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  1. Can't print, always crashing. So I file open this on Publisher beta .257 and it printed but the application crashes. The printer is Xerox Color C60 crash print.txt crash print 2.txt alicia label 1.5x 6.afdesign
  2. I find there's a conflict with the table and frame text tool on any document I created for beta 257. Previous beta seems OK. selectionbug.mov
  3. I'm trying to send a pdf exported from Publisher to Facebook Messenger, and it says there's a virus on the file I'm sending. Probably the beta version, so I flattened the pdf using Adobe Acrobat Pro, and the file sent anyway in the messenger.
  4. Do you have a secured link? The printer is Xerox Color C60.
  5. Another crash... I'm having these crashes seems like a printing issue. CRASH5.txt
  6. I'm having these crashes, and I don't know why. CRASH1.txt CRASH2.txt CRASH3.txt CRASH4.txt
  7. Strange, but in Designer 1.61, same setting and font, the superscript is working.
  8. A bug, but in Positioning and Transform the superscript is working.
  9. In InDesign I can easily drop cap two numbers like 10, 11, 12 etc., but in Publisher I can't see this option. I'm working on a big banner using Publisher and encountered this problem.
  10. Something I noticed about the huge publisher file size; once I updated the 'Designer' linked file, the file size increased, and If I replace the linked file with the same file then saved--the smaller publisher file size--from 1.58GB to 633.7 MB.
  11. Well, the only process I did is duplicate for printing multiple copies. Most of the time I use InDesign or QuarkXpress for laying out like this and the file size is small...and working in a printing press I'm curious how this software will hasten my workflow.
  12. Nope. Saving as a new file didn't reduce at all.
  13. Is this normal? I created a flyer on Designer with 2 artboards linked to Publisher for front and back side printing, but the publisher saved file size is 1.58GB?
  14. Yes, pdf placement for this version is broken. They're small, not the exact size should be.