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  1. TomM1

    Macros and library

    I have the same issue with a mouse. And with a graphics pen it never works.
  2. Yes but I don't see an option to use open files. Also, if you like to sharpen after the file is resized, you then need a macro already set up. Often the resize occurs next to last on open images after other adjustments. So I would like a Fit Image type of command at that point. Someone here made a macro that does this but the image quality is off compared to Document>Resize Document.
  3. I would add the equivalent of "Fit Image" in Photoshop. Which facilitates a resize to the longest dimension, either horizontal or vertical.
  4. Just now noticing this in 1.7.3 and I use Channel Mixer often.
  5. Interesting how in other threads on this topic you get all kinds of reasons why EC will never work with AP. Then it sort of works in the beta and vanishes again in the final release. I would like to hear why, if it almost works why they can't they finish the job?
  6. There is always hope.
  7. I am using a Huion tablet.
  8. Rendering intent in the print dialog (Mac). I wouldn't mind being able to tap a Macro with a graphics pen and have the macro run. Instant updating of mask and thumb images in the layers panel. The Eyecandy plugin working with AP.
  9. +1 for shortcut to last used filter that would work on any image.
  10. TomM1

    Exposure X5 Plugin

    Same for the Eyecandy plugin.
  11. Bought a new Huion 1060P tablet and the issue persists.
  12. TomM1

    Green ticks

    Looked at three files. I don't see any "green ticks" in Preview or Affinity Photo.

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