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  1. Buttons for New, Open etc. are not very Apple macOS like, i believe. The only applications where i see that are Windows apps having been ported to macOS.
  2. For that price they better do. Would be nice to have it in AD though.
  3. Question: why are the new beta's not recognised when i use the Check for Updates menu item in the current beta of AD? I prefer that option because it's so much faster than downloading the whole beta file. If it works, of course. This has happened quite a few times already, so i'm wondering why.
  4. Ideally, Affinity for Android would come for free with data mining and targeted advertising included.
  5. Hi, i found that you can save the Appearances as styles. The only thing though is that, when you apply this style to a new object, it forgets the details. For instance, i've saved a style whereby i have two gradients, one from top to bottom and one from left to right (and use the 'Overlay' blend mode). When i now apply this new style to a new object, they're both from left to right. Of course you can change it with a few clicks but it would be nice if it worked flawlessly. Here's the idea...
  6. Well, apparently it took Photoshop about 6 years to come with this feature. Affinity Photo has been on the market less than 4 years...
  7. RNKLN

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Colors look bright on my machine (2013 MacBook Pro, Mojave). Could be a High Sierra thing, or something else...
  8. RNKLN

    AP icon suggestion

    AP Icon.afdesignI thought by myself: 'let's give it a try'. I've seen a number of complaints about the new icons, but no attempt for an alternative. Hence this try. AP Icon.afdesign
  9. In versions prior to 1.7 (in Beta) it is necessary to rasterise an image layer first. When you forget to do this, the inpainting tool doesn't work.
  10. RNKLN

    Displacement Filter Results are not Smooth

    The AP Displacement Filter does a horrible job, it seems. The only good thing about it is the user interface (when compared to Adobe).
  11. I'm a Mac user. When i look at the way Apple's own apps, such as Keynote, handle this, it is exactly the same as AP/AD currently do. Save As is for Keynote format only. If you want to export to PowerPoint, PDF or other formats, you use Export To… I prefer the consistency of the platform.
  12. The Layers Studio of Pixelmator does look beautiful. I'm wondering though, how it behaves if you have many layers, including nested ones. It's always a trade off between recognisability (of individual layers) and room used (or waisted) for many layers. Having said that, it looks like there's room for improvement with the Affinity products. By the way, in the Pixelmator forums there's always been a lot of complaints regarding the 'blackness' of their GUI. It still looks very black (but beautiful).
  13. Hi Thomahawk, there's a checkbox 'Use Fill' in the contextual toolbar. Could that be the solution? I'm on Mac too. Could replicate the behaviour you described, but by simply clicking this checkbox it showed the fill colour.
  14. Hi, the actual url is remove.bg, not .bk. I've tried it and on first sight it looks like it's doing a good job. However, i noticed that images are being made smaller (dimension wise) than they originally were. It also creates fuzzy edges where it's not really needed (i can imaging the need when isolating hair or fabrics). So, for me at least, the current application is limited to quick edits. It is promising, though.