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  1. I have saved color blocks out from desktop and imported as an an .afasset... not ideal but at least I could always grab the colors I need for a client as needed.
  2. Oh wow, are we able to get the betas in test flight for iPad??????
  3. Hmmm... seems to be working, but the thing I never noticed, if you have a white background without any layers beneath the image, the black stays black, but if you out a shape under it thats white, it works as expected. This is odd behavior to me, but I just tested and AI on iPad does the same thing.
  4. I’ll weigh in here, They really are close to being equal. Like 99% close, however the functionality or approach is slightly different from desktop to iPad, but you start to get a feel for it. I think Affinity has done a ton of work on figuring this approach out. It took me awhile to get my head around it but its working for me. The few things that desktop does better or completely different, well then just jump to the desk top and do it there. I find my self going the other way, starting on desktop and realizing this is child’s play on the iPad with Pencil. The apps are inexpensive enough, and if you are worried about having to get up and go over to your Mac just fire up AstroPad, (coming soon for PC) its worth its cost by 3 times easily to me. Runs about $80 year subscription for the pro studio. -Jim
  5. I feel your pain, I have had several big problems in the past month that are forcing me to actually try to figure out the new Adobe Illustrator... which then just reminds me how nice affinity designer is... as long as it will just work.
  6. Hi, if you double tap the layer/group in the layers panel, it will frame the objects into view. -Jim
  7. Ive seen this as well, not sure but it hasn’t stopped me from being able to do anything I wanted. Feels like it is trying to tie into an elliptical type of gradient UI.
  8. Really strange, but when I add an image of lights from the mystical lights collection, the black stays visible in both screen and add modes. It didn’t used to work like this, anyone else having problems?
  9. Thanks for the info Dan. I don’t mean to knock the community either. They are great, I have received help and provided help over the years. I just have been getting frustrated with some issues lately and not having left my house since last March for much at all doesn’t help with the anxiety. Stay safe. -Jim
  10. I was asking for proper support tickets and was shown where to file bugs. Two different things. Yes I wanted a fix for my issue. I paid for these apps and expect them to work, but I understand things can go wrong. I also expect a proper support system, but that’s on me- I could have easily seen investigated this years ago before I purchased and discovered its a “community” effort. I’ll seek help by asking my peers from now on. Thanks lesson learned. I get the same level of support from Adobe, so I guess I should not be surprised. My 3D software and AstroPad seem to be if higher quality for customer experience regarding any trouble that happens.
  11. One of the issues I also often have, is losing the latest state of a file, I thought taking a history snapshot would fix it, but it seems as mentioned above, that doing a save as and putting the file on your iPad is the best practice, then I just do a command S from time to time as I do on desktop with any append I don’t seem to have the issue anymore.
  12. Great, it’s kind of hard to tell he’s an Affinity employee, atleast from my phone atm. However neither of my posts were visited by an official Affinity employee as far as I could tell.
  13. Sorry to hear about this. I had a similar experience during the holidays with designer on IPad. I also have had an additional problem where my assets disappeared (Again) the other day. I am growing frustrated in Affinity, and the lack of a true support system. I thought that maybe they look over these forums, but I have received no attention to either matters from them and looking at your thread seems the same.
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