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  1. A small bug it seems. In Photo, in Preferences - User Interface, when you move the slider for Background Grey Level, nothing seems to happen. Only when you, for instance, switch between Dark and Light UI Style you will find out that the slider actually did work. The UI Gamma slider does work as expected.
  2. RNKLN

    New Icons Too Similar

    In the dock, the new icons are by far the ugliest (OK, it's an opinion). Maybe it has become time to flatten the previous icons a bit more, but i don't like what they have produced for 1.7. No need to be too similar to Adobe.
  3. I wanted to refine a mask using black/white brush (Basic - 16px, round brush) and noticed funny behaviour. Screenshots explain the issue the best.
  4. RNKLN

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Is this the place to let the developers know that you really don't like the new icons? And yes, i do like the new functionality offered in 1.7. So thanks very much for that!
  5. No problems on my side with the HSL dialog. It must be a combination of things. I'm also running Mojave.
  6. I got straight lines on my Mac by using Cmd+Shift clicking. Just a Shift didn't work. Normally, i'd use the Pen tool, though.
  7. RNKLN

    Perspective Grid

    Quite useful. Thanks for sharing. Note: it looks like one of them needs to be renamed into Descending Grid 5x5 (which can be done by right-clicking and selecting Rename Asset...).
  8. Maybe that this video will help. In the end, it's a matter of practicing so that you can do it yourself.
  9. RNKLN

    Background blur?

    What i saw was a blur layer with the blur in a fixed position and a rounded rectangle (of the same size) layer on top of it. When you move the two together it seems to make sense, but suppose you want to change the corner radius of the rounded rectangle?
  10. RNKLN

    Background blur?

    The above example doesn't look like a non-destructive edit.
  11. RNKLN

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.7 - Beta 3)

    I'm curious to find out what is meant with this...
  12. Add a fill layer above in the desired colour. Set blend mode to somethings like Screen, or Add.
  13. In the meantime, Serif themselves have produced a tutorial around this topic.