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  1. benjaminduall

    Grid not visible after page 1

    Hey Chris, it was also set to Metal — setting it to "software" returns the grid, but gives me alot of spinning beachballs. OpenGL(basic) shows the grid too — on all pages at once (not only active page). OpenGL shows it only on the active page… Also the grid doesn't always start properly in the top-left corner of the page — when scrolling trough the document the grid moves up & down… thanks!
  2. benjaminduall

    Grid not visible after page 1

    Yep — it's says 2 of 4. No grid visible (stays on page 1 & master A).
  3. benjaminduall

    Grid not visible after page 1

    Hey Chris, thank you for your reply. I suppose the page is active when it has this gray border in the pages-palette? I still don't see the grid :-/ thanks! Benjamin
  4. Hello, first off: wow, this app evolves quite quickly! Kudos to the dev-team. I always work with grids, so I was wondering why it doesn't appear on all pages? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Screenshot show page 1 & 2 — but the grid only shows on page 1. Made a new document, same problem… kind regards! Benjamin
  5. Just stumbled on this thread — having the same issue with very large documents. I have a simple affinity-doc (376 x 376 pixels) with 29 layers. Affinity-file is a whopping 796 MB. Exported this to PSD (with layers): 12,8 MB (!) What's going on?
  6. +1 for python. See the magic that happens with drawbot or nodebox
  7. Did take me a lot of time to find this one too. I find this UI confusing and inconsistent ("picture frame" properties for example are adapted in the bar on top). Colour should be treated like in Indesign (a switch button for frame/text for example). It is very confusing that you can edit the colour of objects in very different places. This can be double (as well in the colour palette as in in the textframe palette) but it should always be editable in the colour palette.
  8. Same here, my work depends on "global" layers aka the InDesign layers. Example: a brochure which I design for 6 different languages: masterpages used for different types of pages (cover, intro, detail,…) layers used for different content (languages) and backgrounds. I have al my pictures and backgrounds in one layer, text on the others, so I can easily switch which brochure I can edit or export to PDF. This is really necessary if we want to use aPub for long and complicated documents.
  9. and on page 2 the grid disappeared (even when it is selected in the menu).
  10. Also: the CMYK dialog.
  11. When scrolling up down, the grid scrolls too? See screenshots
  12. In Indesign everything (numbers/measures/fonts/…) you change when there's no document open it will use as a default. Would be handy in Publisher — saves an awful lot of time. thanks!
  13. Certain UI elements stay on screen. Even in other apps ;-). MacOS 10.12.6
  14. benjaminduall

    delete point

    Is this implemented yet?