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  1. When saving a Designer document from the ‘gallery’ screen, the dialogue that displays upon completion needs the words “for speed readers only” added. Or maybe an “OK” button, or some sort of user interaction to allow us to read what went where. It’s a bit nerve wracking to not know where your document actually went upon trying to put it away carefully. 10B72A3A-8BA2-42CA-A9DD-63503A4C934D.MP4
  2. ThirtyFiveThousand

    Line weight input issues on Designer for iPad

    While attempting to set the line width/weight for a shape, I ran into several problems. When using the shortcut, moving finger up and down on menu bar, I got the results I expected. When trying to use the slider on the menu, the line width jumped to maximum and would not be reduced. Direct numerical input resulted in random numbers based on whatever secret calculations the app came up with. Only through careful shortcut manipulation did I get the desired result. I’m not sure if the fact that the document was created using points as it’s measurement, which was later changed to inches. I don’t know if I need to set a parameter somewhere that tells the document to match the line weight measurement standard to the one the document is using. Maybe I just need to turn the app off and back on again. Either way, this looks like a fairly serious problem for users who rely on precision measurement control. C5E4C308-7810-4F60-AA35-355411812758.MP4
  3. Is it possible to import/export Swatch Palletes for the iPad Version of Affinity Designer (or Photo, for that matter)? I have purchased several commercial products that include colors that I cannot install on iPad version. Yes, the makers of these products need to maybe take the iOS crowd into consideration. But my question is: it that even possible for them to do?
  4. Complicated illustrations that have a lot of shapes on a particular layer can take a bit of time to scroll through. Opening multiple layers can result in even more scrolling which, depending on how much memory/processing power your iPad has available, can slow things down sometimes. I’d like to suggest a button/control for the Layers Studio that would collapse all open layers/groups, giving users a place to start over when searching through the parts of a document. Also, how about a control, possibly for the contextual menu at the bottom of the screen, that would give users the option to “show object in Layers”. It would be a shortcut that would instantly open the Layers Studio and jump to the shape/group selected, once again minimizing the scrolling search for a particular item.
  5. ThirtyFiveThousand

    Inconsistent issue when importing SVG in Affinity Designer iPad

    Does it show up as this text file?
  6. AirDrop is standard on all apple products these days. It may not be available for older Macs or Hackintoshes, but AirDrop May be what you’re looking for if your current hardware supports it.
  7. It’s a minor thing, but I’d like to be able to create/sample a color then slide it around to put it next to other colors. Right now, colors remain in the order they were created/sampled, and there shall they stay. The only workaround is to sample and re-add the colors to the palatte and delete the previous ones. Add/delete is not quite as efficient as drag-and-drop would be for this procedure.
  8. +1 from me. Affinity is THE developer for the iPad Pro. You saw that recent Apple keynote. Adobe is racing up the stairs, scraping its knees and cracking its jaw on the corners to catch up to you guys. Don’t let them! And don’t let them purchase you either! Let us do that!
  9. ThirtyFiveThousand

    Affinity Designer to Adobe Illustrator: best practices?

    Yes, Lee D, your statement is true. But what I’m looking for is which of the some things have to be rasterized for the trip across. For example: any clipping mask assemblies (you know, the shapes pasted inside other shapes) sent from .afdesigner to .svg arrived in .al as rasterized images on top of empty, unstroked shapes. So now I know that this particular .afdesigner feature will not survive the .svg conversion journey to .ai. And now, so do all of you. This is the data I’m looking for. If anyone has any practical data about .afdesigner/.svg/.ai conversions, I’d really like to know more.
  10. I’m trying to find a workflow that allows me to go from Designer to Illustrator. Yes, yes, I know, but I still have to place work into the other on occasion. I would like to keep the results of the fx panel editable, but I realize that they might need to be rasterized if I want them to exist after the file transfer. Is there a preferred filetype/setup/practice for keeping the appearance of Designer files in Illustrator without absolutely everything winding up as path-masked raster images?
  11. I copied an instance of a Symbol in one file and attempted to paste it into another. Upon doing so, Designer crashes and disappears from view. After I “Detach symbols in selection”, I can copy/paste same objects with no crashes. This one is probably my fault, but Designer completely crashing is quite the dramatic error message!
  12. ThirtyFiveThousand

    Rainy Day

    Started this one as a sketch on a stormy day. I wanted to make it look like it was a photographed piece made from construction paper. The best part was being able to complete the entire thing on my iPad from anywhere I happened to be, rather than sitting at a desk or with a rapidly warming laptop across my thighs. My first piece with the soon-to-be industry standard!
  13. ThirtyFiveThousand

    iPad sub-menu color picker not working

    Okay, if color picker isn’t working with the Apple Pencil, give it the finger. :-) Got it! Thanks! You guys are the greatest graphic software developer that starts with “A”. Way better than that other subscription-based one!
  14. ThirtyFiveThousand

    iPad sub-menu color picker not working

    The tap-and-drag feature of the color picker found within certain sub-menus works sporadically or not at all. The attached video demonstrates my problem. Anybody else have similar experience? C86E340F-F27E-4D02-9235-CCA31807F318.MOV A3043C0F-E31E-409F-9669-74DDBB0F4E8E.MOV