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  1. One last update. Seems to crash most often when modifying a curves adjustment layer. Affinity Photo_2022-08-10-214115_Mini18.crash
  2. Turning layers on and off. Affinity Photo_2022-06-10-153852_Mini18.crash
  3. Thought the crashes were over after the last update. 1.10.5 Not so. Crash after creating a curves layer then adjusting. Six crashes consecutively. Affinity Photo_2022-04-24-180029_Mini18.crash
  4. Crash while adjusting curves layer. Affinity Photo_2022-02-06-211520_Mini18.crash
  5. Crash while turning a layer off. Affinity Photo_2022-01-24-211628_Mini18.crash
  6. Crash while adjusting a curves layer. Affinity Photo_2022-01-09-105253_Mini18.crash
  7. Two more; Tuning a layer visibility on and off. Adjusting a curves layer. Affinity Photo_2021-12-08-161712_Mini18.crash Affinity Photo_2021-12-08-162947_Mini18.crash
  8. Adding an outline to an object in layer effects. Affinity Photo_2021-11-22-102423_Mini18.crash
  9. I don't know what a 3rd party UI tweaking app is, so I guess not. I uploaded two system report docs.
  10. Crash log when using a slider in the layer effects panel, using a mouse. (Different document than what I uploaded) Affinity Photo_2021-11-13-172554_Mini18.crash
  11. Today I am working on a different project involving 6 different images used in one document. I am using mouse and pen. Till yet no crashes but there was one AP application freeze requiring a force quit. I don't see a crash log for the freeze in the console app.
  12. File uploaded. However the random crashes can happen with any file. I wonder if it is related to my Huion graphics tablet?
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