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  1. Affinity Desiger is a great program to create SVG graphics. We also create simple help-animations with SVG graphics. For this there is e.g. the program SVGator. Unfortunately, this is only limited usable. Optimal would be a corresponding module or a special "Affinity Animation". Is something like this planned?
  2. Affinity designer is a great program to create amazing svg graphics. But I have to create complex help animations from svg-graphics. And I haven't found a good program for that yet. I wish myself an svg animations program from the affinity team.
  3. Hi, my tip for the AD-software developer: I think the process is easy for right-angled mirroring. The object-rotation-point can be one point on the mirror-axis. (like inkscape) Relocate the object-rotiation-point and then use the command flip horizontal or vertical. thanks michael
  4. This command I know - but this a mirrioring about the objext-axis not about my own defined axis
  5. hi, at inkscape it was very easy mirroring an object about anything axis. At affinity I found no way to do this ( Online Help, Designer WorkBook) Can anthing help me? thanks michael
  6. Sorry - at the software-docu I found this text: Löschen von Knoten Wählen Sie den Knoten aus und drücken Sie die Entf-Tast
  7. Thanks I found a good way : Select the node and then key "delete". But that was not written at the docu!
  8. Hi, I works with curves. It is very easy to add notes to a curve but I seek a way to delete a note from a curve. Who can help me? Thanks michael
  9. Hi, I created a export demand with name "web_svg". Now I work with slides and special with export demands. My hope was, that I found the exist export demand. I am not able to create this export demand, the message is "exist" but I didnt found the existing export demand. thanks michael
  10. Hi, I am learning affinity designer - a very good program! Now my current lesson is "protocol". My question: I found no possibility that I repeat the protocal commands automatically - like macro-function at other apps Is this not a concept in affinity? thanks michael
  11. Hi, affinity designer is a great program to create svg's ! I seek a program to create animations with svg's. Is this possible to do with affinity designer? Exist a raodmap to do this? What is your favorite program to do this? Thanks michael
  12. Hi gdenby, thanks that was the solution. But I missed the Edit/Paste Style command at the context menu.
  13. Hi, it ist very easy to define the attributes (color, shadow ...) as default and the new creating objects includes this attributes. My question: How can I copy this attributes at an existing object? thanks michael
  14. Hi v_kyr, thanks - that was the solution! michael