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  1. Somehow I can't replicate the one I'm using in InDesign's Nested Style. From InDesign: To A Publisher's Initial Words Text Style: I wish the 'End characters' have another option?
  2. Oops, I already updated my Mac's system to Sierra and the Publisher is now working. :)
  3. The latest A Designer and A Photo are fine but this one can't get past the splash screen. I tried installing this on my other mac on Sierra OS, and the three applications are working, even the Studio Link are fine. I'm thinking I have to update my old mac into a newer OS. If others can easily install this on Yosemite, somehow my old iMac seems corrupted or something.
  4. Yes, other apps are OK.
  5. I use Xerox Color C60 crashprint.txt crashprint 2.txt crashprint 3.txt crashprint 4.txt crashprint 5.txt
  6. I already sent it in your dropbox
  7. Seems crashing even if it's blank when I try to print. crash1.txt
  8. I created 3 different business cards (artboard) on Designer, and placed it on Publisher for multiple printing. I guess I need a secured link to send it.
  9. The bug return on this release. Double clicking the words is not helpful; so to copy-paste I must carefully select the words instead. table bug.afpub broken-table.mov table bug.afpub
  10. Looks like the overprint can be applied on pdf export, but not on images like jpg or tiff. Adobe InDesign have this feature on 'Attributes.'
  11. osang

    Affinity Designer for MacOS - 1.7.0

    I love the multiple stroke, I wish it can applied also on editable text
  12. I added the file you're looking for. 1-Boeing_5248.docx
  13. The introduction of DOCX is a great addition but somehow I can't get my head around it. I'm using a paragraph style and the bottom alignment produced different results--blank spaces, unlike the other method; copy-paste to publisher. strange_spacing.mov
  14. Here's the file to check: test.afpub
  15. I don't know if this a bug or feature, but in other apps like InDesign, the contents in the master page stays as- is. page move.mov
  16. I'm also using Mac. Here's the problem I encountered when I'm creating a booklet with many pictures, texts, etc...and dragging the masterpage to update my page numbers, then items disappeared. Here's the sample: layers.mov
  17. The odd thing is when I drag the master page to reapply to all pages, the master page layer goes on top, and all the texts, pictures below at the layers panel. I think the master page should always stick or locked at the bottom of the layers.
  18. Not only the page number, same as the background.
  19. Can't print, always crashing. So I file open this on Publisher beta .257 and it printed but the application crashes. The printer is Xerox Color C60 crash print.txt crash print 2.txt alicia label 1.5x 6.afdesign
  20. I find there's a conflict with the table and frame text tool on any document I created for beta 257. Previous beta seems OK. selectionbug.mov
  21. I'm trying to send a pdf exported from Publisher to Facebook Messenger, and it says there's a virus on the file I'm sending. Probably the beta version, so I flattened the pdf using Adobe Acrobat Pro, and the file sent anyway in the messenger.
  22. I'm having these crashes, and I don't know why. CRASH1.txt CRASH2.txt CRASH3.txt CRASH4.txt
  23. osang

    Crash prone Beta .249

    Do you have a secured link? The printer is Xerox Color C60.
  24. osang

    Crash prone Beta .249

    Another crash... I'm having these crashes seems like a printing issue. CRASH5.txt
  25. A bug, but in Positioning and Transform the superscript is working.