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  1. Oops, I already updated my Mac's system to Sierra and the Publisher is now working. :)
  2. The latest A Designer and A Photo are fine but this one can't get past the splash screen. I tried installing this on my other mac on Sierra OS, and the three applications are working, even the Studio Link are fine. I'm thinking I have to update my old mac into a newer OS. If others can easily install this on Yosemite, somehow my old iMac seems corrupted or something.
  3. I love the multiple stroke, I wish it can applied also on editable text
  4. In InDesign I can easily drop cap two numbers like 10, 11, 12 etc., but in Publisher I can't see this option. I'm working on a big banner using Publisher and encountered this problem.
  5. This ----> I wish there's a way not to stick from the last entry I entered and then default to 1 column instead. A sample of InDesign Text Column: indesign column.mov Affinity Publisher column: apublisher column.mov
  6. Sort of annoying if I have a big numbers of column and jumping the text with the same numbers.
  7. I wish it can remember the filename when I exported the file (not the publisher file) for example: file001.pdf, etc... so I don't have to type again and again. And also about printing, wish it can remember the last page I print and the scale's setting.
  8. Nope, it didn't work. I like how the QuarkXpress and InDesign use the 'Option' key in a 'Text mode' to pan the layout. Pressing the spacebar is another but using the two method is a plus for speed workflow.
  9. Same as InDesign where I'm in the 'Text tool,' I'll just press and hold the option key to turn the text tool into Hand Tool--it's a convenient feature. There's a Hand Tool in publisher but pressing the H key, also type the letter H.
  10. A print sample of a news tabloid, the two pages are created in publisher. For test purposes, I replicated all paragraph styles from InDesign (some are not possible in Publisher), and found that there are still weird stuff going on with the tables, and strange rasterizing of text if the text layer is waaay below the layers of photos when I export it on 'pdf (for print).' ( I use Black and White layer adjustment to change the RGB photos, I like it!). I guess, by arranging the texts on top of the photos, and export again in pdf...voila, the text are crispy clear. My other concern are there's no color separation preview, and pdfs created from other applications--placed in publisher...still rusty--should be as is.
  11. Yes, publisher is only using a spacebar, unlike InDesign and Quarkxpress have these two= a spacebar, and 'option+text = hand tool'
  12. I wish pressing and holding the keyboard 'option' turn into a 'move/hand tool' that helps to speed the workflow. QuarkXpress and InDesign have this keyboard shortcut. How about APublisher?
  13. Nope, adding other characters produced different results. I prefer zero word count and the end character shouldn't be part of the equation.
  14. Somehow I can't replicate the one I'm using in InDesign's Nested Style. From InDesign: To A Publisher's Initial Words Text Style: I wish the 'End characters' have another option?
  15. +1 for Color Separation preview. I'm also using computer-to-plate printing.
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