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  1. Hello, I'm using Affinity Photo for iPad and considering the use of the Keyboard shortcuts. Should be very very useful to can change the Persona with a keyboard shortcut, in order to avoid to ping pong continually here and there on the iPad screen. Moreover should be really useful to access via keyboard to the Transform options Please, consider to add this feature in the next update! Thanks so much for the attention.
  2. Ok, thanks for the confirmation. Should be very very useful to can change the Persona with a keyboard shortcut, n order to avoid to ping pong continually here and there on the iPad screen. Please, consider to add this feature in the next update! Thanks. :-)
  3. It's funny: I'm using the Italian version and in the Keyboard Shortcut list there's all, but not the Selection Persona.... I suppose it's a bug to fix. Is there also a Shortcut to pass from Phot Persona to Select Persona?
  4. Wonderful, all these works perfectly. In the built -in guide they're not noted. Just another key question: is there any keyboard shortcut to shift from Photo Persona to Selection Persona, avoiding to select them directly form the UI? This will speed up a lot my workflow....
  5. No, unfortunately I think that the desktop and iPad apps works differently.
  6. Hi to all. I'm trying to use a keyboard with Affinity Photo iPad, but I've noticed that there isn't any shortcut for any selection tool. Is it right, or am I missing something? Is there any way to set up personalized shortcuts?
  7. Wonderful! Thank you so much to have spent time to make the test! So this evening I'll try the update to iPad OS with less fear. Thanks again, too much gentle!
  8. Uh, I understand. I don't use Designer, but only Photo. Please, should you be willing to spent a little time (very little) in order to create a file in Photo with lot of layers (A4 size or so) in order to test it quickly? Even a copy/past of a lot of photos/pics from the web in different layers, without waste time to draw or so, just to see how the app reacts. This would help me a lot, but I understand if you shouldn't have time.
  9. Thanks summersara! I work on Affinity Photo on iPad using .PSD files charged on iPad using iTunes and open them on the iPad through the File app. Reading your experience, all seems to work fine without lags or other issues that was present in the 1.7.1. even with files with a medium/high number of layers (which is my case). Do you confirm this?
  10. Anyone else have suggestions if to update to iPad OS or to wait, in order to keep Affinity Photo working as properly as after the last update to 1.7.2? I would need some new features from the new iPad OS (13), but I'm scared to back to have Affinity Photo unusable (digital art) due to some incompatibility with the new OS... Please...
  11. Which kind of problems? are they in every iPad Pro model? I have an iPad Pro 12,9” 2018, 6gb ram.
  12. Hi to all! Today after a long wait (at least for me) should be released iPadOS and I'm wondering, before to risk the update, if the 1.7.2 build of Affinity Photo for iPad is safe from bugs or issues or if I can update to iPadOs safely. This because I'm just happy that the 1.7.2 build fixed the problems raised in the update process from 1.6 to 1.7, and I would like to avoid to back to have this app broken due to compatibility issues with the new iPadOS. Thanks to everyone who will be willing to reply. ^_^
  13. Time ago I’ve tried to apply to the beta program but I never was contacted by Serif to get the code to access to the beta version through the TestFlight app. I would more than happy (and totally in my interest) to test the beta version, if only it would be possible.
  14. Is there any E.T.A about the new Affinity Photo iPad update that will fix the problems of the 1.7.1 build? Is it possible to get it before the iPad OS release? Or is it plnned for that time?
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