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  1. Lets just end this with i was curious and surprised with the shadow weirdness. If you want to explain the difference/benefits between RGB 8 and 16 bit in Publisher, feel free to enlighten me.
  2. I didn't expect anything, It's there for a reason and i was just curious to see if I'd notice anything.
  3. You know... beta testing = testing all sorts of settings and things. I was actually interested seeing if there was any advantages using 16 bit.
  4. I'm not sure there is a 16bit RGB mode in Indesign. I can't seem to find any settings for that.
  5. @thomaso Yes RGB 8 bit in Publisher worked
  6. Quick test in Indesign and i no issue with a drop shadow on an object.
  7. @thomaso When i create a new Publisher document it defaults as a CMYK document and also exports as CMYK and will then look correctly. But if i create a document from scratch as RBG and do the same Outer shadow on an object and export it, it will look messed up. I also tested opening the same PDF on another computer with Mojave and as mentioned above it looks correctly. It's a really weird issue, i mean if i get it in High Sierra others probably will to.
  8. I have no clue where the problem lies, It just seems like the issue starts when exporting from Publisher. And if exported as JPG or any other PDF standards it looks alright. Exporting a PDF (which looks weird) and then place it in a new Publisher document and export that produces a correct looking PDF. If i do the same steps in a Designer or Photo document it doesn't happen. Either way, i can't know what macOS version a customer has. So if it is something that the devs can fix i'd be very happy.
  9. I had Mojave before but since i have a Nvidia GPU in my iMac 27 and Nvidia haven't provided any drivers i can't use GPU in any programs. So as long as i have this iMac i'll have to stick with High Sierra to benefit some from programs that can use GPU. But still... it has to be a bug in Publisher, it shouldn't export a PDF that Preview can't view or print correctly.
  10. Hi mac_heibu, I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6 and Preview 10.0 (944.5). No modification from the file attached above. I have never seen this from Designer.
  11. thomaso, yes it seems you're right! In Acrobat or the PDF viewer in Firefox it looks correct. As well as in the mini preview sidebar in Preview App, but not full page in the Preview App. It prints fine from Acrobat but this is how it looks printed from the Preview App While the print dialog displays it correct This has to be some bug. I can't send PDF's to people on Mac's and tell them they have to install Acrobat Reader to be able to display and print it correctly.
  12. Hi, Publisher on Mac. A simple shape with an "Outer Shadow" effect looks like this in Publisher. But looks like this when exported as PDF as default for Print PDF 1.7, 1.6 or 1.5 If i use a dark shape with "Gaussian Blur" the offset thing happens as well. If exported as a JPG or PDF 1.4, PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 or PDF/X-4 the shadow looks correct. Any one noticed this? I've attached the Publisher file: Publisher-test.afpub Cheers
  13. Hi, I haven't stayed updated in Publisher for a while but i couldn't find anything about it. Is it possible to lin in text from a Google doc into Publisher? It would be an insanely productive way to let several people write and edit texts in G docs and have that update the Publisher document. Thank you everyone at Serif for making these fantastic Affinity programs.
  14. I had such high hopes for the "Highlights and Shadow" for 1.7. I wanted it to be just as good as Lightroom, Photoshop or Capture One. But the result is still washed out like earlier versions. I hope they give this some dev time since it's not good enough. From a RAW file 1. APH: Does not recover highlights or shadows good, it just looks washed out. I can't even get it near the others even if i develop and then use the live filter. 2. Capture One Pro 12: Recover both highlights and shadows beautifully. 3. Lightroom Classic: Recover both highlights and shadows beautifully.
  15. Hi @Herojas93 Could you PM me a zip file with one page and one image that causes this so i can investigate it? Cheers / Johny