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  1. Ahhh, thanks for this! Made a thread about it, as it just happened to me as well. Numerous duplicates of very first exported image, regardless of being separate work files. Just hope there is a resolution soon, as this thread is dated March 27…..and it is already April 18!
  2. Ok, this is a major bug. Have seen posts on this, but those are from March 27ish….and it’s now April 18th. iPad Pro, 12.9” v. 3, 256G storage with only 115G used. After working on some images, I went to export as a PNG file….everything worked fine, image saved as png file using ‘Share’ option as always (and have done for quick exports for years) into the Photos Library. Work on 4-5 separate images, exporting using the ‘Share’ option as before after each. Check the Photo Library…. 5 images of the very first one image exported- not each separate image exported, but 5 of the first initial image exported at the start. I’ve performed a Hard Reset of iPad, to clear cache, restarted the App but same results. Worked fine up until now. Now….if I want duplicates of something I worked on after the first initial export, great. Other than that is extremely problematic…as I have to close and restart the App each time working on an image, then test if it exported correctly. Help!
  3. Really very nice work here! Love the simplicity of them, even amidst such lovely complex details. Nicely done!
  4. Still no Publisher on iPad…going on years now…would have been a good Black Friday (or even Cyber Monday thing). Would have been nice…but oh well.
  5. Nicely done! Having been doing most everything from scratch my whole life, can understand difficulty some may have with what I find natural creativity. Learn the methods and techniques of the processes, but continue evolving your own style to incorporate them...will get easier and faster the more you do. ‘Great work!
  6. On an iPad Pro 12.9, v.3 currently... and most likely go for another with an M1 Chip (or later version than than the new), but am of a bit different mindset I guess, as I like the new design of the iMac overall. Would wait for 2nd versions at least to see if any modifications and such, but given the ample power and versatility of iPad Pro even now, for the many creative apps and such I use would still be my go to with the M1 Chip added.
  7. Would have checked it out... but not prone to Download type links in order to see things.
  8. Because that’s usually how you have to Upload Video on most websites, as Video is a much larger Data size than Images....generally Images KB/Mb whereas Video can be 100+Mb to Gb. ‘By hosting Video on a Cloud or Service, reduces bandwidth/storage usage on a website. Typically use either a simple Hyperlink, directing to video...or if wanting actual Video to display, the external hosting. ‘How do so many videos easily get posted? Usually already hosted to be Shared. ‘Is case for most all websites.
  9. Ha! Nicely done....even though I was expecting a fuzzy little thing.
  10. Excellent Tutorial! The information and presentation (noting inclusions by Traditional Artworks by Artists, to support), very well done and easy to follow. Kudos!
  11. Nice. May wish to differentiate Desktop only... as not possible to use Equations or create many types of Presets on iPad version.
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