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  1. It's been requested before but I don't see it in regards to AP 1.7. The official Alien Skin, Eye Candy plugin functionality request for AP 1.7. People are always saying just add this or that to AP and I can drop Photoshop for ever. Well this plugin is the only remaining reason I need to open photoshop. Thank you.
  2. Already did that. Alien Skin replied: "Unfortunately Affinity is telling users that they support Photoshop style plug-ins when their implementation of the Photoshop plug-in SDK is not complete. We are continuing to monitor their updates and will implement installer support when it works as expected. I've added your interest to support to the ongoing project log."
  3. TomM1

    Merge menu

    I agree. Right click on the layers panel, show option for "Merge Selected".
  4. One more vote for Eye Candy.
  5. And is the rendering intent choice in preferences only for new documents?
  6. There is also rendering intent choice in preferences.
  7. I have noticed that the Eye Candy plugin will actually open in the 1.7 beta. Unfortunately no image can be seen. But since the filter does not open at all in 1.6, is there reason to hope or is it just a fluke?
  8. TomM1

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Everyday, for more and more people, the long adobe winter is coming to an end.
  9. I never consider the Develop persona as I use DXO>Affinity Photo.
  10. I can confirm the, live filter, clarity blurry effect at 0%. This is not a problem with clarity from the filters menu.
  11. TomM1

    Plugins cause crash in

    EC is completely gone with 1.7. Oh well.
  12. Set up Filters>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask. Compare with the split screen at 100%. Click apply. The sharpening effect seems to revert and does not apply.
  13. I have also noticed this in 1.6 but this is a thread about the 1.7 beta.
  14. TomM1

    Plugins cause crash in

    I would also mention that if I open EC from AP choose an effect then press ok, it actually does apply the filter. But without a preview it is impractical.
  15. TomM1

    Plugins cause crash in

    Just to add that Eye Candy opens for me in 130 but there is no image.
  16. This seems to be fixed in .127
  17. TomM1

    Unsharp mask problems

    I agree. A related thread here.
  18. I have noticed with these betas that if I have an image open in AP then I cannot open the same image in preview.
  19. I just now saw this other topic. You can delete this. Untitled.mov
  20. TomM1

    Eye Candy plugin opens, sort of

    A screen shot to show EC open.
  21. TomM1

    Pakal's Dream

    The Jaguar and butterflies are stock photos. The center is a model of the famous mayan sarcophagus cover. Photos of Mayan ceramics were used for the background. Xenon Galactic brushes at the top. Unfortunately, I had to make the shiny gold effect in PS as the Eye Candy plugin remains unsupported by Affinity. Affinity Photo is a wonderful software but it starts to slow way down when the file tops 400 MBs. Thumbnails are slow to update and just turning a layer on and off requires seconds to render. Working at 100% very difficult. Thanks for looking.
  22. TomM1

    Pakal's Dream

    This one is 460 MB with a native resolution of only 11x16 inches. If I wanted to get bigger for large prints AP would likely grind to a halt. I have other files at 558 MB, and 700 MB.
  23. Beta 122. The preview is red when Fit Type is Scale. Then is corrected when changed to Fit to Printable. See attacments.