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  1. Hey Callum, just following up mate, I have the above screen recording, but this might highlight it better. Unfortunately it’s still happening (intermittently) on random projects. Usually going out of the project and coming back in fixes it, but I am having to do it repeatedly on this one. I solved it by taking the elements I needed and transferring them to a new document. RPReplay_Final1701975422.mp4
  2. Walt, you are a legend sir. I wish it was integrated into the mouse, along with zoom, but I’ll take it, thanks!
  3. I fairly regularly use my ipad as a desktop, especially when not illustrating. The single biggest hurdle however is not having a functioning hand tool. I have a Magic Trackpad but it simply isn’t adequate for maintaining a decent workflow. If a right click hand tool was introduced that would be very welcome. Also currently the wheel tracks the vertical axis which is great for reading text, but a more suitable application for AD specifically would be a zoom feature. Love your Apps, love that you have this suggestion thread, keep up the great work!
  4. Sure thing, here you go man. I don’t know whether it’s because I open another app for a bit, then return to AD. I restarted the app and everything corrected itself. RPReplay_Final1694965783.mp4
  5. When working on a document yesterday I found the above issue. I worked out that by opening up a new document with margins/bleed off they would be visible, but opening up the same document this morning, they’re gone again. Note: I just went back in to the same document to get a screen grab, and now they’re visible again! It seems to be intermittent.
  6. I know I’m probably missing something simple… but… this:
  7. With the move tool selected in AD 1, there was a button at the bottom of the screen that allowed an object to be expanded and contracted from it’s central point. It’s funny how you don’t realize the amount you use something until it’s no-where to be seen. Apologies if I’m being dense, but would love to know wtf it’s lurking (in AD 2). Thanks 🙏🏻
  8. I removed the adjustments, and yeah, you’re totally right svg (for export) worked with adjustments deleted, was rasterized when not.. I guess I never attempted to export an adjusted file in that format before, which seems odd. I attached the file anyway. I don’t suppose there’s a way round this? Thanks a lot for your help! frame.afdesign
  9. Unfortunately it’s everything, not just unsupported elements. The whole thing becomes rasterized, in complete contrast to AD1 that didn’t. I could just export within the studio in any format that supported vector, and on the whole it would be fine. Very disappointing, but also a pain in the a** since some clients require vector format. On the whole I’m loving AD2 but there arguably couldn’t be a worst area to have bugs.
  10. exports svg’s as raster, therefore not being scalable, nor vector? I deleted AD1 and now regret it mainly because it was the only avenue I had for exporting my work as vector. The best option so far is avoiding the studio altogether and exporting as a pdf with all options to rasterize turned off, but then it doesn’t export the adjustments. Thanks! Edit…. it’s AD2 on ipad I’m using.
  11. Thanks guys, I should have been more specific, I need it in designer. Thanks anyway 🙏🏻
  12. Fyi, I’m aware of the navigation panel, but spacebar hand tool would be awesome.
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