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  1. A test sample on how the Publisher handles a placed pdf (pdf created from InDesign). The tabs changes. test1.pdf Misalignment.afpub
  2. +1 for placing pdf as is, or another option to edit.
  3. Nice...but still there's a problem with a pdfs created from other application like InDesign and placed in Publisher.
  4. When I'm selecting 'Select All', it selects the whole table instead of a text within the row. Then tried copy-paste, and somehow the table change entirely. table test.afpub table test.mov
  5. Same here. The build have frequent crashes unlike the first beta. So... I'm back to the first beta.
  6. Thanks, but if there's a similar feature like in InDesign, and Quarkxpress it will be a plus for news publication.
  7. In a newspaper, there are stories to jump on different pages. In InDesign there is a tool 'Current Page Number,' where I can put a marker for continuation and another for a jumped story--it automatically detects where and from the page is and thus create a page number. I tried to replicate it on APublisher but seems not working?
  8. +1 +11 for multiple file import of doc/docx files. The nice thing is can copy/paste from Word to APub and the attributes/styles are still intact. Edit: Well, I said too soon, some are not and it changed the regular fonts to bold.
  9. I'm saving pdf on †his folder, then another dialog box says to confirm but on a different folder, then I have to look the folder I wish to save. It's annoying.
  10. +1 for Data Merge for numbering tickets.
  11. Well, I clicked every possible properties, but same thing happened. It shows the whole picture when resizing. I'm using InDesign and QuarkXpress frame/picture tool as a comparison for APublisher's Picture Frame Tool, unless I missed something.
  12. The nice thing about Picture Frame Tool is I can place multiple photos on different boxes, and crop the image I want, but resizing doesn't follow the attributes I changed from the photo. The rectangle tool however, follow the aspect and resizing it is no problem. pictureframe.mov
  13. Haha, I also have the same problem. When I'm working with the slider's layer opacity, it just stay there forever, unless I quit the program to disappear.
  14. Thanks. I found it on the Pen Tool, but on a weird approach unlike the desktop version.
  15. I'm looking at the manual but can't find it.