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  1. Same old problem that's been asked many times. The only workaround I find is to convert the pdf to image. The problem is, if it's a grayscale and the other images are in color (cmyk), the grayscale will also appear as 4 colors.
  2. It reminds me of a razor blades. Time to shave!
  3. Strange. I'm getting an error on any file format I want to export... "An error occurred while exporting to:..." I'm using iMac, Mac OS X Yosemite v. 10.10.5 by the way.
  4. Is it just me or the export doesn't work?
  5. Not working correctly... Here's the file, and the output with their beta #. ad test.afpub 162.pdf 167.pdf
  6. Prior betas like .162, the images are complete, but on .167, it becomes wonky.
  7. OK, but if it can fix other issues like a pdf from other clients placed in Publisher but when exported to pdf, some images disappeared. I found out using beta .162, using the same file and export to pdf, the images are complete. Somehow beta .167 pdf export is faulty.
  8. In Publisher where my document is CMYK, If I place a grayscale image (photoshop image converted to gray), it should be 1 color as in black (K), then why I export it to 'pdf print', all 4 colors (CMYK) are present?
  9. From previous beta, dragging or placing a pdf, the size is OK, but on beta .162 the pdf size greatly reduced like a thumbnail.
  10. Hi, Here's the recording: flowcrash.mov
  11. To save my work, I use 1 column (instead of many columns) before I flow the text to another page. crash.txt
  12. The column guides in outline style keeps getting back to default (filled) when I quit the program, and open the same file again.
  13. I tried and seems working. The problem is the part of editing, it is hard if the marker is part of the story. In QuarkXpress and InDesign, I can create another text frame to detect the page number. jumpto.mov
  14. Well, it only detects the NEXT page, not the actual marker of a page of a jumped/continued story. QuarkXpress have this 'Next Box Page #' marker as it detects the actual page of the continued story, and 'Previous Box Page #' marker, where the story of the page first started or it's like 'Continued from Page #. Same goes to InDesign's 'Next Page Number' and 'Previous Page Number' marker. I wish Publisher have this feature.
  15. This ----> I wish there's a way not to stick from the last entry I entered and then default to 1 column instead. A sample of InDesign Text Column: indesign column.mov Affinity Publisher column: apublisher column.mov