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  1. I think you’re right and hopefully we will see some updates soon for this.
  2. So far they don’t appear in anything other than Adobe apps, but they are supposed to, especially since it is installing them through the system settings for fonts. Just when I got excited about this, I am bummed out. I keep using Designer more and more, and on Desktop I can use my adobe fonts with it no problem, it’s only been an issue when I try to work on the same document on ipad. Hopefully this gets sorted out. I have tried restarting everything and the ipad, uninstalled and reinstalled. No luck. I winder if anyone else has tried this yet? Thanks, Jim
  3. Adobe- I know four letter word, has updated their creative cloud app on iOS to support fonts. I have installed some but designer doesn’t see them. This is supposed to be system wide use for these. Has anyone else tried it yet? thanks Jim
  4. Thank you, I have done this before, it works great. I just forgot about. Still wonder why this happens, it would seem there’s a way to have this not happen, like a paste without style.
  5. Hi, When I paste text that I copied from a browser into Designer on iPad, I get a color behind the text that I can not find a way to either turn off or change the format . I know CSS within a website can accommodate this and may be the problem, but there must be a way to get rid of this solid background color from behind the type???? Thanks, Jim
  6. @Dan C Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for! You’re a life saver. I had tried this, but did not select Alpha.
  7. Ok, just found a way to turn it into a greyscale layer, I can adjust from there but this is a little wonky of a workflow-I’m sure there’s another way.
  8. Hi everyone, I am trying to use a channel as a mask, no problem there, however I want to adjust the contrast of the mask and I can not get a curve adjustment to effect it at all. For that matter, when I go back to the channel, I can’t adjust it there either. This I’d driving me nuts as this is a standard workflow for me in PS. Any advice welcomed, I’m guessing it’s a workflow thing that I am overlooking or just don’t know about in photo. Thanks, Jim
  9. @Murfee Thanks! I over looked that completely! This gives me what I needed- plus I need to look into the LUT for photo- Just haven’t dived real deep yet, even if I have to set them up on desktop and bring over to ipad is something I would do. Thanks again. -Jim
  10. Hi @Murfee I was just looking around and came across this. Would be interested in learning more about your approach. I am working on implementing a zone editing workflow in photo on ipad and cant seem to find a way to either save my curves with my zone adjustments applied to them to re-use. In PS I can actually save them as a LUT and apply in raw. Wish photo had this maybe it does? Thanks for anything you can share about your technique. -Jim
  11. Hi @dominik I’ll be interested in what they do. I had hopes that maybe one day they would make an After Effects competitor but I think thats some heavy lifting for anyone to match, but if anyone can Affinity can! I still use affinity Designer on iPad to make my svg’s and they export perfectly to a great app called Keyshape App on Mac that I can then animate with css for web and other apps. Its a great workflow.
  12. UI design can and should account for Micro interactions. These are typically short animations. Thats one reason. The other is for prototyping a layout. Being able to show what your intent is when someone clicks a button. -Jim
  13. Wish they would as well. I prefer to stick all in with the Affinity ecosystem. I also wish that they created the css properties of elements like in PS and AI, but I think I read somewhere they would never do that. Hopefully they offer some sort of prototyping click through a atleast.
  14. Managed to export and still keep my original document in tact.
  15. Well the 3rd time is the trick! It’s working and has not disappeared. I am not doing anything any different, but I’ll go ahead and assume I did something wrong. The only thing I haven’t tested that I did the first two times come to think of it, was to export it. I’ll try that next. -Jim
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