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  1. We're all complaining about this on this topic:
  2. Are there any news from developers on when will be available a fix to this problem? We professionals are swamped....
  3. I quote. At the beginning I thought it was a problem of the big file, but I've tried a blank new one and the problem is still there.
  4. I really hope that the developers will fix this issue as soon as possible. I'm having troubles with work for this. :-( If at least should be possible to restore the previous app version....
  5. No one have idea on how to fix this problem? I've noted also that there is a huge lag with strokes with Apple Pencil 2. In the previous version everything worked beautifully.....
  6. Unfortunately I've already tried this way, but without success.... On my iPad is running iOS 12.3.1 and I'm working with Apple Pencil 2. I can't figure out a setting more updated than this...
  7. If you have downloaded Affinity 1.7 for MAC, maybe you can tell me how to do it, because Affinity (the company)  keeps sending emails without download instructions and I can't find the download or see it on opening the app.  I'm not sure why they play these games, but their communication is poor.




  8. Hi to all! Finally I've just downloaded the 1.7 version and it looks fantastic, moreover with some very annoying bugs finally fixed! But there's another problem: I'm working on an artwork in psd file format that with the previous Affinity Photo was loaded quickly and every pan and zoom on it was quick and smooth. Now with 1.7 the same file opens correctly bu when I pan and zoom it's very slower to load at the right resolution (just after the move operation the image became very pixelated and after a few seconds it is restored at the proper resolution. It seems almost that the iPad RAM is full or slower... I've tried also to export the same file in Affinity Photo format, but the behavior is exactly the same... Should have I to uninstall the app and to reinstall? Should I lost all my imported brushes and fonts in this way? Or could I back to the previous app version in some way? I'm using an iPad Pro 12,9" 2018 1TB. How is this possible? How can I fix this? I can't work in this condition... Thanks to everyone that will can help me!
  9. bilboudo

    Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?

    It’s true. At this point I’m really hoping on the near Potoshop CC on iPad....
  10. bilboudo

    Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?

    I add my request about this issue. Please dev team, fix this, it’s really frustrating!
  11. Oh, it's true! Thank you for the clarification. I cross my fingers for the customize option in future. Thanks!
  12. Hi to all! I'm wondering if hidden somewhere there is a menu where to turn on and set up the touch button of the Apple Pencil 2. If not, is there any chance to add this feature in future releases?
  13. Ok Gabriel, I really appreciate your thoughts. If anyone here in the forum have the 1tb model with 6gb of Ram and is willing to test Affinity Photo, please, let me know and I’ll can share the test file you. Thanks again!
  14. Thank you very much for the test! So the new processor seems to doesn't affect significantly the app performance.... In a theoretical line, could any increase of RAM improve the app performance in handlig such file size (I'm not so hardware expert to know such thing....)? Or is it a limit due to the whole mobile device?