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  1. unless it isn't, in which case you have to click away the just popped-up panel.
  2. I have no problems. Must be something specific to your situation. I use Typeface 2 and have my fonts in a folder somewhere in my folder structure at user level. When i open a AD/APh file with a font that's not activated, Typeface 2 activates it on the fly and the font becomes available in Affinity. Maybe it's better to raise this question in the Affinity on Desktop Questions forum. It may give more responses.
  3. Maybe Artboards in stead of Pages? If that's the case, there's an icon in the Tools panel to create them.
  4. Probably has to do with that the beta is older than the latest MacOS version (did you upgrade to 1.8.6 already). I don't have the latest 1.9 beta installed, currently, but previous versions ran on Catalina without problem (other than the problems you could expect in a beta).
  5. If you want to be helped by forum members i suggest you don't come with this type of nonsense statements.
  6. You can of course also simply use the menu's on top of the screen. Filter - Distort - Perspective or Layer - New Live Filter Layer - Distort - Perspective. Easy to find for everyone who's used this type of software before.
  7. I would draw a 2nd smaller rectangle, apply a Gaussian blur effect (as well as maybe some other effects, e.g. perspective) and put it behind the original.
  8. How about using the rounded rectangle shape whereby you then increase the curve radius?
  9. Thanks for sharing, @Old Bruce. I didn't know this existed. I tried to use this to also change the default for the gradient tool to a white-to-black one, rather than white-to-grey. The problem is that every vector shape you create from then on will be filled with a white-to-black gradient. I then changed to a full white fill as a default, hoping that somehow the white-to-black gradient would also persist in the background as a default for when you use the gradient tool, but nope. Any suggestions?
  10. Or, you could select both layers and select the Subtract button in the toolbar (when you press the Alt-key (at least on Mac, probably same on Windows) while selecting Substract, you can always go back and make changes to both text and rectangle).
  11. I have checked with Apple Keynote; three presentations in one window with tabs, one presentation in a separate window. Apple shows the names of all 4 presentations in the Window menu, so they're not consistent.
  12. I don't know what to expect from the Studio Presets. Update: i've downloaded the beta and played with them.This is a nice new feature. Would be even nicer if you could create a shortcut which brings up a particular preset, so that it's really easy to switch (what is offered currently is already appreciated, though).
  13. It looks like the background layer is locked. Could it be that?
  14. When you want to destructively desaturate, you can use Cmd+U to bring up the HSL Adjustments layer, drag the S slider to the left and click the merge button. It's quick and applies to background layers too.
  15. It also seems that other people are switching to Affinity products from other software.
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