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  1. We pay Serif money in exchange for a product.... your metaphor is most relevant to a hooker/john relationship. It is arguable that some would complain about a shoddy **** job, but I’m not sure the developers would be comfortable with the comparison.
  2. Thanks man. I appreciate that. Overall I am fully enamored with designer... and very, very happy, but there are issues, and some options are lacking.. when they do become apparent, I just have to think of what it does for the price, and also because f*** Adobe. Cheers Jowday
  3. When I looked this issue up on here, there were convincing reasons to believe it was to do with anti aliasing.... however, when the document was exported to png... the lines were along with it. Black version is in affinity, white is client’s screenshot of exported png Thankyou!
  4. As much as his last comment riled me, since you’re here Patrick... apologies for being a dick posting a new thread on well worn topic
  5. You aren’t aware of the complexity of the task... questioning someone else’s professionalism from a place of ignorance says more about you my friend... as does your condescending remark after I apologized. Maybe the rules are don’t fight doochebagery with doochebagery.
  6. Your’e right, I’m sorry. It was a childish act of frustration. I was asked to do something for a client that took me hours in a fixed price job without the tool. My genuine apologies, I appreciate AD a great deal, and the feedback I get from this forum. I was indeed being a little bitch.
  7. Hey I set my default save location to iCloud, however when attempting to save either with a project open or when on the “home screen” I receive the message: saving.. on ipad. Would appreciate any clues Mark
  8. +1 ....a necessity (for iPad too) Thanks in advance devs 🙏🏻
  9. Hey So I’m hoping to animate a layered designer file within procreate. The easiest method will be to rasterize all layers and (apparently) import as psd... which isn’t working. After some investigation i found procreate doesn’t support 16bit, but I can’t see the option to alter to 8 bit when exporting from AD. I’m not tied to any method however, so if there is any way to achieve the layered import, I’d be super grateful to hear. Cheers! M
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