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  1. i like the initiative, KORBA.CA. Thanks!
  2. I ran into this one (an empty layer row beneath the layer called 'Base'). I think it happened when i collapsed a Group layer, but i also noticed funny behaviour when simply adding layers, i.e. a text layer in one of the groups. PS. This originally was an imported .psd file with smart layers in it.
  3. Have you tried typing in the box? I know that it is possible for many sliders to type the desired value. There's even a tutorial available which explains it.
  4. I noticed something when using the Impainting Brush Tool. When i take the steps below, the tool doesn't do its work. Taking the same steps in the AppStore version does give the desired result (i.e. arm erased). Add a pixel layer on top of the layer you'd like to retouch Select the Impainting Brush Tool, take a Basic brush and select Current Layer & Below in the Options bar Paint on the area you'd like to retouch. I've added images of the result. One with all layers selected, one with just the pixel layer selected. Anyone in the forum who can re-create this?
  5. I never bothered to put the inner and outer stroke on top of one another and increase the stroke width. I also never realised that you can simply enter a formula to go from a percentage to an angle. Very good idea!
  6. For everybody looking for a great photoshop clone I recommend this site
  7. First, @MBd thanks for sharing the tutorials. In the Hair Colour tutorial i saw the guy copy a mask from one layer to another by Alt-dragging. I couldn't get this to work in Affinity Photo. Anybody knows what would be the AP action to get the same result?
  8. Quite nice, Tamauro!
  9. It's up to the developer to prioritize. We can vote with our wallets.
  10. Looks like this nothing new... http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/photo/plugins-support/
  11. There's a separate entry about this issue in the 'Photo Beta on Mac' folder. Also, have a look at a entry higher up in this conversation, which includes a link.
  12. Looks like there's a bug in 1.6B6 in the Cornering tool. I'm using the Beta on a Mac.
  13. Hi Bri-Toon. Thanks for trying to help. My steps: Create a Pentagon using the Polygon tool Increase the number of corners/sides from 5 to 6 Select the Corner tool Select all corners Apply the rounding using the Tool options bar In the meantime, i've noticed that, even when i keep the Pentagon, one of the corners (the top corner) remains sharp despite being selected. Image attached.
  14. I was trying to smooth the corners of a hexagon by selecting all corners and applying the cornering tool. I noticed that the behaviour was not consistent for all 6 corners. For 5 out of 6 (or 8, which i also tested) the cornering is consistent. For the remaining corner(s) the radius is only partially applied. I've attached some images to show what i mean (in the hexagon, the bottom left corner has a smaller radius, in the octagon three corners have a smaller radius). AD 1.6 Beta 6 (oops, i just noticed that i posted this in the wrong category)
  15. [ and ] for decrease and increase