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  1. I wish people would verify before posting😡. Right..... I guess if they had that function, they would have included it in designer.
  2. I think most people here are looking for vector transform. It is a useful feature for raster though 👌🏻
  3. Almost three since the beginning of the thread. I wonder if affinity had some form of voting system for features most desired by users. Pretty sure rulers and free transform would be at the top of the list.
  4. Ah, I see it, you’re right. Done now though 😁 Thanks Danny
  5. Looks great! I wouldn’t be afraid to thicken some lines though. If it were me, I’d thicken the white line round “umsec” a touch. Replace the gradient with a similar width yellow. Add a line round the outside of the grey part of the shield. I’d also maybe explore some different, more subtle /legible fonts for the subtext, that or tone down the gradient. Umsec looks badass, allow it to be more impactful by being unique, and also allow more legibility for the smaller font, will probably have to be condensed also. Great work!
  6. That’s what is so frustrating. If only they were to focus some energy on those essentials, they potentially could be a legitimate competitor, not perhaps universally, but at least to a wider segment of professionals.
  7. Received loud and clear, apologies. Your statement is honestly debatable though. The guy above and admittedly myself were acting like kids.... however, when there are regular questionable management decisions and a reluctance to respond to repeated requests and comments about your (generally but not universally) awesome products, “feedback” like this is inevitable. Why don’t you attempt to defend yourself a little more and at least mitigate some frustrations aired by customers. My own personal grievances include: No rulers in Designer ipad, no free transform or warp in ipad. I’m not alone
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