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  1. +1 for python. See the magic that happens with drawbot or nodebox
  2. Did take me a lot of time to find this one too. I find this UI confusing and inconsistent ("picture frame" properties for example are adapted in the bar on top). Colour should be treated like in Indesign (a switch button for frame/text for example). It is very confusing that you can edit the colour of objects in very different places. This can be double (as well in the colour palette as in in the textframe palette) but it should always be editable in the colour palette.
  3. Same here, my work depends on "global" layers aka the InDesign layers. Example: a brochure which I design for 6 different languages: masterpages used for different types of pages (cover, intro, detail,…) layers used for different content (languages) and backgrounds. I have al my pictures and backgrounds in one layer, text on the others, so I can easily switch which brochure I can edit or export to PDF. This is really necessary if we want to use aPub for long and complicated documents.
  4. and on page 2 the grid disappeared (even when it is selected in the menu).
  5. Also: the CMYK dialog.
  6. When scrolling up down, the grid scrolls too? See screenshots
  7. In Indesign everything (numbers/measures/fonts/…) you change when there's no document open it will use as a default. Would be handy in Publisher — saves an awful lot of time. thanks!
  8. Certain UI elements stay on screen. Even in other apps ;-). MacOS 10.12.6
  9. benjaminduall

    delete point

    Is this implemented yet?
  10. Hello! after Adobe pulled another stunt (with Lightroom this time) I'm preparing for an Adobe Free Future™! I've come back to Designer (ßeta 1.6/12) — and what I saw made me very, very happy. Cannot wait till I see what you guys do with Publisher! As you have guessed I'm still missing some features before I can ditch Illustrator all together: selecting objects by type/look (see screenshots with Graffix Select Menu) lockable guides and the making guides from objects. Also: split in to grid. overprint on a per object (fill/stroke) base (not only in the swatches). ability to choose a font (and other things) from the contextual menu. Despite its name, it's not very contextual right now. plugins/scripting would make Designer much more powerful of course. See for example what you can do with Python in DrawBot of Nodebox offset path (could be scripted?) more transform options like "transform each", which is very, very handy in Illustrator … Anyway, can't stress enough that you guys already did a fantastic job, making such a powerful app from zero. …without the income of subscription-model ;-). Keep up the good work! — Benjamin
  11. benjaminduall

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta ( - RC7 GM2)

    Hey MEB, this problem is still present in AD 1.4 (app store) on OS X 10.10.5 (tab goes from X → W → Y → H → R → S ) — other than that, fantastic update! Update: same problem in Mavericks…
  12. benjaminduall

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta ( - RC7 GM2)

    Hey MEB, thanks for your reaction. The TAB works, it only does so in the wrong order ( X → W → Y → H instead of X → Y → W → H). OS X 10.10.5 b.
  13. benjaminduall

    Affinity Designer Customer Beta ( - RC7 GM2)

    BUG — can't edit Y coordinate in transform dialogbox (for an artboard). Also: Tab should move form X to Y to W to H (and NOT from X to W to Y to H — this is not logical). EDIT: after creating some artboards: editing the dimensions in the transform-box don't work (X/Y/W/H). Inputed numbers keep jumping back to initial number.
  14. benjaminduall

    Expand stroke

    Hey MEB, thanks for your quick reaction! Sorry — I've missed the menu command :rolleyes: So I'll change my request to add this command to the contextual menu ;-) Or maybe better still — customizable contextual menus! Just dreamin'… thanks again! Benjamin