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  1. bilboudo

    Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?

    It’s true. At this point I’m really hoping on the near Potoshop CC on iPad....
  2. bilboudo

    Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?

    I add my request about this issue. Please dev team, fix this, it’s really frustrating!
  3. Oh, it's true! Thank you for the clarification. I cross my fingers for the customize option in future. Thanks!
  4. Hi to all! I'm wondering if hidden somewhere there is a menu where to turn on and set up the touch button of the Apple Pencil 2. If not, is there any chance to add this feature in future releases?
  5. Ok Gabriel, I really appreciate your thoughts. If anyone here in the forum have the 1tb model with 6gb of Ram and is willing to test Affinity Photo, please, let me know and I’ll can share the test file you. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you very much for the test! So the new processor seems to doesn't affect significantly the app performance.... In a theoretical line, could any increase of RAM improve the app performance in handlig such file size (I'm not so hardware expert to know such thing....)? Or is it a limit due to the whole mobile device?
  7. Thank you very much for your help! At least I can see if the new processor can affect performances in some way. Unfortunately I can't upload the file I've mentioned due to undisclosure agrrements with my client, but I've tried to replicate moe or less the same situation with another one: same canvas size, same dpi, roughly same number of layers. The file size although is lesser (460 mb instead of 1,5 GB, due to more simple images, I've drafted chaotic lines for quickness), but trying to open it on my iPad Pro 10,5" takes about 5 minutes and once opened the situation is the same: the app is unable to rendering the proper resolution, keeping a lot lower, and I can't hide or affect any layer. I'm uploading the file right now, although I suppose it will be a long process. Let me know and thanks again!
  8. Thanks GabrielM for the kind reply. I wouldn’t sound boring, but I really need a reply on this topic in order to make the proper decision for my near purchase. I’ll try to explain more in detail my situation, hoping to help someone to reply to this topic. Currently I’m working on a MacBook Pro Retina with Photoshop, to make huge artwork files with a lot of layers. In mobility I’m working on a iPad Pro 10,5” (256 GB SSD, 4GB of RAM) with Affinity Photo, which is the only app that better meets my needs. In the specific case, I have a PSD huge file size (1,5 GB file size, 7000x4200px, 400 dpi, CMYK) with really a lot of layers (about 160, between drawings, filters and adjustment layers) that understandably Affinity Photo on iPad take about 5 minutes to open and when it does the image shows all the layers, but at very low resolution (the pixels shown are very big, as if it isn’t able to render properly the image at right resolution). Moreover I can’t do anything at the image (use brushes or other tools, not to hide and shows layers), because I suppose, the file is too huge to be managed by the app. Now I’m wondering if the new iPad Pro 2018 12,6” (with 1TB SSD, 6GB of RAM and a more powerful processor) could improve the experience on Affinity Photo with such huge file, making possible to work on it properly, or if the extra RAM and powerful processor will not affect in any way its performances. I hope someone will help me to understand. Thanks for the attention. I wouldn't sound boring, but I should really need this information in order to make the proper decision on my future purchase. I'll try to describe my situation more accurately, hoping this could help someone to reply to this topic. Currently I'm working on a Macbook Pro Retina with Photoshop, where usually I make huge artwork files with a loto of layers. In mobility I'm using an iPad Pro 10,5" (256 GB, 4gb RAM) with Apple Pencil and Affinity Photo, that currently is the app that meets better my needs on the iPad. I love it because is the only one app that allow me to import huge PSD files in CMYK mode and let me shift between Affinity Photo on iPad Pro to Photoshop on Macbook Pro without any problem. More or less.... because a huge file like a 7000x4200 px at 400 dpi in CMYK mode (
  9. Anyone do have idea if to shift from iPad Pro 10,5" to the new iPad Pro 2018 with 1tb and 6gb Ram could improve the Affinity Photo performances and its ability to manage psd file of about 1,5 gb of size?
  10. I read that the last model of iPad Pro 2018 has a different amount of Ram depending on the storage size: the 1TB HD model has 6 GB of Ram. Currently I'm using Affinity Photo on an iPad Pro 2017 (with 4GB of Ram) and it really suffers with huge PSD files with a lot of layers. I'm wondering if the same huge files could be managed more efficiently by Affinity Photo on the new iPad Pro 2018 with 6GB of Ram, or if this means nothing on the app performance. Thanks for the attention.
  11. In the last few updates I really hoped that this bug would be resolved, but unfortunately it's still there. Is there any chance that sooner or later the developers will fix this really annoying problem? Please, let me know.
  12. I suppose that if I uninstall the app I will lose also every brush and font imported and any setting, right? I would like to avoid to lose all the settings (the files are all saved in my macbook), but if it could give some results, I’ll try it. However should be a problem if every tot works I should have to unistall the app and redo every setting.....
  13. hi to all. I’m using an iPad Pro 10,5” with iOS 12 (not beta), yesterday updated to 12.1. I’ve purchased this wonderful app since about a month and I’m using it intensively all the day for work making artworks for print (CMYK, file size about 4000x4000 px @400dpi with a good number of layers, file size about 108 mb). Everything worked fine and smoothly until yesterday, when the app starting lagging with a work responding to the specifics noted above. It seems that the app doesn’t have enouh ram (but it’s only a my guess) because when I zoom in and out the image takes about a second or two to show it properly scaled. Also when I select a different brush menu it takes a few seconds to load and display it. Every time I zoom or pan the image I have to wait a few seconds to make a stroke. All this is starting to happen just yesterday, after an entire month where I worked wonderfully and without any lag with other files roughly of the same size. What could have been happened? And most important: how could I fix this issue? is there any “cache” to clean anywhere or something else? Thanks for the attention.
  14. bilboudo

    Gestures set to touch only in tools still erases?

    Me too very interested in the fix of this bug. To work is becoming frustrating. The app really fantastic and wonderful for professional work, but please, fix this problem as soon as possible! Is there any chance to know when will be released the next update with this (and others) bugs fixed? Many thanks for the hard work!!!