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  1. Then it’s been a bug as mentioned, since the iteration of Version 1 of the apps…again as mentioned, with no updated fix ever. And as previously stated, has already been brought up in several posts (one even dated 2019) with prominent users who frequently offer help on this forum, to do the only thing possible…make copies, delete and reinstall. My post isn’t looking for assistance, because there is none. It’s in the Feedback section…and for a reason. A User giving feedback, so hopefully Devs will correct a big oversight. Appreciate your attempts, but you are not on the Affinity Dev Team, which this Feedback is for.
  2. No. Never has. Is always greyed out. You either have to remember the settings or delete,and reinstall as posted. In fact, to alter the settings…and use the Brush..you have to Save first…which completely changes the Brush altogether…and no Reset, again as already mentioned. Maybe it is different for the Desktop….but I’m on an iPad Pro and doesn’t work. And if it is the old argument between cost/features between the two….then it is more than absurd and ridiculous. ‘Should simply be a part of Brush Creation. Period.
  3. Have read previous posts about this, and know all about duplicating a brush, saving copies and such beforehand when deciding to alter a Brushes settings…to simply test it out or try new settings. ‘But the fact that there is no actual working ‘Reset’ - to auto return all settings to their initial default settings, when the Brush was originally created, is a major oversight (especially since it’s been discussed several years prior, with no updates to make it possible). A major Developer of an app, with the popular ability for diverse and dynamic Brush creation, has a simple additional feature in their Brush Settings, to set a Default Point for Settings. Whereby a Default Point is set upon the last settings made before saving…BUT ALSO saves that Default Point, so that is at anytime anyone wants to experiment with a Brush but changes their mind…can return to the original settings. Any altered settings can still be saved….so you can utilize your newly applied one to a Brush, but can STILL revert back to the original. And if you wanted to save your newly changed brush…you THEN would save a copy of it, going through what you have currently set up as having to do…which makes more sense. NOT having to Delete and Reinstall every single every time. (The Brush Creator is protected simply as well with Authoring the Brush). ‘The fact there is no SIMPLE way for this to be done is highly inefficient and rather absurd. Especially in a modern tech Graphic Design market where there are numerous possibilities, yet are restricted with such a simple solution, having to resort to tedious workarounds. ‘Would be nice to have a simple Reset on Brushes…that actually works or does what should be intended.
  4. This is a good one, for even more than just distressed textures. Great tutorial as always.
  5. Well, quite honestly it can be sporadic, or independent of any specific workflow. But it does consistently crash especially using Publisher. When utilizing Text …Text Editing or Formatting in Publisher (trying out different versions, etc), which I also seems to have a completely different look than before. Previously, it had an Alphabetic Scroll Bar on the side (could Tap the letter to advance instead of scrolling, now have to scroll entire list every time)….but now has no Alphabetic List on the side, with only a Previously Used’-type section along the top (they were simply at the top of the list). When opening the Text Layer, and Selecting a Font, it seems to pause half a second and flicker before opening….which also, sputters from a dark background, to a lighter one (barely noticeable but there). Then it can crash depending on what kind of workflow I am doing within either of the Apps (Photo, Des, Pub)…but is sporadic. When involved in heavy workflows….such as high graphic images, Layer amounts, Adjustments etc., I can understand. But it can sporadically occur when doing something simple as Switching Panels, Selecting a Tool, and others. Sorry to be without further specific instances, as for the most part…things have been working great and absolutely love using the all of the Apps, but just has become more frequent. Affinity Photo, which I use more heavily …seems to run just fine, even with heavy workloads (graphics, Layers etc), so if it happens to crash I pretty can figure I’m over doing something. The biggest culprits are Publisher, followed by Designer. But they all have been acting rather quirky since the iOS 17.1 update. But this is my Current Used and Free Storage Space. Since, I’m on iPad Pro…not sure how to get you a Log Report, but will if I can.
  6. I think the “Oowww!” sound effect just makes this more hysterical. Nicely done. Imagine what could be done when Procreate Dreams comes out in a couple of days.
