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  1. "Adobe die hard"? You mean paid Adobe troll?? Who defends Adobe's subscription model... I would like to see Affinity Affiliate Scheme, but I don't think it's mandatory... but It would be nice for people who likes to see Affinity replace Adobe and get small pocket money for it..
  2. As you can see I'm unable to change the Pressure, Stroke width anymore, no matter the Brush I use. Anyone knows how to fix it? Even after restarting the app on Windows it doesn't fix. Also tried to delete layers, create new empty layers, it still frozen. The problem occured after using multiple different Waterbrushes and changing colors/stroke and suddenly it broke.. 20200502-210136.mp4
  3. It would be nice if there was a way for Affinity to built animation and even export to MP4, GIF or better pure HTML/JS/CSS (SVG) to use on websites. The web keeps getting better and better, but the creative animation tools for the web are limited. There are a few tools if you search for it, but its subscription-based or only available for Mac. I'm not asking for After Effects or other Cinema/Cinematic tools. Just key-frame based Vector animation that we can export to GIF/HTML-CSS/MP4. What do you guys think? Anyone else thinks Affinity Designer can really use some modern, innova
  4. I'm enjoying Affinity Designer, but one problem, every other productive tool I use works on Linux except for Affinity Designer. So I can't drop Windows and migrate fully to Linux. Are there any Linux fans at Affinity? Maybe it's time for Affinity to pioneer into commercial Linux creative software...
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