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  1. TomM1

    Photoshop plugins support? Maybe? Maybe not?

  2. It appears to me that the untrue split screen previews are more apparent under about 1 px radius. (Filters>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask) However the filter preview seems more realistic at an image size of 200%. Testing on 116
  3. It's the same at 100%.
  4. I have verified what you are saying, by looking at my image at 400%, that a minuscule amount of sharpening is applied. But 1.7 should not be showing me a preview that is obvious sharpening then not applying the same amount of sharpening in that preview. Observe my attached screen movie. Also if I choose the same filter on the same image in 1.6 the preview is the same but the sharpening is applied to the entire image when applied. sharp.mov
  5. Actually, it sticks when I use an extreme radius. It's at a lower setting that it does not apply. Try it with the settings in the screen shot attached.
  6. Set up Filters>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask. Compare with the split screen at 100%. Click apply. The sharpening effect seems to revert and does not apply.
  7. TomM1

    What happens when the final is coming?

    If I set aside a copy of 1.6, then update the genuine 1.6, will it be able to open older files saved with the newly updated 1.7?
  8. TomM1

    The Illuminati Stole My Scooter

    Very good. I missed the part showing the step between drawing and digital image.
  9. I would still like to see a "Fit Image" type of command that can be used at anytime and is independent of save or export .
  10. Found it as an adjustment layer.
  11. Where does one find this color picker?
  12. TomM1

    Background out of focus 112

    I have owned AP for some time but have been procrastinating about transitioning out of PS CS6. I am just now digging into AP. It has many superior attributes and I look forward to using it. But the performance of just about every aspect of 1.6, on large files, is very slow (on my computer at least). 1.7 seems to be a step up and I hope it all comes together.
  13. TomM1

    Background out of focus 112

    I thought I had tested all combinations but it doesn't happen at the low setting. This, however is still not acceptable because, even with the offending group turned off under low setting, the image is less clear than on high. Set on high I get the blurry effect after a number of filters applied. Set on low I don't get the effect but the overall image is degraded. So what's the point of having all this fancy hardware and a 5K screen if the software can't handle it? Perhaps my i5 processor is obsolete.
  14. A bit different here but thanks.
  15. Where do you see these options in 1.7?