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  1. In the last few updates I really hoped that this bug would be resolved, but unfortunately it's still there. Is there any chance that sooner or later the developers will fix this really annoying problem? Please, let me know.
  2. I suppose that if I uninstall the app I will lose also every brush and font imported and any setting, right? I would like to avoid to lose all the settings (the files are all saved in my macbook), but if it could give some results, I’ll try it. However should be a problem if every tot works I should have to unistall the app and redo every setting.....
  3. hi to all. I’m using an iPad Pro 10,5” with iOS 12 (not beta), yesterday updated to 12.1. I’ve purchased this wonderful app since about a month and I’m using it intensively all the day for work making artworks for print (CMYK, file size about 4000x4000 px @400dpi with a good number of layers, file size about 108 mb). Everything worked fine and smoothly until yesterday, when the app starting lagging with a work responding to the specifics noted above. It seems that the app doesn’t have enouh ram (but it’s only a my guess) because when I zoom in and out the image takes about a second or two to show it properly scaled. Also when I select a different brush menu it takes a few seconds to load and display it. Every time I zoom or pan the image I have to wait a few seconds to make a stroke. All this is starting to happen just yesterday, after an entire month where I worked wonderfully and without any lag with other files roughly of the same size. What could have been happened? And most important: how could I fix this issue? is there any “cache” to clean anywhere or something else? Thanks for the attention.
  4. bilboudo

    Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?

    Me too very interested in the fix of this bug. To work is becoming frustrating. The app really fantastic and wonderful for professional work, but please, fix this problem as soon as possible! Is there any chance to know when will be released the next update with this (and others) bugs fixed? Many thanks for the hard work!!!
  5. bilboudo

    Tilt and Angle Control

    I'm sorry, I keep the occasion of this post to ask how I can set up my brushes to change the wide of the stroke when I tilt my Apple Pencil…. I've tried in any way with various parameters, but nothing seems to change. But, reading this post, it seems to be a possile thing to do in some way. In Procreate this feature works perfectly. I use an iPad Pro 10,5" with Apple Pencil. please, could anyone help me , please?
  6. I really hope this. Let me know where I can put some pressure.
  7. hello to all. I've just purchased this wonderful app for my iPad Pro 10,5" (iOS 12) and I've sadly discovered that it doesn't support the split screen... is it true, or is there something to do for activate it? If not, do it will support also the split view in future updates?it should be very important, at least for me.
  8. Thank you DM1 for your reply. Given your experience I'll give a try to this app for sure! also because as far as I know is the only one on iPad that can manage the CMYK color mode (I work for printed stuff)…. About to save often the work is a good habit for sure, although some apps (like Procreate) saves automatically when accidentally crashes. Or at least, when this happen and then I open it to back to work I find my file exactly as I left when the app crashes. I have no idea how this works, but should be helpful to implement such feature also in Affinity Photo.
  9. Oh, well, 7999 layers... I think it should be enough for my need. Wonderful news, thank you! And what about the app reliability (crashes and other issues) at the current step?
  10. Hello to all! I've got an iPad Pro 10,5" (iOS 12) with the Apple Pencil and I'm going to interest deeply in this app, that seems to be a very complete app that works as Photoshop on my PC (and to use in pair with it switching between the two software with the same PSD file). Unfortunately in the App Store there are a lot of negative comments reporting crashes, works not saved and other issues. However I read that those comments was posted a few time ago, so (before to purchase it) I'm wondering how is the current situation with this software after have been updated. Is it reliable for professional illustration work? Or do it risk to make me to waste working time? Another very important question is: how many layers Affinity Photo can mange in a file? Some apps like Procreate have limits on the number of layers based on the canvas size, while other apps (like Medi Bang) seems to be much much more generous, allowing to import PSD files with a lot of layers correctly. How is the situation with Affinity Photo? Thanks for the kind attention!
  11. Ah, ok. It sounded too much strange.
  12. I should be interested to try the iOS version of Affinity Photo on my iPAd Air 2. So, given that I can't use the Apple Pencil, I'm wondering if the app supports other pressure sensitive styluses like mine (Adonit Jot Touch 4) and its pressure sensitive and palm rejection features. Thanks for attention.