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  1. The problem is that, when i make a recording, the recording kind of crashes (when i stop recording nothing is saved). What i did notice while trying to record is that selecting a high Radius value (e.g. 800 px) seems to have a big impact. As long as that value is low there's not a real problem (just a little bit slow). As of a value of 200 px the performance really starts to deteriorate. I'm using images of an approx. 1080P size. Note: i've also noticed that my fan keeps running after this exercise, even after i have quit Affinity Photo (it's not there any longer in Activity Monitor). Normally, it will go back to 'silent state' after a while.
  2. Could it be that this one has been re-introduced with the 1.7.3 (or macOS Catalina) update? I see long lists of Noto Sans fonts i'm not interested in. By the way, macOS, so should be in another forum, but since this entry already exists...
  3. My experience so far is that, while it doesn't crash, it's horribly slow. Also, when i apply a mask to the filter in order to paint out some of the effect, the brushing behaviour is very poor.
  4. Given that 1.7.3 runs on Catalina, I think it's safe to assume that 1.8 Beta, once it is there, will also run on Catalina.
  5. RNKLN

    Mac beta 1.8 needed...

    The numbering suggests something a bit bigger, indeed.
  6. RNKLN

    Mac beta 1.8 needed...

    The numbering is interesting. Rather than going to 1.7.4 they've jumped to 1.8. At the same time some functionality is introduced in the Windows version which has been available in 1.7 for Mac, e.g. "Added Remove White Matte and Remove Black Matte to filters".
  7. Interesting suggestion, although my personal preference would be Apple Keynote output.
  8. Apart from that, suppose the adjustments will be ordered alphabetically, how about translations? Two options: again sort alphabetically, which means inconsistency between languages, or keep the original (English) sequence, in which case the sequence makes no sense again in the translated language.
  9. Ashley Hewson the CEO of Serif was in the Essential Apple podcast recently and talked, among other things, about support for IDML files. Here's a link.
  10. Indeed looks like a tutorial to me. Thanks.
  11. How about Window - Separated Mode?
  12. I think you simply place it. It may show as a single layer once placed but, when you double-click, it will open the file in its original app (at least, Affinity app, not sure about others like PS) showing all layers.

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