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  1. Aha. A search didn't reveal this forum post to me. Thanks for letting me know!
  2. Hi, it may have been there forever, and it could be that I now see it because I've changed the Accent Colour on my Mac, but what is the Select New Object selection box in the contextual toolbar for shapes about?
  3. In the meantime, you can create a shape with the Pen tool and then convert it to a Text Frame. You can then use the Node tool to make the text wrap around your image of choice, like below. Maybe not as dynamic as real wrapping around an image, but it may do the job.
  4. In the layers panel you can see that the text frame of the first paragraph starts with 'iThe first section o…'. It looks like this initial 'i' (which probably's not supposed to be there at all) is formatted as an extreme subscript or some other strange formatting.
  5. Not sure they're going to implement this in Designer, but you could raise an enhancement request.
  6. Did you use the frame text tool? When I do that, there is text wrapping. Or is this about something else?
  7. I also prefer the consistency, but we should keep in mind that functions may have different importance, based on the app you're in. E.g. Toggle Quick Mask or Enhancement are important for Photo while Geometry is important for Designer.
  8. If they're pixel layers, I believe this could be a workaround for merging them: First Group them, followed by a Rasterise… of the Group. The result basically is a merge of the pixel layers in the Group.
  9. Aha. That makes sense. Indeed a little bit poorly worded, but if you look carefully at the dash after (XLSX), it is still correct. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. See the attached screenshot. Is this correct? According to the technical specs of Publisher you can place various types of spreadsheets, including Apple Numbers. In my case the Numbers files can't be selected - they remain greyed out.
  11. Well, at least there's hope this is going to work, eventually. In the meantime I think there's no need to flag my little Mac trick as 'obsolete'. 😀
  12. That would be great, but I haven't seen that behaviour happen. I would expect to see entries, in my case, such as: Studio Presets > Default. And that's exactly the reason why I came with this workaround. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi Jim, What you could do to solve this is setup a system with equidistance horizontal guides. Go to View - Guides Manager… to do this.
  14. Hallo Alex, Sie werden als Assets verfügbar (Ansicht - Studio - Assets, um sie auf der linken Seite der Benutzeroberfläche sichtbar zu machen). Es gibt eine neue Kategorie "Rain Overlays by Paper Farms". Ziehen Sie einfach das gewünschte Objekt in Ihre Leinwand.
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