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  1. I’ve got the same problem. When trying to load my LUT they are all greyed out. I’m assuming it’s a file compatibility issue? Even so thoug I am able to load them on my desktop version of AP but just not my iPad version. thanks Makr
  2. Thanks DM1 I managed to figure it out in the end. My bad. thanks again Mark
  3. Hi Callum I've managed to get a screen recording to upload. Mark 526EF6A7-D3A8-4173-9306-BF5EB5A3712D.MP4
  4. Hi Callum, ive been trying to attach a screen shot but it keeps failing. May have something to do with my upload speed on the WiFi where I am. Currently away in the hills of Croatia so not the greatest speed. Mark
  5. Hi folks, I’m new to AF for iPad having used AF desktop for a while now. I'm having some issues with certain adjustments. I wanted to make a curves adjustment on an image today but when I went to the adjustments menu and selected curves it didn’t give me any further options. There is no context menu or anything ?! Cheers Mark
  6. Ok, I am having an issue with this. I am trying to right click on the macro and it is very hit or miss if anything comes up. On the odd occasion I do get the right click options... such as edit macro etc. When I select Edit macro nothing happens! Is there any other way to export a Macro?
  7. Hi Folks, Ive been a long time user of AP (And AD actually) and I am about to switch over to use AP for iPad to help my workflow whilst on location. Is it possible to export my presets and Macros from AP desktop to the iPad version? Thanks in Advance Mark
  8. Hi Folks, I'm pretty sure there is going to be a simple and easy way to do this that is glaringly obvious... but I still need to ask. Lets say I have created a number of objects and I want to know what the distance/pixel count is between those objects... is there a way to show this? Cheers is advance Mark
  9. Cheers folks, suddenly came to my sense and figured this out just after I put this post up. Thanks again though. Mark
  10. Hi Folks, After some help again. I have a logo I am trying to export for me to use in a Wordpress site. I have created my document (1200 x 300px) with a transparent background selected. I created he logo (Basic white text) and then exported it as a Jpeg. When I then uploaded into Wordpress all i get is a white background colour. Any ideas or suggestions? Cheers Mark
  11. Hi folks, I know this is an old feed but I am after the same thing but can't seem to figure it out. I have tried the above steps but seem to hit a brick wall. Is anyone out there able to give me a more step by step (Idiots guide) approach. Thanks in advance again Mark
  12. Hi Ken, Welcome to the forum... I had a very similar question a while back. Check out this thread... it may help. Also... try playing around with Gradient Map Adjustment... I found this really helpful. All the best Mark
  13. Hi Folks, I have come across the fact that ON1 is offering out ON1 effects 2018 as a free download. It comes with a load of Photoshop (Sorry for swearing) plugin's. I am having some trouble with getting these to work with Affinity. I have come across old posts on here from the start of the year stating that Affinity does not support ON1... does anyone know if that is still the case? I successfully use the NIK (Formerly Google) collection Plugin's on a regular basis and with some great success with Affinity. Any ideas? Mark
  14. Hi Folks, I'm after some help again.... So I really admire two very very good automotive photographers... Amy Shore and Laurent Nivalle. Both have a similar(ish) style and this extends to their editing process. I have read numerous interviews with both of them and they both mainly use Photoshop (Sorry to swear!) rather than lightroom and I am very keen to try and re-caprture their respective styles but by using Affinity Photo. I have attached two files which are photos from both Laurent and Amy respectively. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction to try and obtain the same style? Obviously I don't want to be copying their styles out right as that is not what photography is all about but I am very curious as to how to achieve this. Thanks folks, hope you can help. Regards Mark All credit for the attached two images go to Amy and Laurent.
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