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  1. This is what I had in mind … (not sure if it's the most efficient one, it contains a duplicate layer, maybe unnecessary). Centre Blur.afphoto
  2. Ctrl+Click also on Mac (so not Cmd+Click and not Ctrl+Double Click (as I myself suggested earlier 😀)).
  3. Both my Macs have the same settings for trackpad usage (I consistently use tap to click; never a hard click), but guess what? On the first Mac I can now also use single click with the Control key. Totally beats me. So, assuming it keeps working like this, I withdraw my original conclusion that a Control+Double Click was needed. Will share it if the alternative behaviour returns (which I don't expect and hope 😃). Sorry for the confusion caused.
  4. I tried on my other Mac and yes, there it uses the single click. Maybe one of the User Preferences (in Affinity or Mac System Preferences)?
  5. Looks like it's Control+Double Click on Mac. Can't get it to work with Cmd+Click.
  6. In the meantime, it would be nice if somebody could share the two magazines. I haven't been able to find them on my hard drive, somehow. Such a pity. 😥
  7. Objectively, the current model may be better but for some reason I also prefer to look forward to something that's released periodically.
  8. Actually, that's how Spotlight started, a pdf type of magazine one could download. Serif published two magazines before the switched to the current model.
  9. I haven't found it, if it's there. I don't bother too much since, when the list is open, you can move the underlying document to make the area you're interested in visible.
  10. On my Mac it's different. Although this could still mean it's an Affinity thing and not a Windows thing. Same in Affinity Photo by the way.
  11. 3D pie chart, the poorest possible chart type for any type of information. 😀
  12. Would be nice to have a background blur effect in Affinity products. In the meantime, here's a way you can simulate it with little effort. Background Blur Template.afdesign
  13. I suggest you remove the product key info asap. Just a little bit of more information (your email address) and everybody can make use of your license.
  14. In the meantime, there's the Cmd+W shortcut for closing a tab.
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