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  1. There is a mesh warp. In a stretch I use a raster to vector export function on adobe capture…. which if memory serves is free. it’s a workaround, but that may help.
  2. I recently payed for AI for the ipad, yup, you guessed it, no vector distort. It was also vastly inferior to AD, less intuitive interface, less features. Also made me less inclined to grumble about Designer… still empathize with ya tho…. It is a pain.
  3. If I were to say you were wrong about that I would be lying, but alas, I wasn’t referring to the artboard itself, I was referring to the artboard background, and no amount of i.e’s are going to persuade me otherwise I’m afraid. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume I was right that it couldn’t be altered after all, and that serif should either keep it the same shade as a normal document background, or allow us to alter it ourselves. Again, though happy to be wrong. Here’s a further pictorial example aaaajustincase.
  4. Yeah, I don’t think we’re on the same page, this is what I’m referring to, the background is definitely not an object. But happy to be wrong. FullSizeRender.MOV
  5. Thanks man. I don’t suppose you can do me a favor and lmk where in the studio, for the life of me I can’t see any options referring to the artboard background. Cheers!
  6. What, because it’s not going to happen? Well I understand your position, but you expressed it like a w******. I have personally found it frustrating ref the lack of response to certain issues, but to find out that AD on the ipad is superior to AI was refreshing, the latter doesn’t have free transform either, so the only other big one is rulers. That was my point, but you’re free to sound like a child if you want. Edit: I’m guessing you assumed I posted on this thread, I didn’t….. so your initial “😂” was even less called for. I probably agree with most that was said, but again, you’re ranting about a cheep and overall great app, I’f you really don’t like it, you should pull out your wallet and get your cheep ass to pay the $9 a month for AI.
  7. I think you’re being presumptious about how much time I’d require to compare, especially when I was referring primarily to the basic interface, but even more complex stuff like stroke pressure (which I use a ton) is more intuitive. As much as AI can do on the desktop, their mobile version needs some work. I had a fairly good look around and stand by my comparison. And if a client needs more than an svg, I’ll pay the $9 no F***’s given. Not entirely sure why you’re on here other than to simp for the “industry standard”. Sometimes creatives require tools that are more intuitive, that’s the point I was making, and as I said, stand by.
  8. …. I needed it to provide a client with AI files, so thought I’d give it a go. Initially I was impressed with a few things, rulers being the main feature, but overall?? Affinity is substantially better! The interface is way more intuitive, there is more functionality, keyboard/mouse integration and, my assumption was that AI would have free transform, which it did not. I know that AD has been on the ipad for longer, but unless AI has a dramatic rethink of it’s interface, I will chose AD every time, and subscribe to AI only when completely necessary. So great job Serif! If you can integrate rulers, and have more options when it comes to the artboard background (it’s way too bright), include more keyboard shortcuts, and possibly work out free transform (I’m starting to doubt it’s possible for ipad though?), then you would have even more of a superior product. I’m even more happy I can more legitimately resent Adobe for their business model.
  9. Well maybe give Upwork a go, it is a little saturated in terms of the classics… logo’s etc, but If you have a specific niche and can put up with the constant applications, there is work. And with AD/procreate/canva, I’m more or less set….. at least until 2.0 comes out 😉 All the best 👊🏻
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