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  1. If it's a group of objects (like in the attached image) , you simply take one of the corners and drag. It will maintain aspect ratio.
  2. Agreed. I also never use the View/Hand tool and it makes sense for consistency sake.
  3. RNKLN

    Save Icon

    On the Mac you won't see many applications that have a Save icon in the toolbar. Not in Apple's own apps, nor in 3rd party apps. In the few cases you see one, it typically is something ported from Windows, i get the feeling.
  4. RNKLN

    Cropping overlay

    I couldn't replicate this on my Mac. In my case there's no overlay, e.g. None. Most likely this also was the setting i used in earlier betas.
  5. Thanks for this tip. An even more elegant solution than with a 50% gray layer. I’ve recorded a macro which makes this very easy to do. APh Macro ND Dodge and Burn via Curves Adjs.afmacro
  6. For some reason I don't see the All option in the Metadata panel, but in my situation (10.15 Catalina) at least it looks good.
  7. I have created a few custom presets which now are available in the My Presets tab of the New Document Panel. I've noticed the following behaviours, which I think could improve: After starting AP the Web tab of the Presets panel is showing by default. To me it makes more sense to show the My Presets tab by default, as soon as there's at least one custom preset. I also noticed that, when you navigate to the Templates vertical tab from any of the horizontal tabs (My Presets, Print etc) and then go back to the Presets vertical tab, you will see the Web tab again. It would make more sense to go back to the tab you came from (in my case My Presets) or, if this is not possible, back to the My Presets, which is the first one anyway. I also noticed that, when you collapse one of the sections on the right hand side of the New Document panel, it's no longer collapsed after a restart of AP. Would be nice if this could also persist.
  8. RNKLN

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    With the new unified toolbar, which leads to a more cramped row of tools, it would be nice if individual buttons for the various Personas could become available in the Customize Tools panel. For instance, i don't use raw processing and so far never have had the desire to use the Tone Mapping or Export persona. I could therefore save some space by omitting these buttons.
  9. Same crash as reported above with me. Adding a first separator seems to work. When I try to add a second separator nothing seems to happen. When I then click the close button AP crashes. By the way, i'm working with 10.15 Catalina. Also, after the crash, my new studio layout settings have reverted back to the default settings.
  10. And the More… button gives you even more control.
  11. I have no problems on my Mac. Must be a particular situation that's not working. What image type? What's the starting situation (already something on the canvas or not)?
  12. The most recently used folders will be visible in the folder drop down list under ‘recent places’. No need to search.
  13. I do the following (still a workaround, but non-destructive): Duplicate the layer Apply Levels adjustment, black all the way up to make it fully black Apply Gaussian Blur effect Move to bottom (if you not already took the bottom layer) and shift position It can even be used if the original image is under a certain angle or has a perspective filter applied (using Affinity Photo, probably).
  14. Apart from that, isn't it easier to simply apply a non-destructive sharpening to the base layer and that use the mask (which automatically comes as part of the non-destructive adjustment) to paint in or out?

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