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  1. Your're basically right, but the Adobe Apps haven't crashed for me for a god while now. It was the Wacom drivers that made the apps crash the last time. Anyways, I am suspecting the Christi‘s Comix Toolbox, that is sold in the Affinity store by the way, to have caused the crashes. With a new file, for now everything seems to work ok.
  2. For me it started to crash today while sketching. No progress saved. These things remind me why Affinity is still not the best choice for professional work. I'm on the latest Ipad OS 16.5.1. on the M1 Ipad Pro 12.9 500gb and Designer is ofc. up to date as well. It's disappointing. I just started to like it again, and suddenly it keeps crashing. I used to have an Ipad Air 2019 and the support said it was a RAM issue. Now I have one of the latest and greatest Ipads available out there and the app still makes trouble.
  3. There is no doubt that one can achieve a lot with Affinity. And there is no doubt that the Affinity Suite, especially AD is fantastic and a great value compared to the one-time payment price. But still, it can be made even better. And the thing with the not true vector brushes, they could have communicated this little thing more clearly. It's just, if someone buys AD and it states that it's a Vector based program, you assmue that you also have vector based brushes. At least that's what I tought when I bought AD and all the "vector" brushes for this programm. I really hope, that the devs will make a clear statement on this topic, whether or not we can ever expect real vector brushes. And if they say no, then at least this issue is settled and we can all move on.
  4. Finally, thank you for this long needed feature. Even if it takes ages, you guys listening to your customers. Thank you.
  5. Despite V. 2.1. now having some really cool features and I finally started working with the Affinity Designer for Ipad again, I have to say that I miss this "feature" too. I bought tons of so called "vector" brushes for AD just to find out afterwards, that they're basically raster brushes in the end. And the response here: is not constructive or helpful at all. Vector brushes should have been real vector brushes right from the start, and it wasn't clear to me as a new user back then.
  6. Hello there, I'm getting some weird artifacts when using the pen tool. You can see it right at the beginning of the attached video. After that I can continue to work as intended. This bug seems to appear randomly and I encountered it just today. I'm working on an Ipad pro M1 2021, the Wifi 500gb 8GB Ram Version. Ipad OS is 15.5 and therefore currently up to date. The video shows the artifact even after I restarted the Ipad to try if the artifacting goes away. And overall the performance, especially when drawing with some brushes, seems to be worse than on my old Ipad Air 2019 that I have been using before the Ipad Pro. Maybe it's the IpadOS 15.5 Update that's causing all this stuff. On the other hand my other apps seem to work fine. Img 1159.m4v
  7. Yeah. I‘m still waiting. About half a year ago I even messaged them in Twitter. There they responded that they are going to solve this. Just sad. It‘s a basic function and not some otherworldly magic. 😒
  8. So, still no updates on this since 2018? There are obvious some people who really need this function.
  9. I'm voting for that too. Pls Give us more options for brush managment. Organizing brushes in subfolders, a favorite option and recently used would be great. For people with a huge brush library it's mandatory.
  10. True. And it's a very basic function one would expect from a good graphic design and/or drawing app.
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