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  1. I have tried with both a pdf and a word doc in the Files app.
  2. I’m finding in the latest build that I can’t paste text using the paste icon. Nothing happens when tapping it.
  3. I’m on an iPad, but it’s the same issue as desktop. Having to change the units when you have a large number of files to work on is less than ideal.
  4. I’m on an iPad. I realize this is the desktop forum but it’s the same for ipad. Having a default unit and not having to change it all the time (especially having to work with a lot of files) would be better.
  5. What if you are importing documents? So I have to place them every time? I also am requesting this feature.
  6. It does have an inherent size if you want to print it. It makes no sense to have to sit and calculate all the time what the dimensions are because it defaults to pixels. Why not have a dpi setting? Why not let the use user determine if they want to have very large files are not? Some of the choices made with regards to these apps make no sense at all, given that they are meant to be "professional" applications.
  7. Yes I find this frustrating as well. Great that I have to divide by dpi all the time, I love adding that extra step to my workflow!
  8. I have the latest m2 iPad running the latest iOS but I am using the beta version of Publisher
  9. So I have to replace all the photos. Also, as you will see in the first photo, one file was fine and did not need to be replaced, even though all images are located in the same folder.
  10. Also, relinking greys out my folder and doesn’t let me relink individually
  11. So obviously I am choosing the wrong image to relink, but how am I to know which image? This is after the pop up when opening a file. I have to relink every individual file without knowing which one I’m relinking and they’re all in the same folder. Not even sure why my images needed to be relinked as they were not moved. Frankly the resources manager is terrible.
  12. I am drawing with the pencil tool but switch colours often. I have to deselect each shape or line that I draw or choosing the colour will change the colour of the thing I’ve just drawn. In Illustrator you can toggle that option to keep the line/object selected or not. I don’t want it selected. If there was a shortcut (without a keyboard) that would suffice, that little ‘x’ is not great.
  13. Can we have the option to toggle this on or off, as in Illustrator? It’s so frustrating to draw a line, deselect, draw, deselect, draw, deselect, and all with that tiny little x at the bottom of the screen!
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