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  1. Well said 👏🏻. I have stated before that I think affinity is astonishingly good value, and would be happy to pay for “premium” updates. Maybe not all users would have a need for some of the features mentioned, nor others that affinity had in mind for the future. But having options to purchase individual “plugins” may be a way that the developers could justify the apparently unjustifiable additions to the program you mentioned. In the long run, it is only going to get harder for Serif with their business model. I am definitely not saying they should go down the creative cloud route (cus f*** Adobe that’s why) but again, I value designer and photo enough, that I would happily support the company further than the initial payment while also ensuring that Serif has the liquidity to remain current in the face of Adobe’s rather lucrative business model.
  2. You on Instagram man? Great work 👌🏻
  3. Very cool. Nicely done, and great band 👌🏻🤘🏻
  4. Actually, I agree. I would happily pay. I love designer, I can’t abide photoshop’s creative cloud subscription policy and compared to that “service” affinity is a steal... would not see a reasonable payment for updates as exploitative at all..... especially if you could pick and choose... Essentially like plugins.
  5. Sadly, as mentioned in the title of this thread....... perspective and warp tools..... are lacking
  6. Noted, but If a young person can make sense of what I said, I think their parents are more to blame than I am frankly.
  7. We pay Serif money in exchange for a product.... your metaphor is most relevant to a hooker/john relationship. It is arguable that some would complain about a shoddy **** job, but I’m not sure the developers would be comfortable with the comparison.
  8. Thanks man. I appreciate that. Overall I am fully enamored with designer... and very, very happy, but there are issues, and some options are lacking.. when they do become apparent, I just have to think of what it does for the price, and also because f*** Adobe. Cheers Jowday
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