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  1. Technically, it's a real problem. Theoretically, you can believe it's not if you find it useful. We don't. If you don't see it as a problem, it's because you never retouch on real life situations or used this tool. You probably shouldn't be answering before doing that. Being able to build a photo software doesn't include by default being aware of what's useful or not for a photographer, that's the reason of a forum. It's not ME, it's just a bunch of retouchers and photographers with more experience than the makers of this software, who are clearly simply requesting for something basic to be included because it's just weird not to have it, like programmers don't understand why is important. If you don't see it basic, it's because, again, you possibly have no experience at all in retouching. "We don't have it"...well.....I can see it and you should't brag about it. You should def listen to what people is listing here as missing features; through the whole forum the response to these issues is actually zero or, as in your case, mods are answering from a closed point of view "we do it like this and that's what it is".....looks to me like the Apple philosophy, take it or leave it. Was not this all Serif thing about making a change in software market and create a better relationship with customers? So naive right... Over and Out buddy
  2. Macbook Pro and Ipad pro. Only happens in the desktop version, regardless of the kind of document
  3. HI. Still need to find a way to set MIN pixel lenght for H or V sides on batch exporting; the only numbers you can write are meant to be the MAX size you want. Example: I can decide the max values for H or V side so the final image do not exceed it, but what if I need the smallest side to be i.e. 1200px and having AP to do the rest? This option is intuitive and for that reason widely available on any other software I know so far... It's quite a simple option that I can't see here on AP. Thanks
  4. Still need to find a way to set MAX or MIN pixel lenght for H or V sides on batch exporting
  5. No answers at all after 2 years, problem is still there. Is getting frustrating and annoying exposing any issue to this forum and having zero replies from support.
  6. Hi, I see no progress so far, a new AP version was released with new features but also (as usual) without improving the old limitations...
  7. Still waiting....................................................................................................................................................... Is there any point on the existence of this forum if no one cares from the beginning of time? KNOCK KNOCK AFFINTIY
  8. Hi. When I use the patch tool and the selected area is a bit more than aprox 300px (even less) it just stuck and crash the program. Always happened, never got fixed though newer versions of AP. Looks like it can only take very small amount of pixels. Any solutions? Thanks
  9. Hi, I quote this cause it's 2 years old and still no answers. When clicking the 3 lines icon sometimes the only option available is Rename, on other projects I have the usual Save, Close, etc....WHY? Thanks
  10. Looks like after 2+years we're still waiting for an update of this feature or at least some response from the support team, I looked around and couldn't find a recent thread about this. I do a lot of fine retouching (skin, beauty, advertising) and everything related with brush (cloning, dodge&burning, healing, etc..) can't be done with accuracy. As users, I think we've widely shown our needs and interest for an urgent update of this feature, we'd like not to be ignored. If your goal is to create a professional editing app, then listen to the needs of those users who work in this business and suggests you how to improve it for real life projects. Thanks
  11. Thanks MEB for the support, hope to see this feature on the next update. Also, a button to quickly invert the aspect ratio in between the 2 numbers (horizontal and vertical) would be awesome. Currently, if I select a standard crop of, i.e., 5x7 and I want a 7x5, I have to manually clear and re-type on both boxes. A single button (usually represented with 2 arrows going different directions) to invert them would speed up this tedious task. Thank you
  12. It looks like we should open another thread in order to be answered by a person who actually understand the problem here...
  13. I understand your frustration cause I'm probably used to the same workflow as yours, I found really obvious that a auto-clean feature to check was necessary. i.e. When you skin retouching you make tons of quick and precise strokes (mainly in low frequency for me) in order to even the skin tones; so having to click Clean every time is just nuts. It's actually a part of a regular gesture in a retoucher/photographer workflow, I feel like something important is really missing and would be good to have it, it would make a big difference.
  14. Alfred I really have no answers for you, that's what they ask and this topic is not about it. If you have any suggestion regarding the topic you welcome, besides that......
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