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  1. vwatson

    UI Scale Option

    I'll second that.
  2. This thread seems to have devolved into crop wars. I think many people have moved/will move away from photoshop to AP because of the pricing, not necessarily because they weren't pleased with the PS interface or functionality. And, it's understandable that AP doesn't have all the same features - yet - because it's a much younger product. But, isn't it fine to critique and offer suggestions for improvement??
  3. I think the difference may be with people who are accustomed to doing it all in one operation. If you've never done it that way, it won't bother you to do it the current AP way. If you've done it the photoshop way, it does seem like a big deal. It's one of the few things that keeps me from solely using AP. As a web designer, I crop/resize photos a lot. As I said, Affinity's plan to provide both ways of using the crop tool will make everyone happy.
  4. Same here. I'm hoping AP is ready before my old photoshop stops working. I've only had software do that due to Windows version changes - which seem to be forced, rather than elective now.
  5. I don't. Crop/resize with the crop tool in pshop, then Save for Web (old CS5 version of pshop). It's a useful feature and affinity says they're adding it. I assume they'll keep the current operations as well, so if you prefer doing it that way, we'll all be happy.
  6. Thanks for the info, but that's still more work than the resize operation being incorporated into the crop -all in one step.
  7. Another vote for this. Currently I pull up an old version of photoshop if I need to crop/resize. Once you get used to doing it in one step, it's very hard to revert to the 2-step process, especially if you have multiple images.
  8. I tried closing all the panels, still didn't work. Uninstalled/reinstalled & they're there! Yay!! :)
  9. My monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080, which is the recommended. I maximize, minimize, resize Affinity Photo, still no char/paragraph panels. Here's a brief screencast showing me clicking the buttons and menu options. I've tried it with selecting the text layer, text tool, highlighting text in the text object. I'm not sure what you have to do since I've never gotten them to appear. http://www.vickiwatson.com/temp/affinity-photo.mp4
  10. Anyone have a clue on this? Would definitely be helpful to have those panels. :( I'll try attaching the screen capture again. It didn't post the last time.
  11. I did the Ctrl thing, but still no panels. Screenshot attached. :(
  12. I cannot get the Paragraph or Character panels to appear. I assume there are supposed to be panels for those options? With the text tool active, i see Character and Paragraph buttons, but when I click them, nothing happens. If I click the Text menu - Show Character or Show Paragraph - nothing happens for either one. Text/Show Typography does pop up a panel though. From the View menu - Studio - Character and Paragraph are both checked, but they do not appear in any of the areas where the other panels are shown. I'm just starting with Affinity Photo, so there could be something I'm missing, but everything else has worked as I expected - a refugee from Photoshop. :) Version is OS is Windows 10