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  1. Has the "select by colour" function been added to the current 1.9 beta?
  2. It would be nice if interested people could Like @FilipK's feature request so that it gets more attention from the Affinity team, and/or that an Affinity developer comments on plans / feasibility.
  3. Thanks for the workaround, but I still suggest Affinity to implement this feature.
  4. One could also imagine a different behaviour of the Ressource Manager which would relink all files in the same folder, and not pictures one by one.
  5. Hi @walt.farrell I partly disagree (and partly agree): when you have selected several spreads, the "Spread Setup" dialog should default to "selected spreads" and not "current spread" (which it does on my Mac using Af Pub 1.8.3). LEB
  6. Agreed but this is still a bug and the transformation should apply to all spreads using the sequence I indicated 😉
  7. Yes unfortunately, using 1.8.3 and with the French localization: - I select all pages of a document under the "Pages" panel - In the top menu, I select Fichier [File] / Configuration de la plange [Page configuration] and change the format - The format is only changed for the first selected page instead of all selected pages. LEB
  8. It seems that the same undesirable behavior also affects other parameters such as here, the color of the contour of the images. One is white, the other black, yet upon selection of both, the color of the first selected is retained as color of the contour for both, as illustrated in the attached mp4 😉 movie. Bug_contour.mp4
  9. Nota: In fact, I used VLC to convert the movie because it offers more options than Quicktime for smaller files… and the normal extension would have been .mp4.
  10. Hi @GarryP Thank you very much for this advice, I will do as you suggest in the future. It is also because I expected people reading articles about bugs under MacOS... to be under MacOS, but that was not quite true. I hope the indicated unexpected behaviour will be fixed.
  11. Paragraph fields are not practical when the selected text has different parameter values. In the attached video, parts of the selected text have a different line height. However, when the whole text is selected, the corresponding field is not empty but displays "0 pt". I think this is an undesirable behavior that can considerably lengthen the search for discrepancies in the text parameters. Bug_paragraph_small.mov
  12. Hi @garrettm30 I updated to 8.1.2 and tested using Metal and OpenGL. The glitch is still present. This was with 8.1.2 on MacOS 10.14.6. My videocard is a Radeon Pro Vega 16 4 GB.
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