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  1. RNKLN

    Displacement Filter Results are not Smooth

    The AP Displacement Filter does a horrible job, it seems. The only good thing about it is the user interface (when compared to Adobe).
  2. I'm a Mac user. When i look at the way Apple's own apps, such as Keynote, handle this, it is exactly the same as AP/AD currently do. Save As is for Keynote format only. If you want to export to PowerPoint, PDF or other formats, you use Export To… I prefer the consistency of the platform.
  3. The Layers Studio of Pixelmator does look beautiful. I'm wondering though, how it behaves if you have many layers, including nested ones. It's always a trade off between recognisability (of individual layers) and room used (or waisted) for many layers. Having said that, it looks like there's room for improvement with the Affinity products. By the way, in the Pixelmator forums there's always been a lot of complaints regarding the 'blackness' of their GUI. It still looks very black (but beautiful).
  4. Hi Thomahawk, there's a checkbox 'Use Fill' in the contextual toolbar. Could that be the solution? I'm on Mac too. Could replicate the behaviour you described, but by simply clicking this checkbox it showed the fill colour.
  5. Hi, the actual url is remove.bg, not .bk. I've tried it and on first sight it looks like it's doing a good job. However, i noticed that images are being made smaller (dimension wise) than they originally were. It also creates fuzzy edges where it's not really needed (i can imaging the need when isolating hair or fabrics). So, for me at least, the current application is limited to quick edits. It is promising, though.
  6. RNKLN

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I changed the shortcut from Cmd-0 to Cmd+Ctrl-0. This solved the problem. Then i went back to Cmd-0. Still doesn't work.
  7. My experience with the Affinity Photo Perspective Filter (both live and regular) has always been so so. Often it does the desired job (and often it doesn't), but you always have to be careful in the way you use the tool. For instance: In versions prior to 1.7, i was only successful in applying a perspective when the deformation happened within the rectangle of the original. As soon as i enlarged it a little bit i got bad results (truncation of the deformed layer). Applying additional effects to the deformed image, like an inner shadow, also gave bad results quite often, again truncations. It looks like 1.7 produced better results when applying the perspective. I have been able to deform and enlarge at the same time. However, when applying an inner shadow it still behaves badly. I've added an example which shows that the inner shadow is applied, but only to the section within the original rectangle. Would be nice if the developers could make these filters rock solid.
  8. When you use the Live Gaussian Blur there's a Preserve Alpha checkbox (at least on Mac). See attachment. For some reason, it's not available with the destructive filter.
  9. Looks indeed like it's solved in .99
  10. A small bug it seems. In Photo, in Preferences - User Interface, when you move the slider for Background Grey Level, nothing seems to happen. Only when you, for instance, switch between Dark and Light UI Style you will find out that the slider actually did work. The UI Gamma slider does work as expected.
  11. RNKLN

    New Icons Too Similar

    In the dock, the new icons are by far the ugliest (OK, it's an opinion). Maybe it has become time to flatten the previous icons a bit more, but i don't like what they have produced for 1.7. No need to be too similar to Adobe.
  12. I wanted to refine a mask using black/white brush (Basic - 16px, round brush) and noticed funny behaviour. Screenshots explain the issue the best.
  13. RNKLN

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Is this the place to let the developers know that you really don't like the new icons? And yes, i do like the new functionality offered in 1.7. So thanks very much for that!
  14. No problems on my side with the HSL dialog. It must be a combination of things. I'm also running Mojave.