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  1. I select some plain text in a paragraph that happens to be a URL. I highlight the text and turn it into a hyperlink. I paste the copied text as the URL. The pasted URL is incorrect as Publisher prepends the paragraph number the text was copied from on the front of the pasted text! Therefore the hyperlink doesn't work in the exported PDF. Publisher 1.8.4. MacOS 10.15.7 Untitled Project 1.mp4
  2. +1 for repeat last action command I'd use this all over the place. Just a couple of exmaples: At the moment, editing a table, changing cell border for only some cells... having set parameters once, being able to select the next set of cells in a table (same or different table) and <repeat previous> saves a tone of time. Change font attribute for selected text, select next block of text, <repeat previous> Add a style to an image... select next image, <repeat previous> ... and so on, this list is endless Honestly this seems a rather obvious feature to have. I would also assign a magic mouse action to make it even quicker and easier to invoke.
  3. TL;DR: I want a list where the top level is a number, level 2 is a bullet. That's it! This has to be possible. Full: I want a list that mixes numbers and bullets and I just can't make it work. The attached document details the problem and includes the style definitions I'm fighting with. As can be seen in the doc, there are three different list style types I'm using. Two of them work the way I want, I have left them in to demonstrate, if nothing else, I have made progress, and have indeed read the (rather sparse) documentation on this and I've watched a few Youtube video tutorials too. No matter what, I can't lick this last list definition. If someone were willing to take a peek and steer me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Affinity, please look at multi-level lists... they are not at all intuitive. I have spent many hours wrestling with this feature with mixed success. Thanks. bullets.afpub
  4. I can share privately - the Affinity template file and the pdf output file...
  5. Hi Jon So I took the offending doc, deleted a bunch of pages and replaced real text with generated text... and guess what... it doesn't crash! I have uploaded a crash report, is that in itself useful? I am reluctant to share the file itself as it's not intended for a public audience. By the way, I tried the same operation on a different Mac running Publisher 1.8.1 (also OS 10.15.4) and it crashes there too.
  6. I opened a PDF, edited some text, File > Export > PDF > PDF (for export). Later opened the exported file to make a minor typo correction.. I can't as the text is now an image. Odd. Pub: 1.8.3 OS 10.15.4
  7. Hi Jon. Just to let you know, I will try and reproduce in a document I can share. Will be 24 hours or so before I can get to that. It may be possible to share the actual doc, but I cannot share that publicly.
  8. And... now I cannot do even one page at a time. As soon as I apply the master the app crashes. This straight after a reboot also. Seriously not a happy bunny right now.
  9. To add... App newly opened: apply master to one page = works. Then apply same master to another page = crash. apply master to >1 page = crashes immediately So only way forward is to add to one page, save, close, reopen, repeat. Can anyone say 'tedious'?
  10. Created a new master page by duplicating an existing one and then adding an element (hyperlink). Apply the new master to existing page, first go around it works, second time the app crashes every time. Doesn't matter if, on the page icon, I right click and choose 'apply master' or if I drag the new master onto the page. EVERY TIME it crashes. Pub: 1.8.3 OS 10.15.4
  11. +1 for this request. Tied to a magic mouse gesture, a repeat capability makes for a really quick and easy way to do many things, for example, apply a style to different blocks of text.
  12. This is how I solved the problem for now. I really hope this isn't the only option - it's too clunky.
  13. Trying to format a numbered list. In the paragraph panel, bullets & numbering, panel... the field 'Text:' cannot be selected. See screen recording, note the history record gets populated at every attempt to select also. Once in a while it will work (wasn't able to capture) but only a single character can be inserted or a single backspace performed before it unselects once more. Also related - I cannot figure out how to have a mixed number and letter list, i.e. top level is 1,2 etc. next level is a,b etc.? Version 1.8.3 Mac OS 10.15.3 Screen_Recording_.mov
  14. @thomaso Of course the logic you describe is without fault. 🤨 If Publisher had changed the menu text to Insert/Edit... there would be no problem. Unfortunately the hyperlink panel doesn't help. In general, having a single pane collecting hyperlinks is useful. However, from the point of view of updating those hyperlinks it doesn't help - it just helps find them. Many Mac tools rely on 'reading' the app's menu bar to automate workflows... if the menu item is no longer there, the automation part is no longer possible. The release notes mention nothing of this change. It was perhaps deliberate, perhaps the UI designers feel a right click is better (it is for interactive mouse work), but removing something that didn't need removing is, in this case, unhelpful. I do hope this an oversight / bug and will be put back. In the meantime a regular task has become more tedious, longer, and more error-prone sadly. So, in the meantime I'll have to stick with 1.7.x.
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