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  1. Thanks, Good to know. Just got to not use adjustment layers for illustrations and color each object instead.
  2. Hi, This is something that's been around forever but a noticed it recently. If you have any vector object in Designer and add any (haven't tried all) adjustment layer to an abject it becomes rasterized in the exported PDF. If you change color or even brightness it becomes rasterized. Only solution i've found is to never use adjustment layers and always change color on the actual abject. This can't be the way its suppose to be? If i send a PDF to print, i'd like to keep illustrations and objects as vectors and "only" rasterize shadows or blurs. In this example i just copied the first kog and used a recolor adjustment layer, and exported as PDF for print. Tested in Designer 1.7.x and 1.8.1 and 1.8.2 in High Sierra and Catalina. PDF is opened in Preview and Acrobat Reader and zoomed in.
  3. Hi James, I get the same on a 27 iMac with High Sierra (AD 1.8.1). No matter if using OpenGL, Metal or Software in settings. It never happened on 1.7.x for me. I noticed that: changing bleed displays this glitch save the file after changed bleed, close it and reopen it then displays it OK changing bleed again displays this glitch again. Cheers Johny
  4. @mimuel My problem is that i needed the SVG's to work in Wordpress with Elementor. But... since i'm using JetElements i can use plain SVG's and the inline SVG widget which can remove Inline CSS and use custom colors in Elementor for my flat icons. Your workaround will be appreciated when using traditional HTML/CSS though Thanks for sharing!
  5. @mimuel yes absolutely I want to export simple icons to be used in a html page and be able to change fill color in css. Cheers
  6. Hi, I haven't stayed updated in Publisher for a while but i couldn't find anything about it. Is it possible to lin in text from a Google doc into Publisher? It would be an insanely productive way to let several people write and edit texts in G docs and have that update the Publisher document. Thank you everyone at Serif for making these fantastic Affinity programs.
  7. Looking really good already! It would be amazing to be able to make interactive ebooks with small embedded videos/sound clips and animations as well as linked Vimeo/Youtube. Having that on an iPad would be fantastic. Even if a user has the ebook we could still update the linked Vimeo video. Cheers
  8. What kind of problems did and do you have with the App Store that can't be solved?
  9. Congratulations, it really looked great on the WWDC. And looks like an perfect match and a must have. You guys are incredible :)
  10. Dave, Fantastic news! You guys never cease to amaze me :) Btw.. congratulation to the "Best Imaging Software in 2016, as recognised by TIPA" for AP :)
  11. Hi, It's probably been requested before but i couldn't find it when searching. I know this is something that will be used in the upcoming Publisher but.... Often i have to make a design in AD with lots of text boxes, i need to change the design quickly and also adjust the texts to fit. It wouldn't be practical to do the design without the text in AD and place the text later in AP and go back and forth since the texts are usually part of the design. Selecting all text boxes and change the settings is quite a hassle to and it's easy to miss some. It would be fantastic to have some form of a duplicated/cloned/linked text box that can have all the settings linked (without the actual text of course), so change size, color, kerning, font... in one box and all changes. This would make me a happy camper! :)
  12. Shared, reposted, liked, retweeted, re-rated in AS, spread among friends and colleagues. Both AP and AD are highly appreciated, liked and loved :wub: You guys rock!
  13. I know it's been requested before but... Processing a lot of photos that basically should have the same white balance and needs the same shadows and highlights adjustments is something i really need. Doing it manually on thousands of photos isn't effective. Is there any way now (or in the future) to have kind of the same workflow as in PS Camera Raw where i can open a lot of images and set the basics and either open them or save them.? And even save the settings and apply them on other photos later. We're about to do thousands product photos and i'd like to use only APhoto for it. Cheers :)
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