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  1. Thanks for your responses. Comcast lost some of my license emails in a backup folder in 2017. Its under my Affinity account. Finally found it in the App Store under "Updates". iPad updated with no problem. All I ask is the company repeat the instructions for future updates in their initial email to customers. , i.e. "Where To Look". That will save a lot of frustration, especially for seniors like me.
  2. You keep sending out update notices without ever telling your customers where to download the software. Look, its not under my account and its not popping up when I load Affinity Photo for Mac. I want you to communicate at a level above preschool so I can do the download. Is that so hard?
  3. If you have downloaded Affinity 1.7 for MAC, maybe you can tell me how to do it, because Affinity (the company)  keeps sending emails without download instructions and I can't find the download or see it on opening the app.  I'm not sure why they play these games, but their communication is poor.




  4. I’m still trying to find someone who can tell me where exactly I can find the link. I didn’t see it so it’s not obvious. Let’s try to make it simple. Which area of the screen is it located? Top left etc?
  5. Developer claims link to free content on opening screen of 1.6. I don’t see it. Anyone care to communicate the location clearly so we can find it.
  6. Is anyone going to answer the correct question? Is the book Affinity Photo Workbook in English?
  7. YouTube tutorials and others are using the "Cloud" to pull photos into Affinity Photo for iPad. This raises a lot of confusion because Mac and iOS users have two different Cloud areas to choose from and Photos in iOS are stored in the Photos folder in iCloud. In addition to Apple's "iCloud" and "iCloud" Drive we have many other cloud services like "Drop Box" and "Adobe's Cloud". Some Cloud space is free and some requires added cost. I haven't found a clear explanation of Affinity's use of the word "Cloud". Can you please explain which Cloud's you support for photos and what
  8. First, I am disappointed I have to post this question to the world because Affinity has no support email. I need to know what Raw processing is supported in the iPad App?
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