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  1. I added the file you're looking for. 1-Boeing_5248.docx
  2. The introduction of DOCX is a great addition but somehow I can't get my head around it. I'm using a paragraph style and the bottom alignment produced different results--blank spaces, unlike the other method; copy-paste to publisher. strange_spacing.mov
  3. I'm also using Mac. Here's the problem I encountered when I'm creating a booklet with many pictures, texts, etc...and dragging the masterpage to update my page numbers, then items disappeared. Here's the sample: layers.mov
  4. The odd thing is when I drag the master page to reapply to all pages, the master page layer goes on top, and all the texts, pictures below at the layers panel. I think the master page should always stick or locked at the bottom of the layers.
  5. Not only the page number, same as the background.
  6. I don't know if this a bug or feature, but in other apps like InDesign, the contents in the master page stays as- is. page move.mov
  7. Can't print, always crashing. So I file open this on Publisher beta .257 and it printed but the application crashes. The printer is Xerox Color C60 crash print.txt crash print 2.txt alicia label 1.5x 6.afdesign
  8. I find there's a conflict with the table and frame text tool on any document I created for beta 257. Previous beta seems OK. selectionbug.mov
  9. I'm trying to send a pdf exported from Publisher to Facebook Messenger, and it says there's a virus on the file I'm sending. Probably the beta version, so I flattened the pdf using Adobe Acrobat Pro, and the file sent anyway in the messenger.
  10. Do you have a secured link? The printer is Xerox Color C60.
  11. Another crash... I'm having these crashes seems like a printing issue. CRASH5.txt
  12. I'm having these crashes, and I don't know why. CRASH1.txt CRASH2.txt CRASH3.txt CRASH4.txt
  13. Strange, but in Designer 1.61, same setting and font, the superscript is working.
  14. A bug, but in Positioning and Transform the superscript is working.