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  1. Unfortunately, turning off 'Clip to Canvas' has almost 0 effect on this issue. I was designing a 3000x1000mm banner and was frustrated that I couldn't see artwork placed around the edge of the design on pasteboard and after finding this answer I believed it would make it all reappear again. Instead, it unveiled a sliver of extra pasteboard. In other word...useless. 🤷‍♂️ I'll keep searching for an answer.
  2. In InDesign if one is in the text tool (possibly with the cursor ready to type in a text box) hitting ESC releases the tool and selects the Move tool. This negates the need to move the mouse to the toolbar and is much quicker. That way your focus stays on the editing rather than the interface. If the ESC key is not bound to another function then please consider this addition.
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