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  1. Sorry for what might seem a most basic question, but I lose the fill and stroke colours the minute I touch the screen with the pencil tool, so that while the line is being drawn, I can’t see it, and I have to set the fill and/or stroke colour after I draw for every single line. How do I make the pencil tool not revert to no colours for fill and stroke every time I touch the screen?
  2. Hi, simple question - Is there an option to not have a line or stroke etc be automatically selected after you draw it? I constantly have to deselect before drawing the next line. p.s. Sorry this is not a bug, put it in the wrong forum
  3. Girlvsworld

    Transparancy not saved!

    I see if I choose ‘selection without background’ it works - I had assumed that shutting off the background layer (imported psd from Procreate so no option for document > transparent bg) and choosing png 24 would have given it a transparent background like most other apps!
  4. Girlvsworld

    Transparancy not saved!

    I can’t save a transparent png in photo...from what I can see this issue is over a year old, is it not going to be fixed?
  5. Hello, is it possible to create character styles in Designer, that can be used across different text blocks or files? Until publisher is available on iPad (hopefully!) I’m doing layouts in Designer and would like to be able to apply text styles across several documents. Thanks!
  6. One problem I have with having an object deselected is that I often import sketches into the app and even though the layer with the sketch is locked, I can’t select an object because the locked layer always gets selected. It would be nice if locking a layer means it can’t be selected, and that an object could be moved while being selected.
  7. Girlvsworld

    Dashed line not working in Designer

    This is the result I have...I realize the last stroke I make in this video is not selecte but the first two are. 553380EB-F1B5-4325-A95B-05A44190616E.MP4
  8. Adjusting the settings in the stroke studio produces no results, the line remains solid. Am I missing something?
  9. Sorry for what’s probably a very simple question, but I have a document with two artboards and would like to place guides on both artboards. Currently can only place guides on the first artboard. thanks!
  10. Same problem here - 6GB of documents data, removed all the files but had to delete and reinstall Affinity photo to regain that space.