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  1. If the title should be same as the file name, what is then the reason for having them as separate pieces of metadata?
  2. Just out of curiosity, is it possible to show what the Big Sur visual style improvements actually mean?
  3. For me both Radial Blur and Zoom Blur perfectly describe what the filters are doing. Would be nice of course to also have a non-destructive version of Zoom Blur.
  4. There already is a non-destructive perspective transformation in Affinity Photo. Layer - New Live Filter Layer - Distort - Perspective.
  5. I can confirm that it is there in Affinity Designer for Mac (latest version). Press and hold CMD + Right Click. Without the Press and hold CMD you get the contextual menu.
  6. Yes, absolutely something the Serif people should put in a (not too far away) future version.
  7. Could it be that i've seen this ground breaking new functionality (or at least something coming close) in Logoist 4?
  8. I don't see how they can get this to work, but i would certainly appreciate it. 👍
  9. It looks like it works for individual objects. If you have multiple, you can take the biggest ones and drag the other objects into the canvast of that biggest one. Probably, it won't work in complex situations.
  10. You can do it in two steps, i believe. Step 1: Layer - Convert Object to Artboard Step 2: Layer - Convert Artboard to Object
  11. This is what Apple started with when they introduced the upcoming transition (see the image about Performance vs Power Consumption). However, they also showed in image discussing various other aspects of how Apple Silicon is different from off-the-shelf chips from Intel or other manufacturers. Many of the things in the end translate to performance gains or power consumption gains, but it is also about security and probably other things.
  12. So far, there's not a single indication that that's going to happen. And, if that's what Apple has in mind, they could have done it long ago when they opened the app store. No need to wait for Apple Silicon.
  13. Apple has never mentioned ARM. They've talked about Apple Silicon, consistently. The transition encompasses much more than simple moving to an ARM architecture. The WWDC Keynote and Platform State of the Union presentations provide more details (although not really a lot).
  14. Did you use the Export dialog (via File - Export…), or did you maybe use Save As and change the extension to .png or .jpeg?
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