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  1. With the move tool selected in AD 1, there was a button at the bottom of the screen that allowed an object to be expanded and contracted from it’s central point. It’s funny how you don’t realize the amount you use something until it’s no-where to be seen. Apologies if I’m being dense, but would love to know wtf it’s lurking (in AD 2). Thanks 🙏🏻
  2. I removed the adjustments, and yeah, you’re totally right svg (for export) worked with adjustments deleted, was rasterized when not.. I guess I never attempted to export an adjusted file in that format before, which seems odd. I attached the file anyway. I don’t suppose there’s a way round this? Thanks a lot for your help! frame.afdesign
  3. Unfortunately it’s everything, not just unsupported elements. The whole thing becomes rasterized, in complete contrast to AD1 that didn’t. I could just export within the studio in any format that supported vector, and on the whole it would be fine. Very disappointing, but also a pain in the a** since some clients require vector format. On the whole I’m loving AD2 but there arguably couldn’t be a worst area to have bugs.
  4. exports svg’s as raster, therefore not being scalable, nor vector? I deleted AD1 and now regret it mainly because it was the only avenue I had for exporting my work as vector. The best option so far is avoiding the studio altogether and exporting as a pdf with all options to rasterize turned off, but then it doesn’t export the adjustments. Thanks! Edit…. it’s AD2 on ipad I’m using.
  5. Thanks guys, I should have been more specific, I need it in designer. Thanks anyway 🙏🏻
  6. Fyi, I’m aware of the navigation panel, but spacebar hand tool would be awesome.
  7. Is there a hand tool shortcut using keyboard and mouse in lieu of touching the screen? I use my Ipad like a desktop, and it would be great to not have to reach up to navigate. That or a select magnification area by drawing a box would be awesome. I’d put this in the feedback section since I know the first option is likely unavailable, but the thread’s been archived. Thanks!
  8. It’s funny because most tools required to complete the vast majority of potential client’s work exist in designer. Admittedly there are some that would be nice, and would speed up workflow, but as someone who uses both pen and keyboard/mouse I find it perfect, especially compared to AI on ipad, which is junk, I have to rent it periodically for exporting in AI format for certain clients and that. is. it. Speaking of which… if you’re wanting all those things and you are a professional, why aren’t you renting desktop illustrator instead of again, whining here?
  9. Good question, why do you care so much? I use AD professionally on the ipad. Yeah I had to use some workarounds for AD1, and AD2 is still flawed, but overall fantastic, especially at the price, and if you compare it to AI for the ipad there is no competition…. none, and it’s $9.99 a freaking month. Vectorizing is the only thing it has going for it. Your description sounds like you have never used AD, but yet you are on here whining? “zero tools for vector designing” 🤣
  10. Unrelated since It’s reference to AD2, but guys…. seriously…. excellent job with this app! You’ve outdone yourself. You were already miles ahead of AI on the Ipad, my chosen hardware, now you’ve lapped ‘em by miles. Some of the improvements were small but a big deal for me (artboard background shade altertation being one), others were world changing like the vector warp (although imho it could be a little more prominent in the UI, but VERY small gripe). Super pleased with it, great job!!!!
  11. Mmm, well the adjustments studio in AD1 operated in a similar manner… a layer was created that allowed alterations to be non destructive, yet it was way more prominent in the UI. Not entirely sure if you’re being passive aggressive with your “big if”.
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