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  1. I see. Yet, this would be an export option. Features are also lost when I export an AFPUB doc as an image
  2. Personally, I much prefer to use AFPUB rather than PP to generate presentations because of the better ability to place thinner images, layer effects, font and image control, etc. And I do not use transitions / animations, which I usually find useless. I think AFPUB > PPTX is much better than AFPUB > PDF > PPTX because there will certainly be loss of some of the information during the 2 steps of file conversion, as we already see during the PDF > AFPUB conversion, despite the incredibly good work done by Affinity's staff.
  3. I agree. However, I imagine it is probably easier to implement the export to XML PPTX format of a well-structured document than to implement vector mesh warp and other requests.
  4. Hi haakoo, Despite my teaching skills ;-), I doubt I can convince an entire community to abandon PPT immediately, although I agree that this can be done at the team/lab level. Yes, one can copy parts of a PDF, but then it is uneditable... or the formatting is lost, which may not be the initial intention.
  5. Hi fde101 and GarryP, As a scientist, I have used Quark XPress, InDesign and now I am following the trend towards Affinity Publisher to produce thousands of "Powerpoint" presentations. For me, presenting from a PDF is simply ideal and I personally do not need anything more for my own presentations. The only limitation to this practice is that many colleagues I work with will never use or share my content if I am not able to generate a PPT file from which they can copy slides. This is why I liked John-W's suggestion. LEB
  6. Hi Stefan, My own process using Affinity Publisher: - either export the PPT to PDF and open the file, or just cut and paste content, - unzip the PPTX file (sic), delete all except the ppt/media folder. - replace integrated images by links to the images inside this folder. Hope this helps, LEb
  7. Hi all, Since the first edition of Indesign and switching to Affinity Publisher when the beta was released, I have been using them to generate my presentations quasi exclusively. And I love it! I am making typically 1 new presentation a week and am fond of the way these software allow a far better use of styles, fine image placement, still visual effects. I am not using any animation (but often find them more distracting than useful). I am exporting to PDF and this is always ok where I have to talk. Of course it would be even simpler if Publisher: - had a way to switch directly to presentation view mode for tests rather than the sequence discussed in other posts, - could export to PPT files - could import movies ... but it is already great as it is and I never regret PowerPoint. LEb
  8. Hi, Using Publisher, under the "Studio" on Paragraphs [FR : paragraphe], spacings are indicated wrongly with a colon instead of a comma such as in: [20;4 pt] or [1;5] which is very confusing. LB
  9. LEB

    Apostrophe et police Symbol

    Le problème est de nouveau présent avec la 1.7.2 !

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