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  1. Appreciate the advice mate. Sounds like an iOS issue then? Kinda annoying that, but will definitely give it a go next time if there is one. Thanks!
  2. I get ya, sorry for being dense. Thankfully I don’t need to bother since I performed the same operation yesterday and it was fine 👌🏻. The app was crashing like a mofo however... not sure if it was because I had a ton of layers or.... 🤔. I did hear that it may be due to a recent iOS update, if you could confirm that, that would be awesome... aaaand if you have any insight on Affinity releasing Publisher on the iPad anytime this year. Don’t ask much do I? Appreciate your feedback dude 🙏🏻
  3. Hey Gabe, if you look at the lower image, the thickness of the lines around the nose/ears when payed into a new document is the most obvious. Clearly this isn’t a massive issue, but could be annoying if it was a regular occurrence. I’d post more, but not much need too, these are literally the screens i see when copying, opening other dock and then pasting. Thanks!
  4. Awesome, cheers for the update Chris! Puts my mind to rest some 🙏🏻
  5. I’m also having repeated crashes, although it’s not seemingly related to layers, but with brushes.... the app crashes “randomly” when the pencil touches the screen. I only purchased AF today, but have been using Designer for about a week with similar issues. That being said, I love the programs, especially due to the fact they are a legitimate alternative to Adobe, and great value for money, so really, the occasional crash isn’t an issue, especially considering not much progress is lost each time. That being said, it would be great to have it fixed...clearly.
  6. Hey so I decided to copy and paste a grouped vector image to a new page, and the pressure settings for the lines didn’t transfer. Subsequently realized my efforts were unnecessary since exporting allows for “cropping” specific parts of the canvas for export. Still, thought you may want to know. As you can see, the thickness of the tapered lines in the second image are thinner. Excellent program, even if there are little issues occasionally... we’ll worth the money. Thanks 🙏🏻
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