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  1. Ah thank you very much. That did the trick. I totally misread the information given above and thought that would'nt work.... and also that I didn't even have bleed on that document. Had to switch to desktop with that file though as it is not (to my knowledge) possible to edit the bleed settings on IPad.
  2. You can add the Ipad version to this as well now. Same problem started happening on my Ipad a few months ago and I am unable to use selections now. After releasing the pen from the screen to finalize a selection I have made, the entire selection area simply jumps upwards and left (by a lot).
  3. Sadly having a consistend workflow between two devices is not possible then. But I agree that it is a lot better than the above mentioned method. I usually frequently "save to device" and "save a copy" with the same name to a prepared DropBox folder replacing the existing file every now and then. Both for security (backup) and for working across devices.
  4. I also find it somewhat confusing as to when and how pressure profiles are saved and applied to following brushes..... Or why I have to select all strokes I made afterwards, apply the same brush again just to be able to adjust the pressure profile. But I might be missing something here.
  5. Stumbled across that a few times already. Especially when also working with styles and effects.
  6. Even just the option to swtich on the display of rulers and then being able to drag and drop guides as on desktop would be great.
  7. Yes, ran into that limitation recently as well. Working on a series of illustrations that always use the same color palette (or for corporate identity work) it would be really useful.
  8. I definitely second the request for additional customization options for shortcuts. Especially on IPad. I am almost exclusively working on Affinity Designer on IPad and was recently trying to improve my workflow by integrating a bluetooth Numpad into it to use certain makros/shortcuts. While I managed to optimize some of my workflow by doing that, there are several shortcuts/commands missing that are essential for true increase in workflow speed. Namely: Undo/Redo (!!!!) Switch between Personas (Vector/Pixel) Escape/Deselect (same as on the X button on the lower left) New Pixel Layer (New Vector Layer is already customizable, why not this one) Change Brush Size +/- Zoom to fit Lasso Tool
  9. I would also love that. You can already choose between "On my Ipad" and "ICloud Drive". Other options would be great as well. Although I can imagine Spraypaintsensei might be right that Apple is the one making that impossible.
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