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  1. I tested, and yes there's a bug on the latest AD 1.6.1 from the apps store. I also have a copy of AD 1.6.0 and the substract shape is working.
  2. Probably all AD versions have this strange bug? An inserted Artboard when I export to jpg or tiff, the size is fine (both have the same dimension). The duplicated Artboard is different, it increases on a slight size (.003). To the printer (that's me), I have to fix this slight image increase by cropping that extra pixels. It's annoying when printing a front and back small labels. insert.afdesign duplicate.afdesign
  3. Somehow the bleed image doesn't show after I export it in AD 1.61. So, I open the AD file on AD 1.6.0 and the bleed image appeared. ZORI ZORI CARD-TEST.pdf ZORI ZORI CARD-FRONT.pdf ZORI ZORI CARD.afdesign
  4. Wow, it's like a 3D render, and this was done in Affinity Designer.
  5. Hereeee comes Publisher!...Wow, having decades of using Pagemaker, Quarkxpress and InDesigner for the newspaper, I wonder what will be the next big thing. What I like in InDesign are creating tables that I can manipulate the stroke's width/color, fill.., the data merge.., the scripts... I wish Publisher have these
  6. I don't have a problem exporting in PNG but to JPG there's a problem because I use 'Lock Children' when moving the image. Sample of JPG and PNG
  7. Shucks. I thought I can do this in Affinity Photo. I bought the app recently and my first thought after I bought the iPad Pro 10.5 is Affinity. Anyway, I'll just wait for AD. At least I have a Mac I can create these in AD.
  8. I'm sorry, but Adobe Illustrator's features are miles away. I can't even make a good brochure on Affinity Designer because of the missing continuous flow of text.
  9. Solid to Gradient bug? I'm trying to make this to solid black after 'convert to curves' but I don't know why I can't delete the gradient. Never mind... I fix it.
  10. Some instances I encounter a dark screen bug on this beta. Whenever I change my document to gray/16 color fomat, saved the file, close it... re-open the file again,...presto! Black document. The solution is to change the color format again to rgb or cmyk to see the layout. test.afdesign
  11. The gradient tool always crash when I want to change the fill of the text. happy.afdesign
  12. May I butt in? I work in a printing company and uses a lot of cropping marks. I guess the best crop mark generator is the script in Adobe InDesign because I can change crop marks setting...though it cannot save. The only workaround I find in AD is exporting it to PDF with added bleeds ( I like the 'rasterize everything' setting) then import it to InDesign, preserve the original size, transform/duplicate then use InDesign's cropmark script...show the bleeds, now it's ready for printing. I wish to have that feature in AD.
  13. The latest Beta 13 fixed the selection issue. Thank you. :)
  14. Hi, I sent the files, and it seems odd when I convert the texts into curves. The objects are now selectable. Well, not only this job but files when I edit this into Beta 12 have this kind of behavior (from my Mac system).
  15. Somehow the changes from Beta 11-12 changed the behavior of selecting objects. I have no problem in Beta 10 and from previous betas. So, I'm still using Beta 10 instead of the latest Beta 12. I'm using Mac OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, Mac Mini Late 2014 model. AD1.5.10_selection.mov AD1.5.12_selection.mov