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  1. Okay. I will do detailed step by step tutorial sooner or later. Creating these posters is fun and doing what I personally like gives my true freedom. There's huge difference between art and design. I'm trying not to love what I do in my everyday work. Personal attachment to any piece of design causes misjudgement which drives to unhappiness. Baugasm was my main inspiration(you can find tutorial on skillshare) but I'm using different tools than in adobe illustrator. I like this style but Vasjen Katro(creator of baugasm) is not progressing as much as he did two years ago. Moreover I don't like to add same samples to artwork just to make it more busy. I don't want to stick to only one style. I want to experiment more, there will be much more diversity in my work. You can find me here https://www.instagram.com/mikkryger/
  2. That's pretty nice idea but it would be hard to execute. Simply because I'm using many tools, adjustments, filters and so on. On top of that everything is in constant change. I think that I'm too lazy to describe every process but I might be able to prepare some tutorial that will show step by step what I'm using and how if you're interested. Thanks!
  3. Hello! My name is Mikołaj but you can call me Mik. I've been using affinity software since first release in 2014 for graphic design(any kind of user interface design and visual identity assets). Lately some idea popped in my head – I am using the same tools in the same way all the time, so to prevent some kind of stagnation I want to challenge myself to create different kind of artwork that I usually do. Goal: Creating artwork from scratch in a poster format using every tool that is available in the software. I invite you to enjoy this journey with me. 001
  4. Every blink of the eye brings a picture to the human mind. Our thoughts and concepts, memories and dreams, our whole experience is played out in pictures. I share this carefully curated unpublished set of 50 shapes that I work on through years for inspiration purpose. link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/71140757/Symbols-Signs-Collection
  5. (my answers above in bold) Garry thanks so much for your effort! I really appreciate the fact that you put so much energy and time to share this! I would answer faster but I wanted to share something. I've designed alphabet of monograms. Full presentation: https://www.behance.net/gallery/70610901/Alphabet-of-Monograms
  6. Hello! I'm sharing second set of my logos link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/69491513/Logofolio-2-Wordmark-Lettermark
  7. Hi! I've finally decided to share my work after 3 years of collecting projects under my bed ... I'm posting this here because I don't see much professional work that has been made in our lovely Affinity Designer! I have around 100 projects portioned in 4 volumes. I want to publish one of them each week so stay tuned Full presentation: https://www.behance.net/gallery/69209275/Logofolio-No-1-Combination-Abstract I would love to hear what you think about these. Share your opinion.
  8. good idea :) https://www.behance.net/sorsy
  9. Hey ! I've created some iPhones flat mockup. (you can download source) Just moved from Inkscape to AD. Working in Affinity Designer is just pleasure :) It's more comfy and intuitive. Cheers! iphonesAD.afdesign
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