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  1. Something I noticed about the huge publisher file size; once I updated the 'Designer' linked file, the file size increased, and If I replace the linked file with the same file then saved--the smaller publisher file size--from 1.58GB to 633.7 MB.
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  3. Well, the only process I did is duplicate for printing multiple copies. Most of the time I use InDesign or QuarkXpress for laying out like this and the file size is small...and working in a printing press I'm curious how this software will hasten my workflow.
  4. Nope. Saving as a new file didn't reduce at all.
  5. Is this normal? I created a flyer on Designer with 2 artboards linked to Publisher for front and back side printing, but the publisher saved file size is 1.58GB?
  6. Yes, pdf placement for this version is broken. They're small, not the exact size should be.
  7. The hover text of combine is...
  8. Same old problem that's been asked many times. The only workaround I find is to convert the pdf to image. The problem is, if it's a grayscale and the other images are in color (cmyk), the grayscale will also appear as 4 colors.
  9. It reminds me of a razor blades. Time to shave!
  10. Strange. I'm getting an error on any file format I want to export... "An error occurred while exporting to:..." I'm using iMac, Mac OS X Yosemite v. 10.10.5 by the way.
  11. Is it just me or the export doesn't work?
  12. Not working correctly... Here's the file, and the output with their beta #. ad test.afpub 162.pdf 167.pdf
  13. Prior betas like .162, the images are complete, but on .167, it becomes wonky.
  14. OK, but if it can fix other issues like a pdf from other clients placed in Publisher but when exported to pdf, some images disappeared. I found out using beta .162, using the same file and export to pdf, the images are complete. Somehow beta .167 pdf export is faulty.