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  1. The difference between AP and something like PhotoZoom Pro seems to be various printing presets in PhotoZoom Pro. The actual results are similar.
  2. I will say that AP will make a decent enlargement from a high res starting point. For example 5500px to 14000px, resample lanczos 3.
  3. "After checking with our dev team and further clarification, Resize will not function as a plugin in Affinity." Compatibility chart.
  4. No, if you enlarge a crappy low res image with Resize you get a much larger crappy low res image. Gigapixel uses "AI" to guess and fill in missing features. This is nice for enlarging that small photo of your dog but for upsizing a high res photo of artwork, I would rather that the software does not alter the image that way.
  5. My research and recent experience with the plugins shows that Effects, Portrait and HDR can work within AP. Resize must be used as a stand alone app.
  6. I will Purchase AP2 a second time directly from Affinity, if necessary, to avoid this and other problems with the app store version.
  7. It was my impression from my trial of Gigapixel AI, that it was meant for enlarging low res photos. And to that end actually adds pixels that were not originally there.
  8. However I am not sure on1 Resize from their bundle, will function as a filter plugin in AP. Edit: It doesn't, only stand alone.
  9. Seems to be an issue with older Mac OS. Please enjoy this thread.
  10. It's not that the update does not appear in the app store, it's there, it will not download to 10.11 The iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time
  11. Not seeing the same. My specs in the signature.
  12. Ok I thought you were referring to printing. Yes my Canon paper profiles appear in the soft proof adjustment layer window. Have you tried the Reset button? This is a dumb question but are you scrolling through the entire list?
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