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  1. Welcome to 2018!
  2. I'm curious to find out what is meant with this...
  3. Add a fill layer above in the desired colour. Set blend mode to somethings like Screen, or Add.
  4. In the meantime, Serif themselves have produced a tutorial around this topic.
  5. It's a nice effect. I've created a macro that kind of does this. Orton Effect.afmacro
  6. Could it be that the Below layer is of the type 'image'? If that's the case, rasterise first.
  7. I can confirm this behaviour, but it's not related tot he beta version. The Live Perspective filter doesn't seem to be the most stable tool one can find in AP. Would be nice if the Serif guys could put some extra effort in improving this. And yes, i also tend to switch off the grid as a first step when using the filter.
  8. Photoshop is the equivalent of Affinity Photo, while Illustrator is the equivalent of Affinity Designer. The move tool will be improved in Designer 1.7. Therefore, I wouldn't compare this to Photoshop. Affinity Photo does have a free transform tool. Not sure how it compares to the one of Photoshop.
  9. Creatie a macro w. default setting?
  10. Yes, i've seen it in a number of other places.
  11. Thanks for sharing your macros, smadell. I love gradient maps and i'm certainly going to play with your macros.
  12. I think this topic is related to my earlier entry.
  13. In many cases, when i use the Live Perspective Filter, AP produces distorted results. This has been the case in older versions, and i somehow hoped it would be resolved in 1.6. This didn't happen though, the problem is still there. I've added an image to show what i mean as well as a zip file which contains the various steps i've taken. One of these steps includes zooming out. It makes you think that there's no problem, but when i then export the image i get exactly the distortion i've had before. Perspective.zip By the way, it looks like this happens when you distort outside of the boundaries of the layer you want to apply the perspective to.
  14. Have a look at the tab headings. They're hardly readable due to too low contrast.
  15. This is one i would expect to be resolved before GA. Still there in GM.