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  1. I am wondering if the Affinity team has any plans to implement the "Live Trace Tool" that Adobe and many other companies have on their vector applications. It seems like its a tool that every vector app should have but unfortunately Designer doesn't have it. I know that the old Serif DrawPlus app had the Live Trace tool and worked pretty well back then. I hope you guys implement this tool soon. Funny story, I actually needed it last week due to the fact one can not convert a vector brush to an outline. So, I had to copy and paste it into illustrator, live traced what I designed, convert to outlines and then import it back to Designer. It took a while to figure all this because I wanted Affinity Designer to be able to do this. I am still a happy customer and will still preach the word of the Affinity apps. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there is a duplicate brush functionality on Affinity Photo for the iPad? I couldn't find it and find it really useful for digital painting. I have a few brushes I like but want different versions of it so, duplicating the brush like you can in the Desktop app, would be amazing! Thanks a bunch!
  3. Affinity Designer is more of an app that's comparable Adobe Illustrator. Even though you can do great UX/UI design with it, you don't get the common web functionality like bootstrap grid layouts and prototyping with transitions that most UI designers are looking for. It would be amazing to see Affinity come out with a product similar to Sketch/Invision Studio/XD for web designers. More simplified and functionality more geared for web designers. Either way, I think you can still design a great web/app interface using Affinity Designer. I love that Affinity Designer is available on the iPad. I can go and get things done without the use of my work laptop.
  4. Thanks for your help, guys! It's very confusing that you have to convert your path to a curve before you can get it to work. It's also in a very weird place and isn't anywhere in the tutorials. Hopefully, the Affinity UI and the Developer Staff can figure out an easier way to get this functionality to work better in future updates, make it super simple as it is in the desktop version. Maybe put it in the Text panel somewhere, because, logically speaking, it has to do with the text tool. Anyways, this community is awesome and super helpful! Affinity, thanks for being great and having awesome products that I will continue to use over any Adobe products.
  5. I was wondering if the "reverse text path" feature that is on the desktop version of Affinity Designer will be on the iPad version. I use that feature a ton on the desktop and find it super useful. If it is on the iPad version already please ignore this Thanks for an amazing app!
  6. Being an illustrator the Live Paint Tool in Illustrator was a very useful tool. I would love to see you guy incorporate a tool such as this tool into the Designer app. Thanks!
  7. Love this app on the iPad! Great job! I have spent some time with this app today...all day :) and there is something I would love to see added to the app. Rulers. Rulers are always a crucial part of my workflow and I know it is for other designers out there. I really like this app and still digging into the ins and out of it. Thanks for finally creating a very powerful vector app for the iPad thanks works amazingly.
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