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  1. annalaurence

    glitch when flattening image

    Hi Owenr, thank you for your quick reply. I didn’t know about the odd number - thank you so much for telling me. I’m new to this so tips like this are really helpful. I’ve attached the file before cropping. I’ve made many edits to that file since this morning so I’m not sure if that’s what you were looking for?
  2. annalaurence

    glitch when flattening image

    Hi all, Thank you for your replies. I’ve tried the snapping tip with a few designs and the problem hasn’t gone away unfortunately. See photo, the white thin line is at the bottom of the photo this time. Sometimes it is on the left and bottom, and sometimes only at the bottom of the image. It appeared right after I flattened the image. I’ve also attached a photo of my iPad screen with the snapping settimgs. Perhaps my settings are not right? @Affinity Team: is that a glitch with the program? What should I do? This is preventing me from using the program. Thank you, Anna
  3. annalaurence

    glitch when flattening image

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply - I appreciate it. I've attached the original photo. Here is the process I follow usually: I start by cropping my image using the crop tool before flattening the image. Then I go to the filters > affine> Offset 50% Y and 50% X. Then I edit the photo, using a bunch of filters and other stuff, and then when I am happy with it I go back to offset by 50% Y and X again (I don't always do that last step.) I often use the Scale X and Y to see how it would look in repeat. I have to say I am not exactly sure when those lines appear because sometimes they are visible and sometimes not. I noticed that there is often an issue when I offset back - it often is slightly off by a millimetre or so when the lines had appeared already - which makes the whole image unusable. But I know the issue with those lines comes often after flattering and going into the offset. I think that is when they show up. I often export those photos to Photoshop to see how the tile look like on an repeat base and often the white thin lines are present. The issue is that if the lines are there, or the image is slightly offset, then I can't use it in repeat. I am worried that deleting the pixels as you recommended will show too much. My tiles needs a perfect seam otherwise it can't become a pattern. I am using Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro and I really like it. I hope we can fix this problem so I can still do that :-) Thanks Anna
  4. annalaurence

    glitch when flattening image

    Hi Chris, thanks for your reply. Are you saying I need to do that for every single file that I work on? Perhaps I wasn't clear that this is a recurring problem when I use Affinity. I don't see that as being a long term solution. Thanks Anna
  5. Hi there, I'm having a recurring problem when I flatten my images. A thin white line appears on the edges of my photo, usually (but not always) on the right and bottom edges. I create repeat patterns, so usually after resizing a photo, I flatten it before using the affine button. I then offset X & Y my image to 50% to work on the image - and that is usually when those lines appear. It is especially an issue for me because I need the image to become a repeat tile, and the white lines break the image. I've attached the file to this post. Thanks Anna