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  1. Pffff.... glad to read that more people have issues with AP. I’m working at the iPad Pro with AP 1.7.0135 and I’m very pleased with this programm but today is was a desaster. I wasn’t able to upload my work to the Cloud, the upload wheel kept turning and the only thing I could do was to close AP. After restarting AP I lost the changes I made. After a few try outs at last the file was in the Cloud. At resizing an item the layer freezes while the rectangle is at the new place but the resized item is still at the old place. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say. I’m sure AP will fix this and than I’m happy again with this wonderful programm. Thank you!
  2. Maybe I misunderstand you but all my work I save it by “export” and choose where I want to locate the file. (Mostly in the Cloud.) When I want to change the file I’ll choose at de screen New Document the button “From iCloud” and download it. I never use “save”. Working with Affinity Photo at the iPad Pro 12”.
  3. Made in Affinity Photo at the iPad Pro. Thank you guys for this wonderful programn. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from the Netherlands!
  4. Ashcat_

    Move layer

    Has there be a certain time to replace it again?
  5. Ashcat_

    Move layer

    Yes, the two finger tap lift it up, so the layer is at his old place again, but when I want to drag it again to right the place below it will not move.
  6. Ashcat_

    cannot select and move an object

    Beware of it: this solution is for Affinity Designer NOT Affinity Photo!! So I hope de developers will fix it for Photo too!!!
  7. Ashcat_

    Move tool keeps transforming

    I have the same problem but in Aff. Photo. This tip will not work in Photo, I have to zoom in and tip the object with the pencil, than I can move it.
  8. Ashcat_

    Move layer

    Hi, I have a little problem and maybe one of you can give me the solution, I work with the iPod Pro, with iOS 12. I work with layers and sometimes I need to replace a layer. I activate the layer and drag it down to the right place. So far so good. But if I drag the layer and accidentely put it at a wrong place (down) and need to put it back (above) I cann’t drag it up. So the layers stucks at the wrong place. Anybody????
  9. Ashcat_

    Shape only with a line

    Thank you guys, you're amazing helpers!!! I did it.....
  10. Ashcat_

    Shape only with a line

    Thanks for the video but this is for Affinity Designer, I work with Affinity Photo amd at the iPad Pro. Regards Ashcat
  11. Hi, today I used the heart shape in Affinity Photo at my iPad Pro. When I use the shapes I only get them colored but I like to have a line/contour of the shape. I cann't find it to change the shape. Is this possible? If so, how can I draw a shape with only a line?
  12. Hi there, for a project I do need to draw some Chinese words, in caracters it is. For some reason I cann't find the correct brush. I know it can be done with pressure of the pen but I want the caracters more with 'vector based' lines. Is that possible?
  13. Can I add shapes (.csh) to Affinity Photo for the iPad Pro? I have several shapes in the iCloud and I like to use them in Affinity. Is that possible?
  14. Ashcat_

    Free Brush Set for Sketching

    For iPad Pro? How can I download them and add them to AP for the iPad?
  15. Ashcat_

    Fractal in AP iPad

    Still learning AP at the iPad and I discover a lot! But there are so many questions...... Anyway, sometimes a question solves itself by working and playing and if not, I'll search at this forum or I'll ask you guys. This fractal was a study to see what is possible with AP. I did figured out how to work with rectangle tools and the layers but not how to rotate and resize my layer in % so I did every layer with assessment. (At the iMac it is cntr/alt/cmd + T and set the % of height and rotation.) The result: