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  1. Do you have an opinion on the improvement of Nik 3 vs the old free version?
  2. What is the purpose of the add preset button in the soft proof adjustment layer box? I though it might be to create a shortcut in the Proof Profile list but not so.
  3. Maybe but not necessarily under Updates. I learned from the last update that I need to do a search for Affinity in the app store then click download.
  4. A similar discussion here about an unsupported plugin. The last post sums it up.
  5. There is no pattern. And it doesn't happen during every session. It can happen while working or if I let an open image sit for a while. Affinity Photo_2020-02-26-213723_Mini18.pdf
  6. AP 1.7 and 1.8 randomly freezes after using for a while. No apparent pattern of causes. Is there somewhere to send a crash log?
  7. That worked for me too. The update never did appear under Updates.
  8. There is no update button on the desktop version of the app store.
  9. That has no effect. I think it is there in the app store or it's not.
  10. These did not work. Updates are not available through my app or order history on serif.com. AP appears in my Purchases in the app store but not as an update.
  11. Looking forward to seeing AP 1.8 in the app store as it is not there now.
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