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  1. The Luminar 3 "library" is not that great.
  2. TomM1

    Slight UI glitch

    Still there on .106
  3. A computer restart sometimes will fix this type of thing.
  4. TomM1

    Resources Differentiation

    I guessI am thinking along the lines of the old Adobe Studio Exchange. It would need to be a separate site, not a forum, and searchable by category.
  5. TomM1

    Resources Differentiation

    I would also like to see sub-catagories like brushes, macros etc.
  6. I didn't realize this was the same link mentioned above.
  7. Surprised to hear this often used Photoshop choice does not exist in AP.
  8. Hard to believe AP has no photoshop-like fit image command.
  9. TomM1

    Preview for export persona

    “save for web” in AP is so cumbersome I still use PS.