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  1. Affinity Photo and current/former Adobe users: Is there any way to recreate the effect of the Adobe PS>Filter Gallery>Dry Brush using Affinity Photo? If anyone has insight into the Affinity version of Adobe’s Smart Blur, that would be appreciated as well. Basically, I’m trying to translate some PS Actions into AP Macros, but there are a couple of PS specific steps that I don’t know the Affinity equivalents for. Anyone that speaks both languages would be helpful. I also know that AP for iPad doesn’t create Macros. I’ll be translating on desktop to hand off to little sister on iPad. IMG_0430.MP4
  2. Problem document attached. Document contains embedded file. I will attach that as well. Backpack Z.afdesign
  3. Just practicing my lettering techniques and texturing effects.
  4. Scrolling through layers can be a massive pain in bigger projects. Organizing things into Layers and Groups helps, but only so much. One object heavy layer can send you back to Slot Machine Simulator territory. There needs to be a “Expand/Contract All Layers” button that allows you to take full advantage of all your careful Layer organization by letting you put all your ‘junk’ back in their respective ‘junk drawers’ so that scrolling can be kept within the limits of ones sanity.
  5. It’s a well-documented fact that Adobe Fresco does not play well with the Affinity for iPad collection. The presence of Fresco prevents Affinity having access to the .psd filetype for import into the app(s) for editing. I reached out to Adobe support to tell them of my frustrations. Their main concern: “does Fresco prevent you from opening .psd files in Photoshop?”. The latest (depending on when you find this) Fresco update allows Procreate to recognize/import .psd files with Fresco infesti.....loaded onto my iPad, which helps a bit. But it also suggests that there is a way on the Affinity development side to let Designer and Photo slide around the Adobe wall and into the .psd recognition light. I’m not sure if this forum section is even the right place to bring this up, but I was hoping to address the fact that Adobe is fully aware of Fresco’s file blocking ‘ability’, and is doing its best to make it go away for everybody except us Affinity users. Just wondering if the devs have any plans for code updates to combat this.
  6. Text on path in Affinity is very useful. Text on path in Illustrator (or AiPad to make it short/catchy) is very easy. Again, ease of use is the more attractive feature. It’s the reason both Graphic and Vectornator got kicked off my iPad Pro years ago in favor of Designer, Photo, and Publisher For iPad [HINT].
  7. Text on path. Shapebuilder Tool. Pattern Tools. Adobe has arrived, and is kicking a fair bit of ass with the ease of use found in these tools. When Envelope Distort arrives, Affinity's iPad dominance will be in question. You guys need to pull out that roadmap and step on that gas pedal.
  8. What about using actual 3d software and tracing the result in vectors? IMG_5762.MP4
  9. Want to use a vector brush? Want to use a specific color with your vector brush? Want to use a specific color that you carefully created and saved to your Swatches library? Too bad! Please add the ability to choose swatches within the color menus of the vector brush and pencil tools. Thanks!
  10. While using vector brushes in Affinity Designer, if I change brushes, I change the brush size as well. I understand that every brush may have been set up with an ideal size by its creator. I even understand that saving the last brush size used for every single brush in the palette may get cumbersome memory wise. I just find it a bit obstructive that if I use Vector Brush A at a size of 9pt, I change to Vector Brush B for a second, just out of curiosity or by accident(!), I select Vector Brush A again, and its size has defaulted to 2.3pt, or some other random number that isn’t where I left it. The feature I’m requesting: either leave the brush size where I left it between brush changes, or save the last size used with each brush, or let me set the default size for each brush under the “More” menu at the bottom of the screen. Even if all the brush sizes ran back to their respective defaults when I close the document, I could live with that. I would just like to be able to touch Pencil to screen and go, rather than have to adjust the Vector Brush Size each and every time I make a minor tool change.
  11. The iPad Designer Help file is missing a step. For us experienced people, it’s funny. For someone mid-procedure, panicking their way through a project, it could be a mobile-device-hurling situation. Watch out!
  12. Don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s just this file, or if I’ve had the app open too long, or what. All I know is that whenever I try to select the “Curves” adjustment on its own in the Adjustments studio, I get nothing. The only way I actually get the option to adjust anything is by swimming through the long version of the menu. Take a look... F03DE051-AAFC-44D4-8807-021EFC2BF928.MOV
  13. ...and once the crashing starts, it doesn’t seem to stop. D3349922-4431-4432-95FD-D851B82ED08B.MP4
  14. While attempting to use Expand Stroke on a shape with multiple outlines (one of the new 1.7 features), I am experiencing varied results and crashes. The attached video is an example of what I mean. Is it the size of the stroke? Is it a device RAM issue? Any ideas? 965FF5D9-3791-494C-8F71-8E147DB07740.MP4
  15. I got shear trick to work! It’s like there is an invisible handle just three handle dots away from side handle. The functionality is there. Devs need to stop hiding it!!
  16. Thanks for the tip, Alfred. But my problem stems from my need to make more freeform, visually based changes. I don’t always enter a piece with a stack of pre-made calculations. 5EC02A54-A8DF-4728-B42E-88FD3D319570.MP4
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