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  1. Yes indeed, all the acad files I've tried since have opened successfully.
  2. No, not the only one. Others from the same project all exhibit the same issue. The one I sent via dropbox didn't open after some hours. Woke this morning to find the Mac had restarted during the night - whether that was because of this issue or something else, I don't know. While trying to open the file Designer won't quit. It also has my CPU pegged around 580% (6 core machine). Illustrator opened it no problem (FWIW).
  3. I don't appear to be able to apply a dashed line style and a pressure curve to the same curve. That's surprising... Either I've missed something (quite likely) or this should be a feature request...
  4. Slow startup of v2 apps only seems to be a problem if it’s v1 counterpart has been previously opened.
  5. I didn't explain very well.... I want two docs open together in one Affinity app, side by side with common menu, palettes etc. Sort of like the image here, but without the right image being in a Finder window of it's own... I know how to use / resize / hide windows in Mac OS itself, that's not the problem. By the way the app 'Desktop Curtain' is perfect for hiding clutter when you're either presenting a screen or really want xero distraction.
  6. Certainly can - not sure what was in the file exactly (it's building plans) so a private link would be the way to go...
  7. Thanks Walt! I see it now - I have to drop actually on the rectangle that is the thumbnail... this is harder to see when using fingers than it used to be.
  8. I can’t for the life of get the iPad version to create a clipping mask. Anyone know if there’s a video somewhere? This is crazy!
  9. Well, I for one, hated separated mode. I do use one large monitor, not two. I'd really like to have two documents open side by side sharing a common menu, palette etc. without seeing the mess of crap that is my desktop. (Side note: I used to have two monitors - moved to one big widescreen ages ago, for me it's a much better use of screen real estate.)
  10. Document is open, Fields is in dock to right of document pane. User action is to double click the placeholder text for author, title, whatever, in order to replace with desired text. As soon as a double-click is made on the text to select it Publisher will crash (every time). Positioning the cursor at the end of the text, backspacing until deleted and then entering new, desired, text works as expected.
  11. Being able to draw a shape and have the warp applied such that it 'just fits' with a couple of clicks... very quick and usually a good result.
  12. The SVG export dialogue doesn’t display ‘selection only ’ as an option for the exported content, at least initially. Choosing ‘selection area’ and then going back to the option now reveals ‘selection only’ as initially expected. all in all, loving this update…
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