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  1. Creatie a macro w. default setting?
  2. Thanks for sharing your macros, smadell. I love gradient maps and i'm certainly going to play with your macros.
  3. I think this topic is related to my earlier entry.
  4. In many cases, when i use the Live Perspective Filter, AP produces distorted results. This has been the case in older versions, and i somehow hoped it would be resolved in 1.6. This didn't happen though, the problem is still there. I've added an image to show what i mean as well as a zip file which contains the various steps i've taken. One of these steps includes zooming out. It makes you think that there's no problem, but when i then export the image i get exactly the distortion i've had before. Perspective.zip By the way, it looks like this happens when you distort outside of the boundaries of the layer you want to apply the perspective to.
  5. Have a look at the tab headings. They're hardly readable due to too low contrast.
  6. This is one i would expect to be resolved before GA. Still there in GM.
  7. I noticed that, in the Gradient Map popup window, the Delete button is misaligned. See image. and, in addition, it looks like the Opacity box and the Blend Mode box are also slightly misaligned.
  8. How about SaaS, Software as a Service?
  9. Mac App Store is the only place for updates. Easy to be always up to date with the latest version.
  10. It's easy to suggest to make something an option, but be aware that two additional on/off options lead to four times the possible outcomes of the working of the software. All this on top of what's already available. For the developer it means many more test situations.
  11. Don't the [ and ] keys do the job?
  12. You're right that this inconsistency doesn't make sense, rafikiphoto.
  13. I don't believe this has been reported. I noticed a couple of times that, when you use the color picker (not the tool in the toolbar, but the little eye dropper from the color pane), the magnifying glass isn't closed and remains on the screen. I've added an example.
  14. I think the file format extension is .tiff. .tif comes from a MS Dos limitation (max 8.3). On Mac at least there are many extensions longer than 3 characters, including .afphoto and .afdesign.