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  1. A while back I tried Gigapixel AI. My impression was that it was best for low res images, as it adds pixels to the enlargement. Not what I need. I compared Blow Up, On1, Photo Zoom. But none were superior to simply using Affinity Photo with one of the Lanczos 3 choices for resampling. For example, enlarging to 30x40 inches. It helps to start with a high res image.
  2. Is your Wacom bluetooth? I get the 'Mouse on' 'Mouse off', when I activate the bluetooth and when it sleeps.
  3. Very good! However, for my screen set up, I can only see up to 3 adjustment layer icons when collapsed. So for 4 or more I need to expand them anyway.
  4. Or if the adjustment layer dialog box had a preview toggle (Photoshop), it would lessen the need to expand the adjustment layer in the layers panel, to turn it on and off.
  5. Bummer to still see this in 2.0.4
  6. I might add that the adjustment icon partially hides the mask reference when the layer is collasped.
  7. I also end up turning adjustment and filter layers on and off to evaluate their effects. So the layers need to be expanded for that.
  8. Perhaps someone's idea of efficiency. (collapsed) But the way I have my layers panel set, you don't see more than two adjustment layer icons when collapsed. I need to have them expanded just to see what's there.
  9. BTW, the keystroke , on a Mac, to paste without formatting is shift>option>command>v
  10. Currently, when I add a (child) adjustment layer, it appears in a collapsed position. I would like to add an adjustment layer in expanded position automatically. AP2 Thank you.
  11. I get mixed results if I try Merge Visible from the layers menu. But if I right click over the top layer (adjustment layer), Merge Visible works.
  12. A little disappointing to see this bug still there is 2.0.3
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