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  1. Dampsquid

    slow pdf export

    Graphic heavy? Yes, very. Old computer... well, it's not too old - a 2015 MacBook Pro, usually up for just about anything. Final export completed successfully, but it took around 2 hours.
  2. Dampsquid

    slow pdf export

    Painfully... 236 page document, been exporting now for 50 minutes, shows around 2/3 complete. :-/
  3. Dampsquid

    SVG export problem

    @sean Thanks for the detailed reply! At least now I understand what's going on. Of all the very many things I tried, having the two curves drawn in opposite directions wasn't one of them! While I agree this isn't a bug exactly, it's definitely a userbility issue in my opinion. I tried a test, two nested shapes, repeat four times drawn as: 1:clockwise/clockwise 2:anti-clockwise/anticlockwise 3:clockwise/anti-clockwise, 4:anti-clockwise/clockwise. Case 1 & 2 did not 'cut-out' the interior as was desired. 3 & 4 both did, so the takeaway is to ensure in such cases that it doesn't matter which is outer or inner, just that the direction is not he same. While I have yet to import these test shapes into the CNC tool, I'm confident the results will be the same as was rendered when importing into an alternative app on the iPad as I did for this test. Thanks again, I'm glad the mystery is solved now.
  4. Dampsquid

    SVG export problem

    Hi - please take a look at this thread... Post in iPad questions The question was around export of a design to SVG where a curve is a shape compounded from two with the subtract operation. There seems to be a bug here given it's not just me experiencing it. Thanks!
  5. Thanks MikeW for the offer, I managed to fix it in Illustrator in the end - so at least this project can now be cut. I'm more worried about next time, as access to Illustrator isn't always possible. How can you tell they're not a single curve - is that by looking at the SVG output? Oh, and no, the tool accepts SVG only.
  6. Nope. While some colour / fill combos have meaning if present, it'll accept anything and let me set the cut type on-tool. So, this isn't the problem here. Thanks though.
  7. ah ha! It's not just me!
  8. OK, so I did that... and it worked!! But... wouldn't dividing the shape simply put it back as was originally when the two shapes were first drawn? So I did another quick test. I used the pencil tool to create two shapes, one within the perimeter of the other as it is for the letter 'o'. I then used subtract, which made one curve and exported it. In the other app applying a fill ignores the inner shape again. So next I used divide on the result of the previous subtract, re-subtracrted and exported. This should be the same as you have outlined, and given it just worked with the real 'o' you'd think it would work with this new test document too... but no. The other app still ignores the inner geometry. Something very weird is going on. If someone at Affinity is reading this.. I'm mystified...and quite happy to record a video of what I'm doing...
  9. How? I selected both and used the subtract tool to cut the centre out from the silhouette. And now the entity is a single thing in the layers view... Is there some other way? To add: in Designer, when applying a fill, it looks good. Thanks!
  10. The colour is incidental... I probably did that to make drawing the new shape over the old easier to see. On the topic of multiple shapes, the one unchecked is the older, and wasn't exported in the SVG. Thanks for looking though
  11. Hi - The attached Designer file was created on an iPad. The 'text' was drawn with the pencil tool using the rope stabiliser. I then exported the file as an SVG to a CNC tool. The problem is the 'islands' in the P, O, & D. The P and D are OK - when the CNC tool is told the 'letter' is a pocket cut it wants to cut the letter correctly. In the case of the 'O' however, the centre hole/island is ignored. The tool wants to cut the entire silhouette of the 'O'. I imported the SVG into another vector tool on the iPad and it sees things the same way as the CNC tool. Ditto in Illustrator. So the problem appears to be in Designer. I have redrawn the shape from scratch a couple of times hoping to kick it into proper behaviour. No dice. (Actually I did have the same problem initially with the D, but re-drawing that made the problem go away. I also redrew it using the pen tool instead of the pencil. Alas, the O remains stubborn after hours of playing around with this! To draw these, I first drew the outline, then the 'island' and then used the geometry subtract tool to cut out the hole. If anyone can offer any insight - that would be great, because at this point I'm tearing my hair out. Thanks! Bob ThePoshShed-3107-1.svg ThePoshShed3107-1.afdesign
  12. Dampsquid

    New NIK Collection Released by DXO

    On a Mac. Viveza and Dfine work, Color Efex and Silver Efex get stuck on 'preparing image' :-/
  13. Thanks stokerg. Screenshot is attached...
  14. Title says it all really, the panel also has the colour management mode. It may be this panel only appears with images that have been HDR merged? Either way, it’s in the way, and I can’t get rid of it... help please!