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  1. Been trying to see if i could import a gradient swatch that i had custom made in the swatches panel into a gradient fill in the FX Layer Effect - i would love to see a drop down arrow selector that would then display the custom gradients from the swatches.
  2. thats awesome i just had the same issues exporting a logo out for onscreen use and need specific sizes - just needed to key in the width in pixels and away they went - made sence when i saw it - such a great app - you just need to get your head around a few things... each day learn something new.
  3. Do you think that you will be adding an Epub export facility to publisher in the near future thats compatible with Amazon, Kindle and others?
  4. having a weird issue - have the latest build I have a stroke on a line and I have also used the pressure graph on the original line to go from thick to thin back to thick - but when i export it into print PDF the line pressure no longer outputs and it reverts to the underlaying line weight - i have tried - expand stroke and for some reason convert to curves is greyed out???? i have also tried other formats on export and eachtime the pressure stroke reverts to a single thine line - the only time it worked on export into PDF is when i had an effect of a gradient fill and then pdf just converted it to raster output. Glass.afdesign
  5. yup Awesome thanks for the quick replies- i found the clean full layer below - but i never knew you could embed clipping masks into JPG
  6. hi all i have received a jpg from a publisher and when i open the file in Designer or Photo it shows transparency masks...but i can't seem to see the complete image - the weirdest thing I have ever come across... Screengrab to show you the opened file in Photo
  7. Yup Affinity this tool is paramount and should be a stable within the toolset - the ability to grab the handles of any object or text and free transform it.... NEEDS TO BE IN HERE GUYS - WHEN WILL IT COME IN - the last we can see in 2017 is that its in the cards - its Time to add it.
  8. yes please on a plugin for On1 into Affinity Photo
  9. 2014 is a long time ago and thank you but its a clunky workaround and sort of close but needs to be able to spline control the ribbon and its nodes for smooth mix blends - especially for organic shapes
  10. its a clunky workaround and sort of close but needs to be able to spline control the ribbon and its nodes for smooth mix blends - especially for organic shapes
  11. totally agree i just was sent a tutorial on it explaining it and thought....finally
  12. I would so love to see a freeform gradient tool in Designer - you are almost there where you can select the way points in the linear tool but to then be able to have them as a controllable spline would be awesome. Is this something you will include into future updates?
  13. how can you find out whats not supported as vector output when using pdf to export - im having files come back from printers saying that the pdfs im sending them are rasterising things like text any ideas why - is it something to do with the export settings of Rasterise is set to unsupported properties? Is there a document or tutorial explaining pdf export in Designer?
  14. I would love to see added to the marks is fold lines and even the possibility for die cuts and preferations added to the printers marks on pdf export - BTW it looks great and love how familiar it feels - looking forward to your final squishy brick company killer - A motion graphics / video editor
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