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  1. ok but it doesn't stay clean? Anyway to keep it clean without having to hit "c" after each stroke? I must be doing something wrong :-) BTW, does the associate brush dropdown cause the current brush to take on the selected brush's settings? Thank You for all of your help
  2. So the way I use the mixer-brush in photoshop is by setting the color/clean brush to a null color (basically cleans brush after each stroke) that way it becomes a blender for smoothing out or mixing colors together . Think of the smudge brush on steroids. Then I can control the amount of blending using the flow and mix settings. Does Photo's Paint Mixer Brush have any setting that would clean after each stroke? I think that might be the challenge I am having with it? Thank You for the brush settings explanation, that helps!
  3. Just did and that doesn't work either. I guess I just don't understand all the settings in Photo for the brushes like I do in Photoshop? when using the paint-mixer brush, it keeps introducing colors into the blend that aren't natural or any combination of the areas I'm trying to blend?
  4. Yes I have. It works but still not the same as the Photoshop Mixer-Brush.
  5. Hello, I’m new to Photo and am trying to replicate my current retouching workflow from Photoshop where I use a median based frequency seperation, and then use photoshops Mixer brush to blend out things such as wrinkles, blemishes, tonal differences in skin, etc on the low frequency layer instead of just bluring it. I was able to get the seperation done with apply image, but can’t quite get the same smoothing/blending that I am used to with the Mixer brush in Photoshop? Does anyone have settings, tools, workflow suggestions that can best replicate Photoshop’s Mixer brush? I’ve tried using the Median Brush but it pretty much does nothing? I have also tried the “paint Mixer brush” with 0% opacity and it sort of works but is just not the same. I’ve also scoured YouTube and the web for any tutorials on the use of both the median brush, and paint Mixer brush, and haven’t found much help? hopefully someone here much smarter than me has figured this out thanks,
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