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  1. Thanks, Good to know. Just got to not use adjustment layers for illustrations and color each object instead.
  2. Hi, This is something that's been around forever but a noticed it recently. If you have any vector object in Designer and add any (haven't tried all) adjustment layer to an abject it becomes rasterized in the exported PDF. If you change color or even brightness it becomes rasterized. Only solution i've found is to never use adjustment layers and always change color on the actual abject. This can't be the way its suppose to be? If i send a PDF to print, i'd like to keep illustrations and objects as vectors and "only" rasterize shadows or blurs. In this example i just copied the first kog and used a recolor adjustment layer, and exported as PDF for print. Tested in Designer 1.7.x and 1.8.1 and 1.8.2 in High Sierra and Catalina. PDF is opened in Preview and Acrobat Reader and zoomed in.
  3. Hi James, I get the same on a 27 iMac with High Sierra (AD 1.8.1). No matter if using OpenGL, Metal or Software in settings. It never happened on 1.7.x for me. I noticed that: changing bleed displays this glitch save the file after changed bleed, close it and reopen it then displays it OK changing bleed again displays this glitch again. Cheers Johny
  4. @mimuel My problem is that i needed the SVG's to work in Wordpress with Elementor. But... since i'm using JetElements i can use plain SVG's and the inline SVG widget which can remove Inline CSS and use custom colors in Elementor for my flat icons. Your workaround will be appreciated when using traditional HTML/CSS though Thanks for sharing!
  5. @mimuel yes absolutely I want to export simple icons to be used in a html page and be able to change fill color in css. Cheers
  6. I'm sure there is some reason for the 16 bit option. You should start a new thread and maybe someone will give you the answers.
  7. Smooth vector gradients would benefit by the 16 bit which in 8 bit "can" sometimes be less smooth and you can clearly see steps in the gradient.
  8. Lets just end this with i was curious and surprised with the shadow weirdness. If you want to explain the difference/benefits between RGB 8 and 16 bit in Publisher, feel free to enlighten me.
  9. I didn't expect anything, It's there for a reason and i was just curious to see if I'd notice anything.
  10. You know... beta testing = testing all sorts of settings and things. I was actually interested seeing if there was any advantages using 16 bit.
  11. I'm not sure there is a 16bit RGB mode in Indesign. I can't seem to find any settings for that.
  12. Quick test in Indesign and i no issue with a drop shadow on an object.
  13. @thomaso When i create a new Publisher document it defaults as a CMYK document and also exports as CMYK and will then look correctly. But if i create a document from scratch as RBG and do the same Outer shadow on an object and export it, it will look messed up. I also tested opening the same PDF on another computer with Mojave and as mentioned above it looks correctly. It's a really weird issue, i mean if i get it in High Sierra others probably will to.
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