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  1. Good afternoon, I wonder if there is a way to export images (batch export mainly) setting the minimum size of any exported pic. For stock photography I need images that should be 4Mb (jpgs) at least; I'm exporting from retouched Tiffs (generally 3600px X 5000px), setting "export to jpg" as my only custom option, some files are 4+ Mb but most of them are only 2-3Mb.. Thank you in advance
  2. Alfred I really have no answers for you, that's what they ask and this topic is not about it. If you have any suggestion regarding the topic you welcome, besides that......
  3. It's working but I've noticed that you need to change these settings anytime again, it doesn't "remind" your last settings...am I wrong?
  4. the stock photography platform I'm working with need min 4mb images
  5. Hi Walt, thanks for the reply. You are right, my settings for jpg export were at 85, so I put it at 100 and now the size has increased. Still I wonder if there is a more accurate way to predict or keep the desired size into a specific range of Mb...in this case I need min 4Mb but I'd also like to avoid having 20Mb files. Working with tons of images would make this non time-consuming, I couldn't imagine do and check the export one by one.. I could easily do that in CaptureOne for example because for any image you can see how much (in Mbs) is going to weight, but it's a longer process since you have to create a new session for any export... Thanks
  6. Morning, I can't batch process anymore now, any kind of command lead to the "thinking wheel", the program doesn't respond and I have to force it to shut down. In January I had the same issue, came here and someone said to turn the parallel process off in order to by-pass the bug; it worked and kept it that way because no fix was around. 4 months have gone and this new bug is happening for a few days now, yet no update available and wondering how can I deliver my client this 40+ pics batch without spending my morning to do it one by one... def need an update guys
  7. ok thanks I'll try that. Any idea of what parallel processing is meant for anyways and what's the big difference when checked or not?
  8. I have a macro and sometimes (maybe 20% of the times I tried) it's working with one image. Still, working with no macros or less images is not a solution, just another slooooow work around for a well known and crucial issue that's been around for quite some time now. A few months ago I asked for any info about updates and fixes but I had no answer at all. So again, any update to the software, still have 1.6.7
  9. Morning, I recorded a macro which content is to create 3-4 non destructive levels (Channel mixer, Dodge&Burn custom macro, Levels, HSL) with specific settings and apply it to a batch (in this case is a fashion studio catalogue with the same settings). What happened is that after applying the layers it automatically flatten the image, save it and close it, so I don't have the chance to tweak those levels anymore. Manually creating those levels one pic at a time is a pain in the a** when it comes to do it on a big batch. I was used to perform this smoothly in PS actions and still have all my layers available. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Walt, thanks for all this info. I guess for my next project I'll try this workflow: RAW to Capture One to Tiffs (8-16bits 300dpi) to .aphoto (converted in APh) to final delivery (Jpgs,etc..). Have a good one!
  11. Meaning that I can keep the levels from the macro only selecting both .aphoto and Tiff in the batch window? If so, I should get rid of the (useless to me) .aphoto files. I also don't get if, in order to have that option, my first file should be a .aphoto file or I can do it from my existing tiffs (export from tiff to a.photo+tiff) after they come from Capture One. I still don't understand what's the benefit on working on .afphoto or .psd files depending on the software you use, when using Tiff is the most looseless versatile option, especially if you work with a retoucher or any other person working with PS. I still have PS for things where APh is not fully reliable for real life productions, where batching/actions/exporting should go smooth and intuitive. Quality wise, is not a good move either. From Capture One you can natively export Tiff and PSD. So just because in AP some operations works better when working on .aphoto file, I should go through another export (let's say from Tiff to .aphoto), losing quality even before retouching skin for example....sorry it just make no sense. It should be simple, and the way it it is just more time consuming and limited.
  12. Ok I guess we both had a misunderstanding on the jpg thing, now I understand what you meant before and why you explained me the compression thing, but anyways, i'm using TiFF, not jpg and didn't want to export in JPG. As you can see on my macro, there's no saving/export command, I just wanted to apply those levels on my Tiffs and just leave it like that in order to continue working on those tiffs one by one for further adjustments/retouch. My point is that I don't understand why after applying the macro with all those levels, the program just decided save in Tiff but flatten, since the only commands on my marcos were to create levels, nothing more. thanks
  13. I use Tiff, but it shouldn't matter really. Why does it actually? Am I not free to keep levels on jpgs? What if I'm working on a graphic layout on top of a Hires jpg and I need to apply it to 10 pics? Kinda non sense don't you think?
  14. Hi Stokerg, sure thing! I attach the macro and also the screenshot with the actions inside. Thanks! 70tees.afmacro
  15. Hi MEB, thanks for the support. I'm using AP on Mac retina for almost a year now, my learning curve for this software is kinda intuitive since I'm coming from 10+ys of PS. Not too keen on using Beta on real productions, also I'm not familiar with these versions of AP so I guess I'll wait for the official update to be released. I'm really happy with the software but sometimes I just surprised to find some clumsy details on tools that should be user friendly by default. Thanks
  16. Good morning, It looks to me (maybe I'm wrong) that is not possible to set some default settings to the crop tool. I'd like for example to have it always set on "Original Ratio" and with the "Darken Border" always checked, in order to speed up a basic process like cropping a bunch of catalog photos. I've found this intuitive option in every processing software I've used so far but can't figure it out here. Any ideas? If such a thing doesn't exist for AP it would be awesome to have it ASAP since it'll speed up the workflow, especially when working on several images. Thanks
  17. Same here, just fixed it unchecking parallel process too. Any update so far?
  18. Thanks Carl it worked! Just found a thread here about Parallel Processing with Mojave, but the last entry was in December. Any news about a fix? Cheers
  19. Morning, batch job always worked good but 2 days ago just stop processing and saving images. As in the screenshot I attach, it just keep on "thinking", with the progress wheels keeps "rotating" but doing nothing. No file is processed nor saved. Nothing changed on my mac (no updates, new applications, hardware,etc..), got plenty of disk space and not using any external HD. Here I'm trying to resize some 2-3Mb Jpg files to a lower resolution jpg selection for my client to view it. Started with 40 and didn't work. Tried with less but still stucked. Process is actually quite smooth since data is very small and wheels are always appearing only in the first 8 images listed on the process. I should do the same later with another project of 1000+ photos. The application itself is not stucked or freezed but since I took that screenshots 20mins passed and nothing happened. I thought about uninstall/re-install the app in case of a bug but I just don't want to loose my macros and stuff. Thanks in advance for your help
  20. Hi. When I select a layer and click on the layer mask icon, it creates a layer mask above and separately from that first layer. I have to manually drag it underneath the layer I meant to mask. Why is not automatically apply it to the layer I've selected? It should work exactly that way, like in photoshop or in any online Affinity tutorial, but not for me.
  21. Awesome!! Thanks Toltec, it works now! It was already checked properly but the Assistant itself was disable, maybe came that way by default. thanks again!!!