products on windows and photo on iOS, impressive stuff. Designer 1.6 is shaping up nicely, but I'd love to see a bit of time spent on refinements rather than new tools. Improving little UI quirks and inconsistencies and adding loads of those little edge case and minor features that would just improve quality of life. Pixelmator pro does look quite awesome, it's the first I've heard of it too.
  15. It's been brought up before a few times I think