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  1. Hi, I really appreciate it, yes it's quite difficult because I'm doing everything myself Thanks!
  2. Hello guys, My site is ready and online My goal is to make all future products completely free, but for now, I can not keep the site without the paid products, so, some products will be paid, it will be free, so, My license is different from other markets all products are free To create your own HTML themes. I plan on upload something new every week, On Friday, preferably I hope you like it, please, feel free to contact me at any time, And donations are always welcome https://affinitymarketui.com/ Best Regards Heli Herrera
  3. heliherrera

    My Visual Journal

    Very Beautiful!!!
  4. heliherrera

    Free Affinity Designer Pinegrow Blocks

    Hi everyone, Just some blocks I made with Affinity Designer and Pinegrow I hope you like it, Free Pinegrow Blocks from @Heli_Herrera on @Gumroad: https://gum.co/OqZi Regards Heli Herrera
  5. heliherrera

    Some nice AFDesign user convert for me?

    you can send me, helicarlosherrera@gmail.com :)
  6. heliherrera

    I like wine made with Affinity

    Great job, man! very realistic.
  7. heliherrera

    Imac and Keyboard

    Thanks, Yes! Are all vectors, except for the headphone jack, the pencil, the paper clips and wood background, of course :D
  8. heliherrera

    Imac and Keyboard

    Thanks a lot! :)
  9. heliherrera

    Kawaii metal covers

    Great pictures! I loved it all, but the Septicflesh, this really killer! \ m /
  10. Hello everyone, after a long time I am posting more material, this time a Imac and keyboard, I did, in Affinity designer I hope you enjoy
  11. heliherrera

    Some artworks with Affinity Photo

    Great work, man! METAL!

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