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  1. Used place holders. Edited with Soda PDF, Flip PDF Pro, PagePlus X9 and Acrobat. All worked well replacing the Placeholder. PagePlus still works best because it is still just a one-step solution. Just too bad Serif just didn't fix the quirks in PP. I'll keep working on APub beta prototype and see where it goes.
  2. What is the preferred method for reserving page space for video and other media? As Publisher has no facility for inserting various forms of media content such as Vimeo, YouTube, or media players, for modern online document publication, so; therefore space needs to be reserved and replaceable after rendering to PDF. Should a picture frame rectangle or just a rectangle (or another shape) be used for PDF editing?
  3. We have the same plans to move our brochures and publications over but have the same issue as Jeff. Ours is a bit more. In the modern day, 21st Century enterprise environment the executive/professional have little time to manage printed materials and depend on video/graphic delivered communication. We are moving to publications that are created for an automated publication environment delivering book/magazine flip/page-turning deliverables. We are regenerating our PDF documents into flip page formats to maintain the familiarity and comfort of the traditional publication while delivering embedded modern communications graphics and video media. Text anchored pictures, as well as video and reference linking, is very important in modern publications as printed media becomes more and more obsolete. If a picture is worth a thousand words then video messages are a magnitude more valuable. It PagePlus worked well in 21st Century publication. We could embed video within our publications. It appears that without this ability we have to reserve space using a graphic or other object and use a two-step process to embed videos with a PDF editor if mastered in AP.
  4. Really like the change notices. It keeps from gathering and verifying bugs before reporting and chasing your tail when issues are fixed.
  5. There is not much information, if any, about the filing or much else about systems data structures. While experimenting with Publisher I've done much the same as you. The only way I've found to recover files like the styles is to purge the Publisher registry related files and the related user files after a remove Program function from the Control Panel; then reinstall. Then I created a new document and imported the styles from the new document. Actually, I'm doing that now to recover from a TOC issue.
  6. Thanks Walt. Seems like a good subject for part of a tutorial video. Every Thing You Wanted to Know About Text Styles | but was afraid to find out.
  7. I inadvertently deleted text styles while attempting to detach style from a page. There is no help instruction for doing any of these function. Only aware of an import function for text styles but have no idea where such styles can be retrieved nor saved.
  8. If the target of this product is for professional use there needs to be not only an automatic timed backup feature but an ability for version or revision creation.
  9. Some of the most frequently used edit commands are not available from the toolbar. E.g., the Edit > Undo and Edit > Redo functions would be productively convenient.
  10. It appears that the only way to mark up hyperlinks is to publish the document as a PDF or to some other word processor or document processor and add hyperlinks there. Otherwise, it would be better to maintain Page Plus X9 and use it to create documents that require hyperlinks to URL or another publication. Hyperlink from a page to offsite video and .html is a must have for both page processors and PDF Editors in the modern world. Having to add hyperlinks after-the-fact is a bad idea. The world is headed to online publishing and being able to reference online material is a must. Think as if there were a hundred monks being replaced by the printing press. It is a new world. Why would one go back to chiseling on rocks?
  11. It fixed the display issue of text anti-aliasing
  12. I am using a 27" display 1920 x 1080 full screen. The Publisher displays well except for content entered into the text frames. The text is not anti-aliased and is barely readable. Is there a registry entry that needs to be made to correct?
  13. Is there a template facility on the beta version? I know there are no templates presently, but I'd like to create some templates.
  14. Flowing anchors are a must. Just copy the code from PagePlus X9.
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