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  1. Title. There’s an option to change the background gray level when using the regular canvas, but the option for changing it when using artboards is missing. That would be a nice addition (since I don’t want any designer eyes burnt!) Thank you!
  2. Hello there! Do you know if there’s an Artboard Background Gray Level setting for iPad? Or it is just on desktop? I only see the Background one.
  3. I’ve just created an account just to add to this matter: it is really sad to see these basic features to be absent for a piece of software that feels otherwise very complete in my opinion. Being unable to use SPACE BAR + DRAG to navigate the canvas is really frustrating. Using the navigator window is not really useful when using a mouse. And a really easy fix for this could be giving us the possibility to use the space bar as a shortcut for the HAND tool, which is currently disabled from the beginning and should pop up instantly when a mouse is connected to the iPad. I’ve also noticed how difficult is to zoom in and out. The mouse wheel isn’t working at all. It would be nice to use ALT + MOUSE WHEEL for that, as many desktop software do. Again, the navigator is not useful in this situation. I hope this thread eventually leads to an actual fix and doesn’t get buried again. Thank you!
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