  7. Understand. That is a yet another option or capability NOT on the iPad version it seems. It does give prompts for utilizing the Command Controller, so you can utilize certain commands with the Gradient handles, axis, etc., but that is an important capability lost. Not a damper on your tutorials, more on Devs not including. Love the tutorials, very nicely done. Wish it were possible in iPad Designer, but guess I’ll have to continue with iPad Photo or the Designer usual Square with +/- X, Y values version for patterns. Keep up the good work.
  8. Great tutorial…easy to follow…BUT, just not working for me. Using iPad Pro Designer V2 even. And while for the most part works…after several attempts with different objects, this is the result. This is just simple Heart and Moon shape. Placing 1st outside, then other inside and aligned as directed. Doesn’t matter if reversing order even. Of course, not working with this, haven’t even bothered with corners, as later showed in video.
  9. Have been using iPad Pro v.3 256G (with still approx. 100G free)… utilizing Photo, Designer, and Publisher for months without issue, and now is consistently crashing regardless of which being used. Though it was at first simply overextending the Apps, graphics-wise or large file sizes- numerous Layers, Adjustments, complex procedures or what have you…but now is simply when performing what is regular or normal Use or Editing type tasks. Like making edits to Text used, or Adjustment Layers, or even after finishing working on something say in Publisher and using the Hand Tool to view the Document and such. It was happening sporadically at first. Where I’d be doing more intensive work performance, and figured was just too much for it to handle- which is odd, because never had issues prior. Installed the IOS 17.1 update that came out just the day before…and now is more consistently crashing. Have performed numerous Hard Resets, clearing memory cashes I know of, but still persists. Figure that the update might have something to do with it increasing perhaps (?), but definitely needs some fixes beyond that because it was doing so prior to updating. But is now has become very problematic, even in doing simple tasks over duration.
  10. Was finally able to keep Publisher from crashing performing this, but only after painstakingly going through and deleting all images on each page, and then exiting the Document to Save after every 4th or fifth image. Lest it would continue crashing without keeping the changes, causing me to restart all over again. Went through and edited my image list used, to reduce the size of the PNGs used …which were not that large by any means (only approx. 5mb for largest). With the number of images though, still was prompted for ‘Link Preferred’ option over Embedding which I’d prefer embedded. Unless it is better, if it will retain the images when Exporting. Understand need to send them along for printing purposes, but is Digital Format right now (still would like the option). Will still get a sporadic crash after working on Document for awhile, but not like before. Is there some image type/size/amount cutoff point that I’m unclear about? As have seen others using even more than I am using currently without crashing the App, even Embedded images… and definitely want to utilize at least a PNG format, to retain any transparencies but mostly to keep the clarity of artwork used.
  11. Now am able to Replace via the Resource Manager, a bit better efficiently than Placing to replace… BUT then if I can replace, I have to close the Document completely then click Save after each one or it crashes and doesn’t save, just to keep the changes before progressing to the next.
  12. Have Publisher V2 on iPad Pro, and have successfully placed a few images in Picture Frames, but when attempting to place an image on a certain one, it constantly crashes. Well over 7 attempts now. ‘Have tried converting the complete Document even to ‘Preferred Linked’ in case of file size, and still cannot …crashes every time. Is not a large document, only roughly 12-14 pages, with basically little Text even…mainly Art Text style headers mainly, so far. Haven’t even gotten into TOC etc. I know the Image files being used are large, hence going for the Linked Preferred format (Artwork images), but still crashing. ‘Any ideas? Appreciate any input.
  13. I am on IOS 16 AffPhoto V2, never been on 17….and this major bug still exists, and has for almost a year. While the Chinese characters have been removed or fixed, other major problems exist…if not made just as bad. Fonts seemingly install fine, but within Text List… several Fonts listed actually don’t exist within the Settings>Fonts, or Fonts listed will visually adopt another font’s visual look entirely. So it is not simply a Beta or iOS 17 version affecting things.
  14. Will this also fix the Text Font List that displays….not just Chinese characters instead, BUT ALSO displaying Fonts with other fonts entirely or manifesting Font Names that are not even installed? This has been a major issue, and seems to be getting worse. ‘I go to select a font, and when choosing some by name (or aesthetic look) …it is visually another font that’s installed instead, or simply defaults to a generic one similar or not.
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