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  1. Yes. Maybe, if you have an empty pixel layer active (above another layer) and you select the Inpainting tool, then automatically use "Current Layer & Below".
  2. Thanks! I had actually done this, but at that moment I didn't realize that the default setting when opening such a document is to not show the transparent background. It was a matter of going to Document Setup… and activating the Transparent Background setting. By the way, Preview and Quicklook show a white background when opening the .pdf, unlike the .png where they indeed show a greyish background. Regardless, my problem is solved (or indeed didn't really exist). Thanks, also for all other suggestions (and no, i'm not using Adobe Acrobat Reader since Preview does everything i need (but displaying the checkered background 😀)!
  3. Hi, i have quite the opposite situation as the original poster. When I export to a .png the background is transparent, but when i export to .pdf (either file - export or export persona) the pdf-file has a white background (not just when it opens in Preview but also when I look at it via macOS Quicklook). No difference between 'Selection Only' export and 'Whole Document'. The exported layer contains a vector object only. Suggestions are appreciated! I'm on version 2.4 in the meantime, but i've noticed this behaviour before on an older version (wasn't so important at that time).
  4. Photoshop = Affinity Photo Illustrator = Affinity Designer So, maybe you should investigate how Affinity Photo can help you with this (although in V2 Affinity Designer also has some perspective tooling).
  5. I'm also struggling with this. I had some other issues with the combination of Affinity and iCloud, and decided to switch off (and later on again) APu 2.0 iCloud in (Apple macOS) System Settings. It disappeared and never came back. Some other characteristics: while the Affinity Publisher 2 iCloud folder was still there it didn't show any documents when clicking the folder. Note that, unlike AD and APh, it had a '2' in the iCloud folder name. when I did a search (and still, when i do a search) on '.afpub'. it comes back with a list of APu documents I created in the past (see screenshot showing the path for one of these documents) I still have APu 1.X. I've tried switching on iCloud in System Settings for 1.X but it still doesn't show up when doing a File - Open (see screenshot of the iCloud section for a File - Open) (same for APu 1.X and APu 2.X) I've also added a screenshot of the current System Settings.
  6. Well, your reply reminded me that I had to update (and correct) my signature. I've recently upgraded to 14.2. Sorry to not have a solution (apart maybe from upgrading to 14.2, although it's not likely that this will solve your issue).
  7. Not sure about the combination of painting and pulling down a tab accidentally, but in my case, when I pull down one of the tabs and put it back, the other tabs keep their content visible. Could be an issue with a specific combination of hardware and software.
  8. So happy that my 12" record now has a real spiralling groove rather than a set of concentric circles. 😃
  9. The Layer menu (in AD) has become quite long, in the meantime. On my 14" MacBook Pro I have to scroll up and down to access all the menu items. I believe there's some room for consolidation. For instance how about a 'Convert …' menu item with below it 'to Curves', 'to Text Frame', 'to Text Path' 'Object to Artboard', 'Artboard to Object'? Would save 4 rows. Other people may have smarter ideas. Anyway, nice to see these improvements in the product.
  10. Not yet implemented isn't the same as ignored, but yes, it would be a very nice feature.
  11. Not sure, but I see vectoring a raster image as a one off activity, while using vector fill may be something you'd like to do multiple times until your design is complete. In this case it would justify having the flood fill tool in Affinity. By the way, I'd love to see Serif adding vectorisation, as long as they do a very good job, better than some of the alternatives I've seen.
  12. Yes, it is available in many other editors. Here's an example of the results of such a tool. The problem is that very often it removes too much without the option to 'paint back' those parts (it doesn't create a mask). Pretty useless to me.
  13. People want Affinity products to do this tracing suggesting that every other graphical program does this. I've tried a number of programs (Pixelmator Pro, Logoist) as well as the websites suggested above as well as others. They all do a half decent job. For instance, the attachment is the result of making use of the website suggested by IPv6 (Thanks for sharing. I can now bookmark yet another one which promises to do this 😀). The rectangles in the flag are not created as rectangles but curves with many nodes. This is not good enough for me (I would create a few rectangles manually, rotate them, etc.). In case it is good enough for you (could be anybody), why not make use of such websites, import the result in AD/APh and move on with your workflow? Is it really that important that this exercise is performed inside of Affinity (note that, many years ago, I also gave a suggestion on this forum to include this. I've decided to wait until Affinity comes with something superior to everything else. I'm patient.)? export-2023-05-21 071720.svg
  14. Yes, with ability to import from both Wordstar and Wordperfect. But seriously, right now I can't view Affinity files on my iPhone. Just the (too) small thumbnails with Quicklook nog working.
  15. The guys must have thought about it, since similar requests have been posted before. For instance, this one I myself would be happy with just a viewer application.
  16. Don't know what the OP means with 'archived' but this topic is still available in the forum and can be replied to.
  17. All very interesting. I came across this one via Kottke.org: https://www.everythingisaremix.info One big hour of entertainment related to this topic.
  18. I could have missed something completely in my reasoning, but why not create a template with some 'fill layers' which you can easily switch on/off? Like the one attached. No shortcut keys, but easy to switch, is my opinion. 4K 16x9 White BG.aftemplate
  19. Thanks, Old Bruce. This indeed looks like a bug, especially now that, under slightly different settings, it does produce the expected perspective. Well, at least now there's a workaround (non-destructive, as opposed to converting to curves).
  20. Hi, Not sure if this has been reported before. Couldn't find anything. When I try to warp text on a path it doesn't do what I expect. What I do expect is the behaviour I see when I first convert the text on a path to curves. See this short movie. Screen Recording 2023-03-22 at 18.57.13.mov
  21. I noticed that the two things I typically spend the most time on customising (Tools and Toolbar) are overwritten with something that's certainly not what I have in my GA version and also isn't the application's default. Well, that's then a nice exercise for the Sunday afternoon. 😞
  22. Quite a nice new feature. In general works good, but I managed to produce this with little effort. Yes, it's balanced, but my opinion is that it could be more balanced.
  23. I'm from the Netherlands and have travelled to Belgium a lot. The Dutch speaking part of Belgium is included in the 24 million people (Netherlands itself only has 18 million inhabitants)
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