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  1. Would have checked it out... but not prone to Download type links in order to see things.
  2. Because that’s usually how you have to Upload Video on most websites, as Video is a much larger Data size than Images....generally Images KB/Mb whereas Video can be 100+Mb to Gb. ‘By hosting Video on a Cloud or Service, reduces bandwidth/storage usage on a website. Typically use either a simple Hyperlink, directing to video...or if wanting actual Video to display, the external hosting. ‘How do so many videos easily get posted? Usually already hosted to be Shared. ‘Is case for most all websites.
  3. Ha! Nicely done....even though I was expecting a fuzzy little thing.
  4. Excellent Tutorial! The information and presentation (noting inclusions by Traditional Artworks by Artists, to support), very well done and easy to follow. Kudos!
  5. Nice. May wish to differentiate Desktop only... as not possible to use Equations or create many types of Presets on iPad version.
  6. Was a nice display of information visually, even in original version... was easily comprehensible... bit of difference on iPad, but still easy for someone to get the idea. Nice updates though.
  7. Pretty straightforward what Share your Work and Tutorials is for and about. Along with the idea that these are on a Forum, intended for Discussion. If simply asked of process to create, then can create a further interest alongside discussion in the subject. If one is merely wanting to showcase, then so be it... take it for what it is. If wanting further info... simply engage in discussion, rather than ‘Likes’ alone.
  8. What Tutorials...who made them... Serif Developers or a general User posting their own? If Serif themselves, I’d contact them directly. If a User created Tutorial... suggest Commenting on their Post for it. Right now not really clear of ‘who, what, when where’.
  9. Extremely well done! If only I had this so fluidly laid out years..........years ago. Surely needs to be read in depth for all new users, will help them a lot beyond typical manuals and videos. ‘Should make an Alternate...using much of same but for iPad platform UI, as well.
  10. Yet another reason for wishing my Affinity Collection could be complete, with Publisher finally coming to iPad. 😢 I know Meatloaf says, “2 outta 3 ain’t bad”..... but still sad. Of course a Fine Model... always helps an App look good!✌️ Also loving the Ink Design works of Gringo and Latos...the Colors are a bit too vibrant for me, but love Ricco’s Designs.... and who knew Chromatic Aberration.3D could work so well on Inks!
  11. Very nice... and now I am thirsty! Aside of things mentioned by Dannyg9... The condensation droplets on outside of glass, need a bit more differentiation or defining.. as they appear inside the glass with the liquid, bubbles, ice. Perhaps, just another type of Layer Blend or not as a Child Layer. On the Glass, perhaps a Duplicate of the Thin Sheen line used for opposite side (as is), maybe adding another as well ‘on the sunny side’..but with the same vibrancy in Tone as the Large Sheen on back of glass. Maybe a Contour Gradient Outline of Main Text, using Color chosen and l
  12. Nice explanation and Tutorial.... love outside the box thinking like this. Now if only Publisher would come out for iPad...
  13. Really well done! Clean design, nice composition ...and like the subtly added flair, rather than overly dramatic. Allows it to impact on it own. ‘Kinda agree with Mark Freeman... more so in just way the Outline of the Font ‘Umsec’ is, in regards to placement with the ‘Shield’. On the ending ‘C’, is a noticeable difference how it aligns on top of the shield..as opposed to the beginning ‘U’. Know, it’s a simple, obvious difference of the letter’s shapes... but some thickening, or more prominence of the ‘Umsec’ might help (just the actual Letters, not outline- as outline should just follow s
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